“Heitan, we should go to the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircarrier.” Jerry took the Thestral out of the suitcase and put it away on an empty rooftop after leaving the neighborhood.

Jerry named the Thestral Heitan.

Heitan let out a horse cry, his hooves vacillated, and his wings fluttered quickly, similar to a sharp dark bolt, he flew out instantly.

“My God, the speed!”

Jerry finally understood why Newt rated the Thestral as one of the fastest magical animals in the wizarding world after riding one for the first time in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. Jerry felt as though he might be flown away if he didn’t grab the Thestral’s mane. It was indeed very quick.

When fully in flight, the speed of a Thestral may be comparable a top-level supercar on the ground. No wonder Harry and the other characters rode Thestrals in the original book, and the journey from Hogwarts to the London Ministry of Magic was quick.

“Babe, did you see a dark horse fly by quite recently?”

A young man in yellow hair and yellow earrings suddenly saw Thestrals flying in the air on the roof of a New York building. He asked his girlfriend, who was watching the stars with him, what they were.

His girlfriend unexpectedly slapped him hard and angrily when she heard the words, “Jack, are you taking drugs again? You stated to me that you would never do it again!”

“I didn’t!”

“If horses can fly, do you think it’s reasonable?”

“Mary, listen. I did not use drugs today!”

“So you used it yesterday!”

Jerry didn’t tell Heitan the directions of the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircarrier, nor did Heitan could tell which S.H.I.E.L.D. aircarrier was going to. However, Heitan appeared to be aware of the location as soon as Jerry said it.

Jerry saw the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft carrier once more in less than ten minutes. It must be said that mysterious creatures are still exceptionally strong. They can still contribute, even if they are not in the same world.

Just like when you let an owl send a letter. Say the person’s name, and the owl will know who to send it to. You don’t need to be concerned about the number of people with the same name. Similar to Thestral, it can locate the target.

“Watch out, something is about to happen.” Some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents consciously pulled out their guns while they were watching the black spot in the distance on the aircraft carrier’s deck.

The black dot became apparent in a split second.

“My God, what is that?”

The unidentified creature in front of the agents caught their attention. A creature as bizarre and terrifying as this was new to them. With enormous bat wings, it resembled a hellish Pegasus, and it had the scrawny appearance of a dragon.

“It’s me, don’t worry!” A familiar figure, The Wizard, suddenly appeared behind the unknown creature just as the agents were about to fire when they looked at the creature and saw it approaching.

Jerry jumped down and threw Heitan a piece of raw meat from the suitcase after he firmly landed on the deck and retracted his wings.

“Relax, he’s a good boy and won’t dare to hurt anyone. Anyway, Coulson called me to come.”

“Hold on a minute, I’ll call him over.”

“Sir, The Wizard arrived on the deck ahead of time, and he wanted to meet you.” a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent said as he looked at the Thestral eating raw meat.

“I’ll have these robot soldiers dragged to the deck. Tell her to wait a minute.” Coulson replied with a surprised tone.

He clearly did not anticipate Jerry’s arrival ten minutes after hanging up the mirror. The center of New York is some distance away from where the aircraft carrier is.

“What kind of horse is this, Miss Wizard?” Coulson was shocked to see the Thestral next to Jerry when he arrived at the deck with the transformed robot soldiers.

“Thestral, a magical creature, my new pet!” Jerry touched the wings of Heitan.

Coulson stopped asking after seeing this. He was aware that he was unable to answer certain magic-related questions.

“These robot soldiers have undergone a complete transformation in accordance with your specifications. I will demonstrate how to use the controllers, which you can find here.”

These robot soldiers are controlled by entering commands into the controller in Coulson’s hand, which resembles a tablet. Jerry attempted it, and it was exceptionally easy.

“An anti-aircraft gun, which is pretty good, and a two-handed superpowerful electric shock device have been added as the main weapon.”

Jerry waved his wand in satisfaction, and the twelve robots lined up and flew into his suitcase. It wasn’t his usual suitcase, it was the second suitcase that he had taken after Quirrel was killed.

“You don’t put tracking device in these robot soldiers, right?” Subsequent to taking care of the twelve robot soldiers, Jerry took a gander at Coulson dubiously.

Coulson responded naturally with a smile, “How could it be? You are overthinking it, Miss Wizard.”

“That’s good. I’ll go first, call me with the mirror if you have something to say.”

Jerry gave a satisfied nod, rolled over, and rode on Heitan, which quickly became a black spot and vanished.

“That black horse moves very quickly.” Seeing that in a matter of moments, Jerry and his pet were practically undetectable. Coulson couldn’t resist the opportunity to let out an amazement.

Back inside, Coulson called Fury, “Director, Miss Wizard has retrieved it.”

“Did she not have any suspicions?” inquired Fury

“Although she didn’t seem suspicious on the surface, my intuition told me that she must have guessed something,” Coulson replied honestly after a brief hesitation.

“It’s fine. The surveillance equipment we installed in each robot soldier is very secret, unless she disassembles the robot soldier as a whole, it is impossible to discover. Furthermore, the monitoring equipment does not provide real-time monitoring. Rather, it simply records the video and transmits it at regular intervals, making it even more difficult for her to discover.”

Although his magic is amazing, he does not appear to be skilled with mechanical devices.

“Director, is this actually a good decision? Assuming Miss Wizard finds out, she will just doubt us much more.” Coulson sighed.

From the beginning to the end, The Wizard has excellent senses. He disagrees with Fury’s approach. But because he was an agent, he had to follow orders.

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Published On: May 18, 2023

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