Somewhere down in the ocean of stars. The Kree Empire’s fleet.

With the expansion of the Anti-Symbiote Armor and the Anti-Symbiote Legion, the Symbiotes were promptly beaten to pieces, and those starships and strongholds that the Symbiotes invaded were additionally little by little obliterated by the Fleet.

Over the Fleet, Rorschach hung in space. The projection of the watch flashed the distribution map of the Symbiote invasion as he raised his wrist. Despite the fact that he has a total advantage, the Symbiotes are still persistently going after the three empires.

Even though there are a lot of symbiotes, Anti-Symbiotes Weapons are now active. At best, the Symbiotes resemble a cold virus. The Symbiotes would not be able to capture the three empires even with all of them attacking at once.

He kept gaining the faith of the people of the three empires as he was saving the world. However, it appears that he has missed something significant.

The Soul Stone should now have been in Knull’s hands when Rorschach glanced at the last slot on his suit. According to Thanos, Knull took the Soul Stone. He primarily snatched the Soul Stone to stop himself from accumulating all of the stones.

Does Knull really need the Soul Stone?

Over the past few days, there have been too many incidents that have occurred. Rorschach stopped dealing with the Symbiotes at this point. Instead, he stood there and calmly described what had happened to him over the past few days. Rorschach was thinking for a while.”

“Gorr. Damn it, I forgot about Gorr, and Knull is the most dangerous person right now.”

“But Knull is already awake right now in my universe, and he can even control the Symbiotes to invade the three empires…”

“Since Knull has awakened, it means that the Necrosword can be used at any time.” However, Knull has not used the Necrosword. Rorschach knew right away that the Soul Stone could find all of the souls in the universe.

The glove with six Infinity Stones is said to be able to randomly kill half of the universe’s creatures with a single snap of the fingers. This is mainly because the Soul Stones connect and locate the souls of all creatures in the universe.

This means that he is aware of the positions of every god in the universe, regardless of whether they are Gorr or Knull. Naturally, this should only apply to low-level gods.

“The strength of the Necrosword will increase in proportion to the number of gods it kills.” Knull has no immediate plans to take back Gorr’s Necrosword.

Gorr probably kills the gods outside the galaxy’s borders. The Nine Realms are currently home to the most gods in the galaxy. Rorschach made a turn and turned to look at the Nine Realms.

Rorschach, who possesses the God of Destruction, is undoubtedly the strongest of the Nine Realms. With the attack of the three major empires, Knull stopped Rorschach.

As a result, Gorr, who carries the Necrosword, feels like a wolf approaching a flock of sheep when he enters the Nine Realms. Knull’s intentions seemed to be understood by Rorschach’s sudden smile.

“The Necrosword… I understand, you have set up so many plans, and in the end it was all to deal with me,” Rorschach whispered in his heart. It would appear that his appearance had a negative impact on his life.

Rorschach permitted Riverie to take full command of the battle between the three empires via the communicator. Rorschach entered Asgard by opening the portal.


Away from the Nine Realms, Gorr wearing a black cloak appeared.

He glanced the way of the Nine Domains from a distance, and the glorious and tremendous World Tree showed up before his eyes, as though it were a monster extending among paradise and earth, and the Nine Realms.

“I see you, filthy gods…” Gorr looked at the Nine Realms, but his eyes were filled with a golden light.

He can see the soul of the gods in the Nine Realms.

For instance, the biggest spots representing the gods’ souls are in Asgard’s direction. All of the gods’ light spots come together like a bright light source because of the distance, and in Vanaheim, many gods are gathered together.

Only a few other locations exist.

Gorr does not possess this power. As a matter of fact, in the comics, it required a long time for Gorr to track down Asgard and the Olympian gods.

Presently Knull has the Soul Stone. He gave Gorr the Necrosword, which gave him the ability to find the god’s soul. Gorr looked at the Nine Realms. From Asgard to Mount Olympus, he finally settled on Earth with his gaze.

Gorr knew that the Necrosword yearned for the blood of the gods. The Necrosword got stronger each time he killed a god and took their blood and power.

It just so happens that the only god on Earth doesn’t look too strong or weak. Dealing with it will be difficult if it is too strong, and the Necrosword’s improvement is not obvious if it is too weak. However, this god on Earth can significantly enhance the Necrosword’s power.

Accordingly, Gorr chose to track down a simple kill first and sneak towards the earth, where it’s in the Nine Realms.

Rorschach is perched on the edge of the Rainbow Bridge hall in Asgard, gazing at the pitch-black sky filled with stars. Behind Rorschach, Heimdall, Thor, and Zeus remained on the left and right.

“He arrived on Earth.” Rorschach suddenly spoke softly, his eyes settling somewhere in the night sky, and he smiled from the corner of his mouth.

Heimdall subconsciously followed Rorschach’s gaze. A faint shadow rapidly approached the Nine Realms in the far-off, starry sky above the World Tree. Heimdall might not have noticed this barely noticeable shadow had it not been for Rorschach’s reminder.

Zeus looked in the earth’s direction with some concern as he tightly held the golden lightning. He asked, “God of Destruction, can Ares handle it?”

“Don’t worry, Ares will be fine with me here.” Rorschach responded when he realized he was concerned about his son’s safety.

Earth, New York’s Sanctum Sanctorum

At night, Ares sat in the main room of the Sanctum Sanctorum. He used to go to the biggest bar in New York and sing and dance with girls at this time. However, Zeus instructed him today to remain in the Sanctum Sanctorum and work overtime.

There will reportedly be an enemy invasion.

“I really want to see who dares to run wild on earth.” Ares shook his legs because he always thought this was odd.

All things considered, it was Zeus who let him know, so Ares thought nothing. He wanted to rush to the bar to see if he could meet some girls after just wanting to get rid of the intruders quickly.

The female in here is more versatile than the local goddesses in his hometown. There is a wide range of stunts that you can’t imagine, and they can do anything. To put it succinctly, it excites him.

Ares suddenly stopped moving as he looked forward to the wonderful nightlife and felt a strong sense of crisis in his heart. His intuition indicated that a formidable enemy was secretly watching him.

“Who’s there?” When Ares looked around, his weapon just appeared in his hands. Ares kicked his legs at the same time, ejecting quickly and putting the office chair beneath him.

Ares slashed his weapon with instinct. A powerful shock wave broke out when the enemy’s weapon collided with the axe. Ares had not yet gotten a full picture of the assailant. The man had pale skin, a dark shroud, and a long dark sword folded over his right arm.

“Who are you?” Ares took a fighting stance, jumped back, and swung his axe.

“Those who will kill you, you gods, deserve to die!” the enemy said as he jumped back with a sinister smile on his face and a cold, hoarse voice.

This person is Gorr. He applied force under his feet, and, surging towards Ares at a very quick speed, lifted the sword in his hand.

Despite the fact that he is far from ordinary, he can sense this person’s power. He immediately held an axe in both hands and slashed at Gorr’s sword because he did not dare to underestimate the enemy in any way.

Swords and axes collided in a split second. The two sides have already fought hundreds of rounds in just tens of seconds.

Although his speed and strength were even more terrifying than Ares, he could sense the enemy’s disorderly attack. One could even say that he lacked any swordsmanship skills.

Ares stopped engaging Gorr in brute force competition once he realized the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Gorr was tricked and moved with his sword after dozens of confrontations.

Ares, who had prevailed in his plan, swung the axe in his grasp, parried the sword with the rear of the axe, and simultaneously raised his foot and moved forward rapidly to one side, and the axe in his hand cut at the neck of Gorr.

When Gorr’s neck was slashed with the axe, Ares grinned proudly.

Before he could finish, Ares’s smile stopped, and he saw that Gorr, whose neck had been cut, was nothing more than a mass of pitch-black liquid matter instead of blood. The hideous wound on Gorr’s body had returned to its original state when the black liquid disappeared the following second.

Ares immediately raised his axe to parry Gorr as he swung his sword once more. Ares’ hands became numb, and before he could respond, Gorr appeared behind him, and swung his sword at his neck.

Ares jumped out of the way quickly, but the sword still hit him in the back. Ares held the axe in both hands, stepped back a few steps, and carefully examined Gorr as hot blood flowed out.

Right now, Gorr didn’t keep on going after. He noticed that the sword in his right hand still had Ares’ blood on it, but the blood did not drip. But it appeared as though it was swallowed by the sword right away and vanished.

“Your blood…is delightful!” The blood of the gods can give the Necrosword power. Gorr flashed a contented smile. He swung his blade once more and went after Ares.

This time, Ares had a clear impression that Gorr’s swordsmanship had significantly improved. Ares was completely subdued in combat by his strength and quick reaction time.

Ares had an absurd thought as that the moment the Necrosword absorbed his own blood. Something must have given him some power.

The New York Sanctum was completely destroyed during the conflict between Gorr and Ares. The Terminator robot that was on patrol noticed the two fighting men. The patrolling Terminator robots that were closest came quickly. They raised their palms and surrounded the Gorr, ready to fire energy beams anytime.

Gorr’s cold eyes swept around, sensing the threat posed by the Terminator robots.

“Only dirty gods will I kill.” Gorr continued to slash at Ares after he finished speaking, ignoring the Terminator robots that were around him.

Ares was a bit surprised by this scene.

More than a dozen groups of pitch-black liquids emerged from Gorr’s black cloak and rushed toward the Terminator robots.

“Found the Symbiote!”

This group of Terminator robots immediately sent a message to the New York Terminator Corps base after spotting the Symbiote. At the same time, they immediately switched weapons, substituting flamethrowers for standard firearms.

“Damn, what are you?” Even though Ares has heard of Symbiotes, he has never seen Gorr’s existence.

He considered it in his heart before raising his head and yelling at the sky, “Heimdall!”

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Published On: May 15, 2023

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