“It is necessary to determine the wizard’s true identity. She is now demonstrating an increasing level of strength. We may face a significant threat if we are unable to determine her true identity or if something goes wrong with her in the future.” Nick Fury said with firmness.

He must control everything as director of S.H.I.E.L.D., not just The Wizard; Captain America is always under his watchful eye.

Even if they do not currently present any threat, all existences beyond the reach of ordinary people ought to be considered potential threats that must be avoided in advance. Otherwise, they will be caught off guard later if things goes wrong. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s policy has always been this way.

He jumped into the suitcase as soon as he entered the room through the window. This second suitcase might be utilized by Quirrell for a brief timeframe, so there is just a yard and a straightforward wooden house inside.

At this time, robot soldiers with a brand new look were standing firmly on the lawn, waiting for Jerry’s command.

“No tracking device, huh?” Jerry sneered.

But he wasn’t worried either because he didn’t think they wouldn’t do this kind of trick. Even if they do, he already had an answer in mind.

Jerry walked in front of a large mirror that had been set up in advance and pressed it. Right away, ripples appeared on the mirror. The twelve robot soldiers immediately rose and lined up to enter the mirror’s space with a light wave from the other hand.

Jerry followed and entered the mirror space as well. Because the Extension Charm lets the suitcase room expand on its own. When the suitcase is opened, it is connected to the outside world.

However, the mirror space is different. The mirror space is a mysterious space that is reflected, and another space totally veers off from the real world. It is impossible to connect communication equipment across space, no matter how advanced it is.

Like when Iron Man and Watch Machine fighting these robot soldiers, threw them into the mirror space that Jerry had opened, making it impossible for Ivan to control them remotely.

S.H.I.E.L.D. will never be able to access Jerry’s secrets through the equipment contained within these robots as long as Jerry does not remove them from the mirror space in this world. The point is that Jerry has no immediate plans to employ these robot soldiers in this world.

In the Marvel world, progression of cutting edge technology is fast in here. These robot soldiers have less power than his magic. He wants these robot soldiers primarily to be used in other worlds, like “Harry Potter,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” and other worlds.

These robot soldiers may be able to play a significant role as a trump card at certain times because many magical worlds lack powerful technology.

Regardless of whether you’re in “Harry Potter” or “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” the basic power supply is still available. He just need to find a place to charge it when it runs out. If the ammunition for the corresponding model is unavailable, he can either request it from S.H.I.E.L.D. or obtain it from Tony, an arms dealer who previously specialized in the production of ammunition.

These robot soldiers will always remain in the mirror world while he is in the Marvel world, and naturally, S.H.I.E.L.D. will not receive any information. In addition, he has other thoughts regarding these robot soldiers.

Jerry approached a robot soldier and began to chant a spell after entering the mirror space. An enchanted light shot into the mechanical body of the robot soldier, The robot soldier began to move without Jerry utilizing the controller, and its eyes were continually blazing red.

It finally opened its mouth slowly, stumbled, and spoke to Jerry.


“Hello, Number One will be your new name!” Jerry nodded.

“I am Number One.” The Enlightenment Charm, which Jerry just used, is the most frequently used spell in alchemy.

In alchemy, the Enlightenment Charm is a powerful spell. In order to give an unanimate object a certain amount of consciousness, a wizard must condense a small thought into the body of the object through a special magic spell.

These things will become more aware over time, and in the end, even though they won’t be like real people, they can be considered intelligent.

Like The Sorting Hat, which successfully invokes the consciousness by one of the Hogwarts founders by incorporating some of their thoughts. There is also the Hogwarts guardian stone statue, the principal’s office gargoyle, Arthur’s magic car, wizard chess pieces, and so on.

Jerry is now using an alchemical spell to bring the twelve robot soldiers to life and give them basic consciousness. Even if he doesn’t have to control it, they can help him fight, and when his alchemy strength grows, he can try to change these robot soldiers into something magical.

“You are No. 2, your name is “No.” 3, and your name is No. 12. You should stay here for a while.” Jerry returned to his room after ordered all twelve robot soldiers in the mirror space.

The Twelve Robot Soldiers are still in the process of integrating their thoughts, which takes time to gradually understand.

“Okay, it’s time to learn how to control a dragon.” Jerry returned to the room and opened his panel.

The one-month window in which he could travel to other worlds had passed, and he would have already begun crossing if he hadn’t been waiting for these robot soldiers. He shut his eyes and opened them once more, and he came to the universe of “The Magician’s Understudy” once more.

In the small world, time moved simultaneously. He has been in Hogwarts for half a year, and he has left this world for half a year.

Jerry felt the powerful magic waves inside Dave’s laboratory as he rode a broomstick to the door. He extended his hand and tapped on the laboratory’s door.

“Dave, long time no see!” Jerry smiled when he saw Dave, who had not changed much.

“Jerry!” Dave suddenly displayed surprise when he realized that Jerry, who had been absent for half a year, had knocked on the door.

Dave views Jerry not only as his initial savior but also as his brother. Balthazar also jumped out of the rocking chair out of surprise when he heard Dave words.

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