Knull held the Necrosword and slashed toward Rorschach. Before the sword fell, a sharp sense of cutting appeared on Rorschach’s skin. He can feel this sword intent that seems to be able to split everything. If it is swung in front of a being that was lower than him, this fierce sword alone can destroy the opponent’s fighting spirit.

Rorschach also swung his sword to block. The two Necroswords collided together, and with the sound of a crisp metal collision, an invisible shock wave spread out toward the surroundings.

Rorschach and Knull each took a few steps back. Although Rorschach only captured one-third of the Necrosword, he inlaid five Infinity Stones on the Necrosword, which was comparable to the two-thirds of the Necrosword in Knull’s hand.

The two swooped towards each other again. The speed was too fast. The two swords turned into two bolts of lightning and collided violently in mid-air, making a sound like ten thousand horses galloping.

The entire solar dimension trembled because of the battle between the two.

Quill curled up in a corner of the dimension, trying to mobilize the life energy in his body to recover from his injuries. He wanted to go up to help, but when Quill looked up, a black sword light pierced through the sky, hitting four or five suns along the way.

The flames of the sun explosion enveloped the sky and the earth, but the two figures in the sky ignored the power of the sun explosion and continued to fight in the sky. Cracks appeared in the space they fought.

“Damn it…” Seeing this scene, Quill gave up the idea of helping.

If he goes there, he’ll only die.

“I’m so fucked. How long have I been in the solar dimension? What happened outside?” Quill trembled.

Knull’s appearance made him doubt life. He thought that he had absorbed a large amount of life energy from his father and become a new “God”. He would reach the pinnacle of his life. But encountered a terrifying existence like Knull.

Quill was thinking about how to escape so as not to be accidentally swept by the Necrosword and be killed directly.

The battle in the sky continues.

Knull also followed Rorschach and attached the Soul Stone to the Necrosword because he found that Rorschach’s defense was extremely strong, and pure physical slashing could not break through Rorschach’s defense. Therefore, Knull added the power of the Soul Stone to the Necrosword and slashed at Rorschach frantically.

The best way to deal with an Infinity Stone is to use another Infinity Stone to deal with it.

Facing Knull’s slash, Rorschach used Reality Stone to modify the Soul Stone Power on Knull’s sword. The battle between the two sides gradually added the power of the Infinity Stones. Knull has one stone, but Rorschach has five.

Rorschach slashed through the space with the sword, and Knull quickly teleported to dodge. In the next second, Rorschach used the power of the Time and Space Stone to pull Knull. That sword cut precisely on Knull’s body.

The visual effect is as if Gnar himself bumped into Rorschach’s sword.

Accompanied by the shattering of the space, several cracks appeared on Knull’s armor, but before he could recover, Rorschach slashed out again. Knull hastily raised his sword to block. The two black death swords collided again.

Rorschach used the dislocation of time and space for the second time. At this moment, he and Knull are in the dimension field outside the universe. Even if this dimension’s dimension is destroyed, at most, it will cause the solar dimension to collapse.

Therefore, Rorschach can use the power of the Infinity Stones without any worry here.

Knull is misplaced again. Rorschach’s sword precisely cut on the crack of Knull’s armor, causing the crack on the armor to extend a few points towards the surroundings, and the sword that Knull originally resisted Rorschach slashed heavily on Rorschach’s arm.

A crisp metal collision sounded, and a sword mark appeared on Rorschach’s arm. But under the sunlight, it instantly recovered.

“Shameless!” Knull cursed angrily.

Knull is going crazy. Rorschach can just use the dislocation of time and space to fight him. But Rorschach’s recovery power is so terrifying, Knull slashed out with a sword with all his strength and didn’t even leave a blood mark.

The next moment, Knull noticed that Rorschach’s resilience was related to the sun in this dimension. His figure flickered, and he slashed hundreds of times in a row. All of them were slashed toward the sun in the dimension.

In an instant, hundreds of suns exploded one after another, and the terrifying flames almost swept across the entire dimension.

But the aftermath of the sun explosion has not yet subsided. The Time stone on Rorschach’s sword glows green again. The power of time flows like flowing water. Everything in the sun dimension is like pressing the reverse button, quickly returning to how it was before.

The spreading flame shock wave retreated back, and all the shattered suns were combined. Everything returns to normal.

“Damn Rorschach!” Knull cursed angrily, he broke through the surrounding space blockade and fled quickly, but Rorschach raised his hand and used the dislocation of time to pull Knull back to the position just now.

It hit Knull’s body once again, blasting countless space cracks. Rorschach appeared in front of Knull, swung the sword in his hand with all his strength, and slashed at Knull heavily.

The Necrosword slashed Knull, and his body flew upside down, smashing seven or eight suns one after another before he managed to stabilize his figure. Seeing Rorschach attacking again with his sword, Knull’s eyes were dark. He turned around and left instead of fighting Rorschach.

“Wanna go?” Rorschach’s sword continued to slash down while manipulating the power of time and space and knocked Knull, who was frantically fleeing.

“You can’t keep me here.” Knull’s eyes were red. He held the other half of the sword and swung it behind him violently.

A pitch-black shock wave pierced the space, and the space exploded, and all the power of time and space was shattered after touching this dark shock wave. The cracks in the space are thousands of miles across, chopping the entire dimensional space and shaking it.

After the sword was released, Knull also spat out a mouthful of black blood. He didn’t even bother to see what happened to Rorschach but went out of the space crack.

Knull’s combat power has been reduced by at least 30%. In Knull’s view, as long as he leaves this dimension, or even this universe, and makes the five Infinity Stones in Rorschach’s hands lose their power, then it will be easy to defeat him.

Rorschach used the power of five Infinity Stones to restore the solar dimension. Seeing that Knull had escaped outside the dimension, Rorschach chased after him as soon as he moved.

“Rorschach, don’t go. Let me out. I want to see Gamora!” Quill followed behind and shouted loudly.

After seeing the terrifying existence of Knull, Quill has been worried about Gamora’s safety and what happened outside. Now in the outer universe, something must have happened.

Before Rorschach chased Knull out of the dimension, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Quill in the dimension field. He casually threw quill out of the sun dimension, ignored it, and went directly through the space crack to chase Knull.

Feeling the pursuers behind him, Knull deliberately slowed down a bit instead of panicking. Keeping Rorschach at a close distance from him. The two of them were like a cat catching a mouse.

The Watcher has been watching Rorschach and Knull. The battle between the God of Destruction and the God of Symbiotes was enjoyable for the Watcher.

The Watcher is now like a crazy reader, eager to see what happens next.

“Rorschach is quickly chasing and killing Knull, but the direction Knull is heading… is actually the abyss. It’s over. Once it gets close to the abyss, the Infinity Stones in Rorschach’s hand will lose all their power. At that time, Rorschach may be in danger.” The Watcher still hope that Rorschach will win.

After all, Rorschach killed the Watcher’s old enemy, the Celestials, and once Rorschach is defeated, Knull will drag Rorschach’s dimension into a dark abyss. At that time, there will be nothing for him to watch. Therefore, The Watcher hope that Rorschach will win the battle in the end.

“The situation is not good. If Rorschach doesn’t think of a way to stop Knull, if he is close to the abyss, Rorschach’s chances of winning will be much smaller.” The Watcher raised his hand subconsciously, wanting to interfere with Knull’s escape.

The Watcher struggled for a long time and finally slowly lowered his hand, “The Watcger cannot interfere with the development of the universe, and I cannot violate my principles…”

After giving up the interference, the Watcher quietly watched Rorschach and Knull one after the other, shuttling through the gaps in the vast multiverse space. This is the first time Rorschach has left his own universe.

The cracks in the multiverse space are gorgeous and colorful, and Rorschach’s eyes randomly fell on the crystal-like space barrier beside him, and he saw the projections of pictures from different universes. At a glance, countless pieces of information were gathered in Rorschach’s mind.

He saw countless parallel universes in the Marvel Universe. Among them, Rorschach is more familiar with the independent universe of the X-Men, the fusion universe of the X-Men and the Avengers, the zombie universe, various versions, movie universes with a different plot, etc.

Rorschach closed his eyes. The picture of the multiverse cannot be stared this time. Otherwise, he will get lost in the gap of this infinite multiverse. By the time Rorschach opened his eyes again, Knull in front had stopped running away.

“Rorschach, I really didn’t expect you to have the courage to chase it out. Welcome to the abyss. Here, your Infinity Stones are just a few useless stones.” While speaking, Knull plucks out the Soul Stone from his sword.

Rorschach checked his system task list, and the next second, his speed exploded to the extreme, chasing after Knull throws the Soul Stone.

“I knew you couldn’t resist that stone.”

Knull seemed to have expected it long ago. Rorschach rushed into the abyss. The sword in his hand turned into black lightning, dragging its long black tail, and slashed at Rorschach’s head. When Rorschach firmly caught the Soul Stone with his right hand, Knull’s sword slashed at his head.

A dull, heavy sound like the sound of a big bell ringing through the entire abyss. Rorschach’s head was cut with a clear blood mark, but it returned to its original state in the next second.

Knull’s froze.

“How… how is it possible? How do you… I have clearly left your dimension…”

“Because I am Rorschach.”

Rorschach would never tell Knull that more than a dozen suns are stored in the dimensional suit on his body. Although they are all suns in reduced form, the energy emitted is not compromised at all. As long as Rorschach still wears this dimensional suit, he will not lose his power even at the end of the deep multiverse.

However, the Infinity Stone is, exactly as Knull said, completely useless. In the abyss, the power of the universe where Rorschach is located cannot cover this side, so the Infinity Stones have lost all their power.

However, regardless of whether the Infinity Stones have lost their power or not, the Infinity Stones are the Infinity Stones. Rorschach can complete the system’s tasks as long as he collects all six Infinity Stones.

[Ding, complete the side mission ‘Infinity Stones’. The host has collected all six Infinity Stones, and rewarded 6,000,000 mission points!]

With the completion of the task of collecting infinite gems, 6 million task points will be credited immediately.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV5

Additional Attributes: God of Destruction, Magic Proficiency

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission points: 102354927

Rorschach hasn’t done any missions recently, even with the hundreds of thousands of points for killing the Gorr, and now adding the six million points for collecting the Infinity Stones. The condition for upgrading the Kryptonian bloodline has been reached in an instant.

“Upgrade Kryptonian bloodline!” Rorschach did not hesitate and immediately ordered the system.

Immediately afterward, 100 million mission points were instantly deducted, and Rorschach felt that some inexplicable changes had taken place in his body cells. As if all the cells have turned into black holes, frantically absorbing more than a dozen suns in the dimensional suit.

Like a newborn scorching sun, a fiery light erupted from Rorschach’s body, blooming its brilliance in the endless darkness, bringing light to this world and dispelling all darkness.

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Published On: May 18, 2023

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