“If you really want to learn about the mysteries of magic, you can visit Kamar Taj and our Asgard magic if you have time. If you take it seriously, you can learn it naturally.”

“Although you decided to for a while, I still hope that you can come back often, and you can also bring Carmen to ask your mother about magic,” Odin finally turned to Thor and said.

“Please be assured about that, Father. I will return to Asgard to become a ruler and take on the obligations I ought to bear. The mortals in Midgard require my assistance more than the tranquil Asgard of today.” Thor solemnly promised Odin on the throne by kneeling on the ground.

When Odin heard this, he could only sigh, “The lifespan of a mortal is only a hundred years, a flash in the pan. You’ve already made up your mind, so I won’t stop you from marrying a mortal. I hope you can frequently visit Asgard.”

Thor asked Odin to stay in Midgard for a hundred years after the Loki trial because he had promised Jane. Odin, of course, initially disagreed. He requested that Thor goes to Midgard to train, to make him a more reasonable king instead of marrying a human with a life expectancy of just 100 years.

Simply put, despite the strength of his divine power, he is unable to control things like love. He finally agreed to Thor’s request, with Queen Frigga’s approval.

However, the main reason is that the Nine Realms are currently relatively tranquil. The most important thing is for Thor to return occasionally.

“Father, since I have gone with a choice, I’m ready in my heart. Thank you.”

“You take Carmen to Asgard to get some magic books from your mother, and then you send Carmen back to Midgard. He seems to be rushing through something.” Odin waved his hand, showing that Thor should take Carmen back.

As a result, Jerry followed Thor’s lead and left the palace for his mother’s home. Frigga is evidently a very gentle mother in comparison to Odin’s sternness. She previously offered her thanks to Jerry and afterward provided Jerry with countless magic books.

He can request that Thor utilize the Rainbow Bridge to come to Asgard to talk about wizardry with her whenever he wants.

“Thor, you must remember to keep my identity a secret when you return to Earth. You should not reveal it to S.H.I.E.L.D., or you will be in a difficult situation.” Jerry spoke on the Rainbow Bridge.

“Don’t worry, I promise you, in the name of Thor, I will never reveal your identity to anyone. I won’t say it, even if Jane asks.” Thor assured him while patting his chest.

Thor would not be careless because he was aware that Jerry used a false identity to ensure his family’s safety, as this was not an easy situation. Jerry acknowledged this with a nod. He maintained his faith in Thor’s character.

“Heimdall, how’s your injury doing?” Thor said with concern as he entered the hall once more and looked at Heimdall with the massive sword.

“The problem is no longer there because of this mage.” Heimdall bowed in gratitude to Jerry.

Because Heimdall is the best of the Asgardians and has a body size three times that of humans on Earth, his ability to recover is naturally exceptional. Jerry used magic to help heal the wound, and Heimdall is doing fine right now, thanks to his powerful ability to heal himself.

“Please open the Rainbow Bridge and return us to Midgard.” Thor left a word and took Jerry straightforwardly to the hall.

Heimdall gestured when he heard the words, and took his blade, embedded it into the contraption, and opened the Rainbow Bridge.


New Mexico, the landing spot for the Rainbow Bridge.

Most of the people here have left because Thor and Jerry didn’t say when they would return.

Due to the company’s affairs, Tony has returned to his mansion, and Steve and Fury have flown back to New York on a plane. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Coulson and Jane, who rushed over from Old Bridge Town, are the only ones standing guard at the Rainbow Bridge landing point.

The breeze blows, and the mists roll, and a rainbow slips from the sky. After the rainbow vanished, Jerry in a wizard’s robe and Thor in armor appeared in front of everyone.

“The issue is essentially resolved. You can ask Thor any questions you may have. I must attend to an urgent matter first, and I will contact you later.” Jerry greeted Coulson upon his arrival and then left on a broomstick.

It is now nearly seven o’clock, and it is estimated that Aisha and Belle have both returned home after he spent some time in Asgard.

When Coulson heard Jerry leave, he had no choice but to sigh and look at Thor. When Thor and Jane got together again, they kissed no other.

He cast a Muggle-Repelling Charm, picked up the Portkey, and began to teleport after locating an empty spot.

When he was in Asgard, Jerry took out the Portkey. He wasn’t sure if it was because Asgard was too far from the earth or because Odin’s powerful divine power covered all of Asgard. The Portkey cannot be used at that point.

Jerry’s figure vanished immediately, leaving only a glove in the empty space.


Jerry returned to the glove after completing a series of housework.

Everyone has a home of their own. His new home is in New York, because he was reborn into this world. His most significant members of the family are Haas and Aisha. Therefore, despite his busy schedule, he will have to look after them whenever he has the time.

Enhancing strength, practicing meditation, learning and researching magic are all very important. However, they are more significant than anything else on Earth. His strength might have been stronger than it is now if he had chosen to leave his family and focus on growing stronger. But he didn’t choose that.

Since he is human, he likewise needs a spot to rest when he is tired.

Aisha’s funniness, Haas’ anxiety, and Belle, who has recently new into the family currently, all caused him to feel that he was born in this world, truly alive, and not just a dream.


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