To hide her shame, Rachel organized the file in her hand.

She pull Rorschach as though nothing had occurred and said, “Today is Tuesday. Wait, it’s Wednesday now. The gang’s smuggling operation will begin at four o’clock if the deciphered code is accurate. I can only prosecute gang leader Carmine Falcone if I hand over the evidence.”

After looking into the most recent criminal clues, you must immediately contact the police if you are in another city. Be that as it may but… this is Gotham City.

Since long ago, criminals have penetrated Gotham City’s police force. Jim Gordon may be the only Gotham City police officer in Rachel’s circle she can trust. Rachel decided to first obtain first-hand evidence of the smuggling transaction by going to the scene and handing it over to Commissioner Gordon.

Rachel will sue in the Gotham City court at that time, and Commissioner Gordon will direct the arrest of Carmine Falcone.

After vigorously cleaning up, Rachel instructed Rorschach, “Rorschach, stay here tonight, don’t go anywhere.”

“Allow me to go with you. Are you a woman who doesn’t worry about being killed by gang members?” Rorschach joked cheerfully.

Rachel took a karate stance when she heard Rorschach look down on her and said, “I’m not a weak woman, I have a black belt in karate.”

Rorschach looked silently at Rachel. Eventually, she said, “Okay, you can go with me. If there is any problem, just run away, okay?”

“Okay.” Rorschach concurred.

“Rorschach, are you a licensed driver? Can you drive?”

” I don’t have a license, but I can drive.”

Rorschach then sat in the driver’s seat, looked at the Gotham City map, and quickly recorded all of the driving routes with his super memory. Rachel texted Commissioner Gordon about today’s discovery while seated in the passenger seat.

When Rorschach pressed the gas pedal, the vehicle’s speed soared to its maximum in a split second. Rachel’s vehicle resembled a flash of red lightning. Rorschach drove extremely quickly through the city’s urban area in the direction of Gotham City’s port. Naturally, Rorschach avoided road monitoring by the side of the road.

Gotham City’s law and order is severely lacking, and traffic road surveillance is even less useful. Gotham City’s high crime rate is also largely attributable to this. The effectiveness with which the police handle cases can be multiplied multiple times as long as more cameras can be placed in the city.

Rorschach saved far a lot of time. He shortened the first two-hour drive to around 60 minutes and showed up at the suspected trading place. Rachel yelled as soon as the car came to a stop and opened the door. Her face is red, and her hair is messy.

“We arrived more than two hours ahead of the criminals. We can wait for the gangsters to arrive at a secret location.” Rorschach left the vehicle in a shadowy spot in the port.

With X-ray vision, he looks around, but no one is nearby.

Rachel frowned at Rorschach with disdain. She lifted her hand and tapped her chest, “Did you drive a race car previously?”

“I once piloted a spaceship.” Rorschach spoke the truth.

After all, Rorschach is the Knowhere Fleet’s first captain, commanding a starship. Rachel gave Rorschach a furious look and made a couple of strides with trouble. She trembled just standing, let alone walking, because her legs were sore and limp.

Rorschach sighed. He grabbed Rachel and walked toward where the criminals agreed to conduct the transaction. She had never before had the sensation of having her face flush suddenly. She had a crush on Bruce Wayne when she was younger.

Bruce’s parents were shot and killed. Rachel has been trusting that Bruce Wayne will emerge from his misery and face his future existence with her. Nonetheless, over a decade has passed, and Bruce Wayne is nowhere to be found.

He even vanished without a trace from Gotham City.

Rorschach took Rachel to a port, where she hid behind a container. Rorschach specifically chose this location. It is somewhat covered up, and the area of the exchange should be visible, which is advantageous for Rachel to take pictures and gather proof.

Time flies by. A number of black commercial vehicles appeared in the distance after an hour and a half. A gathering of gangsters wearing suits and holding different weapons happened.

“It’s Carmine Falcone’s men. I’ve been looking for them for a long time, and this time I found them.” Quickly, Rachel grabbed a camera, changed the angle, and snapped a few pictures.

Not long after the gangsters showed up, a medium-sized freight transport drifted from a distance on the water surface of the port. Rorschach saw a samurai standing on the freighter in a black mask, dressed in ninja garb, and wielding a samurai sword from a far distance.

“The League of Shadows?” Rorschach thinks this is League of Shadows because the world’s plot is very similar to the Batman Nolan series.

The only difference is that Rachel does not have Harley Quinn as her senior or any other extraordinary existence in the movie’s plot. The fact that Rorschach thinks Rachel in this world looks better than Rachel in the movie is the most important point.

“What are they trading, drugs?”

Rachel keeps on taking pictures. She watches the dock, the criminals and the samurai convey barrels of a synthetic of some sort or another, and load them on the truck.

They are scanned by Rorschach using X-ray vision. It is the hallucinogen that the Scarecrow employs to produce fear gas. While Rachel was taking cover behind the compartment and taking pictures to gather proof, the gangsters and the League of Shadows split up a piece of their staff and started to watch the encompassing area.

Rorschach pulled Rachel back. The individuals on both sides appeared to be soon coming to his side in his field of vision.

Rorschach didn’t overreact. However, Rachel was frightened and befuddled, “Rorschach, what to do? They are approaching. Let’s quickly retreat. Let’s go back to the car after waiting for their transaction to be completed and running directly behind the container in front.”

Even though Rachel was afraid, she was still able to think clearly. She planned Rorschach’s escape route.

“You go first. I’ll follow you after.” Rorschach gave Rachel a positive look as he looked at her.

Rachel felt Rorschach’s encouraging gaze. After carefully poking her head out, she took a deep breath, looked in the direction of the pier, and then quickly ran toward the container in front of her. However, Rachel tripped over a rock and fell to the ground just as she was about to run a few steps.

Everyone here could hear the movement for a while. Carmine’s men and League of Shadows were watching on the dock, people who moved the products, and the leader of the group generally halted their movements and glanced toward them.

Rorschach smacked his face helplessly.

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Published On: May 20, 2023

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