“Who’s there?”

On the dock, one of the League of Shadow men immediately drew his swords. The two closest men moved quickly and rushed to Rachel’s side within a few seconds after clearly recognizing that the person who came was a woman.

“Wait!” Rachel was so terrified when she saw the sword-wielding warrior hurrying toward her that she screamed.

Observing the two as they prepared to kill the woman in front of them with their swords. The next instant, the two men’s movements stopped abruptly, as if they had been thrown back like bags by an uncontrollable force.

Rorschach threw the two men heavily onto the iron container. Rachel raised her head in horror. Rorschach, not the two criminals who were approaching her, caught her eye.

“I’m here, don’t worry.” Reaching out to Rachel, Rorschach stood in front of her.

Rachel’s heart, which was still in shock, was calmed by the ray of light that shone on Rorschach’s side face, and she felt a sense of security that she had never experienced before.

“She has backup!” The gangster held a firearm and pulled the trigger toward Rorschach.

Rorschach was the target of a torrent of bullets that were pouring down on him like heavy raindrops. Rorschach was concerned that these slugs would unintentionally harm Rachel. When he opened his hands, the clothes that the Necrosword had transformed suddenly spread to both sides, like wings on a bat.

After bending down to hug Rachel, Rorschach jumped lightly to the back of the container in front of him. The bullets behind him continued. Rachel took out a film, and gave it to Rorschach.

“I just took this picture. Give it to Commissioner Gordon. Keep in mind that you must give it to Commissioner Gordon by hand. Other police officers cannot take it. Don’t worry about me. With your skill, you will almost certainly be able to escape alive…” as she was about to give her life for the sake of righteousness.

“I don’t know Commissioner Gordon. You must give it to him yourself if you want to give it to him.” Rorschach said as he gently laid her on the ground.

“Rorschach, just run. They have guns!” Rachel was so panicked to the point that tears nearly emerged.

For Gotham, where phenomenal occasions have not yet happened. They are afraid of swords, no matter how advanced their martial arts skills are, let alone facing a group of gangsters armed with rifles.

“Rachel, perhaps what happened this evening will cause you to change all your point of view.” Rorschach pinched Rachel’s face.

Before the words fell, a few fighters from the League of Shadow sprang out from all over. They all helped out one another, impeded Rorschach’s escape route, lifted the swords in their hands, and sliced at Rorschach.

Rachel tightly embraced Rorschach’s waist out of fear. Two fiery rays of light shot out of his eyes as they suddenly turned red. There was only silence for a split second.

Every one of the men fell pitifully to the ground. Their bodies and appendages were blown to pieces around the ground.

“What the fuck…”

Rachel also saw this and looked at Rorschach with the same horror in her eyes and said, “You…you…”

“I will explain to you later.” Rachel shivers in fear as she saw this scene. Rorschach smiled at Rachel before turning to face the gangster who was pursuing from behind.

When the members of the gang saw the corpse fragments on the ground, they could not help but gasp. They carried out a wide range of actions as Gotham City’s gangsters, including cutting and killing individuals. They were still physically uncomfortable because the deaths were too tragic.

“You!” One man pulled the trigger once more while aiming the rifle at Rorschach.

It appears that cutting-edge guns can give them a feeling of safety. However, when confronted with Rorschach, this weapon’s illusion of safety is doomed to vanish.

A “clinking” metal impact sound came from the bullets hitting Rorschach’s body like raindrops. Rorschach simply made his way toward the gangsters, step by step, despite the overwhelming force of the gangsters.

“Is he wearing body armor?”

“Oh my God. Why can’t he be killed because he doesn’t wear a bulletproof helmet?”

“He is a devil, run!”

Rorschach strolled towards these criminals bit by bit, presenting an incredibly unnerving power, making them frail and running away. But Rorschach couldn’t just let them run away. Two rays of light shot out of his eyes, turning the escaped gangsters into ashes.

“How dare these mortals tried to kill me. Every one of you are unforgivable.”

After Rorschach pronounced these gangsters’ sins, his eyes shoot out more ray, erasing them all from the physical level. Rorschach will not feel guilty for torturing and killing mortals like humans will not feel guilty for trampling a few ants to death.

Rorschach slowly floated in the air in front of Rachel after killing these people and flew to the scene of the transaction. All of the League of Shadows members were killed, leaving only the group leader here. After knocking the leader, Rorschach flew back to Rachel.

“You can bring Carmine Falcone to court here because the evidence you want is here.” Rorschach threw the unconscious gang leader to the ground.

“Who the hell are you?” she asked Rorschach as she trembled and looked at him in horror.

“Rorschach, I told you who I was.” Rorschach answered.

Rachel repeated, “You killed people, you killed them all.”

“Although he looks like he is dead, you have to believe me. He is 100 percent not dead, just fainted.” Rorschach said, pointing to the leader who had fainted on the ground.

“Rorschach, you killed more than one people!” Rachel confronted him.

“But they are all bad people. Shouldn’t they deserve to die?” Rorschach asked, knowing what Rachel meant.

“The judge should decide whether they deserve to die or not. Not you. No citizen can break the law here because we are a civilized society.” Rachel argued.

“You’re right, but I’m not a citizen of the United States of America.” Rorschach checked out at Rachel happily.

“Even if you are not a US citizen, as long as you were born on this planet…”

“Rachel, who told you that I was born on this planet?”

She was stunned for a while. “Are you joking?”

“What do you think? Can people on this planet be like me, Ms. Rachel?” Rorschach asked directly without explaining his background. Rorschach slowly floated in the air and looked down at her as he spoke.

“Then…then who are you?” Rachel asked, her expression extremely complicated as she held her head in her hands.

“An alien? Are you an alien?”

“Yes, I am an alien.” Rorschach acknowledged.

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Published On: May 21, 2023

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