Before that, Zeus had instructed Ares to call out “Heimdall” to the sky whenever he came across a foe he couldn’t defeat. As long as Ares yells “Heimdall,” powerful gods will descend to aid him. A bright rainbow light fell from the sky before Ares’s scream could be heard.

A rainbow of vibrant colors illuminated the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York. The bright rainbow light revealed Zeus, Thor, Rorschach, and Hela.

“So, is it a trap?” Gorr took a fighting stance and watched the area carefully, but he didn’t look scared.

Instead, he said, “In this way, I can catch you all in one go.”

As he said that, Gorr split an additional dark fluid creature from the Necrosword. Symbiotes are different from these black liquid beings. Even if the Symbiotes created by the Necrosword do not parasitize the host, they can develop into distinct species.

Gorr used a symbiote to create his dead wife, children, and a group of symbiotes with strong fighting abilities on the planet where the gods were imprisoned and enslaved.

The battlefield was moved from the real world to his solar dimension when Rorschach waved his hand down.

Zeus showed up next to Ares, waving the brilliant lightning, and slammed into Gorr and unexpectedly burst out. A blue and dark shock wave showed up. When he saw this, Ares immediately swung his axe and slashed at Gorr’s right hand.

While Hela was holding the Odinsword, Thor directly raised the Stormbreaker, unleashed thunderclouds, and smashed all of the Symbiotes. However, after these Symbiotes were killed, they returned to the Sword and transformed into a pool of pitch-black liquid matter.

Actually, the shape of the sword is not fixed. Even if Ares cut off Gorr’s right hand, as long as there is still a trace of it on Gorr’s body, he still has the power of the Necrosword because the black cloak behind him is also a part of the Sword.

A black long sword simultaneously appeared in both of his hands as he flicked them. Ares’ axe was stopped by one hand, and Zeus’ chest was pierced by the other.

“Watch out!” In an effort to stop Gorr from killing Zeus, Thor was about to throw his Stormbreaker.

Gorr was sent flying by his sword after two fiery light rays slammed into him in a split second.

These two intense rays of light struck Gorr and caused him to move forward, creating two deep ravines on the ground. Obviously, this is only a wrecked afterimage, not this present reality. Gorr slowly stood up in the ruins after the two rays vanished.

Rorschach, who was suspended in midair, was the source of the two heat visions, which he scrutinized angrily.

The body Gorr was not, as the Symbiotes were, scorched by Rorschach’s heat vision when he looked at it. However, it is normal to consider it.

The Necrosword was forged and burned by Knull using the gods’ blood as fuel. The Necrosword, on the other hand, is not afraid of high temperatures or noise. Or, to put it another way, the Necrosword is infinitely more resistant to high temperatures and noise than Symbiotes.

“I will make your death worse than your life.” Gorr was blind to the fact that Rorschach was the strongest god present. As long as he killed the strongest god and absorbed his blood and power, the other gods would be killed by him.

The following instant saw Gorr’s figure teleport in front of Rorschach, accelerate to an extreme, unleash a storm-like attack, and keep slashing with the sword in both hands. Rorschach looked in the direction in which Thor and the other gods’ hearts trembled.

Rorschach, however, blocked the Gorr’s attack with one finger after seeing him standing in midair, extending his right index finger, and continuously pointing forward, only to hear a lot of metal collision sounds.

Ares looked dazed down below. Considering how he had fought for a long time but was unable to defeat Gorr, and even came close to being killed. The enemy absorbed his fighting skills through his blood, but Rorschach only used one finger to stop Gorr from attacking.

Ares had the sudden impression that he might be a fake god. Rorschach punched Gorr in the chest with his fist after Gorr slashed through the air with his sword. Gorr’s chest exploded with flesh and blood immediately, and his body flipped over and landed heavily.

Rorschach shot two fiery light rays from his eyes straight at Gorr’s head shortly. Gorr instinctively crossed the two black swords in front of him as he raised his hands.

Two blasting beams of light, similar to two planes of water, affected the sword. Gorr’s body was thrown a few meters underground by the powerful impact. Even the air began to change as the terrifying heat wave consumed the surrounding area.

Even though they were far away, the other gods saw this scene and could feel the terrible heat rushing toward them. God knows how hot the heat source’s center has gotten.

Toward the finish of the bursting light, Gorr’s entire body was destroyed by the intense wave, and he really might smell a consumed smell. The Sword step by step covered Gorr’s entire body, forestalling the intensity wave from consuming Gorr to death.

The power of the sun and stars in Rorschach’s body poured out like a flood to open the gate as he continued to explode his thermal vision. Fortunately, hundreds of suns fell into the solar dimension, quickly replenishing the yellow sun’s energy that Rorschach had used up. Even the surrounding space is distorted by the rapid rise in temperature.

The area where the Sword came into contact with the thermal vision gradually developed into a smear of red. As the red color continued to grow, the Sword gradually disintegrated.

With Rorschach’s ongoing strength, it is normally unimaginable for Rorschach’s warm vision to be substandard compared to the blood of the gods. In this manner, Rorschach’s persistent blast of warm vision can arrive at the temperature of liquefying the Necrosword.

This procedure took a long time to complete. Rorschach slowly retracted his gaze until the black liquid in front of him completely changed into a puddle of red molten iron formed when steel melted.

Rorschach’s eyes were still red, and from a distance, a lot of steam remained on Rorschach’s eyes due to the extremely high temperature. People were afraid to look at those terrifying eyes because it looked like a demon god was coming down on them.

“Is it gone? Is Gorr gone?” Ares inquired with lingering anxiety.

Thor boldly advanced to check. A pool of red liquid that was gradually cooling down in the enormous pit on the ground contained no trace of Gorr. Thor wasn’t sure what was going on for a while.

“Gorr ought to be dead. He is just like any other alien. The sword melted. Gorr should not survive in this situation.” Rorschach made sense of it.

With X-ray vision, he looked at the Necrosword. At the point when the Necrosword softened, Gorr lost the protection. Gorr, a normal alien, was instantly reduced to ashes at a temperature that could melt the Necrosword. From a molecular level, he was completely burned.

“Die well.”

Finally, Ares fell to the ground. With a deep sigh of relief, he raised his axe to his shoulders and asked, “Has the enemy been resolved? I’ll take care of the rest.”

Ares believes that since he is now the earth’s guardian, he must complete the task at hand and please the people.

The battle has long been attracting the attention of the locals. Still, the Terminator robots now keep an eye on the neighborhood’s daily security and have established a cordon to stop civilians from running to the battlefield early on.

On the other hand, Ares was interrupted by Rorschach, who stated, “No, the real enemy has not been resolved. This is just the beginning.”

These words resembled a bowl of cold water poured on the hearts of the gods present. The Necrosword in the pit quickly cooled down and returned to its original black color. It was quickly ejected, turning into a huge black liquid, and it moved toward Rorschach’s head before they could ask what happened.

Five Infinity Stones appeared on the back of Rorschach’s left hand as the massive black net surrounded him. Rorschach’s right fist slammed forward, striking the enormous black net with a single punch as the Mind Stone and the Time Stone lit up simultaneously.

The black net extended outward layer by layer, resembling water waves, as if to transfer and dissolve the entire destructive force—enough to break the space. Rorschach’s entire body was instantly encased in a massive black liquid net in a split second.

Rorschach vigorously tore the black liquid covering his body with his hand. However, despite his best efforts, he was unable to remove it from his body completely.

Rorschach’s eyes were covered in the black liquid as the thermal vision gushed out once more before reaching the temperature necessary to melt the Necrosword.

“Rorschach!” Thor swung his Stormbreaker and slashed at Rorschach as soon as he saw the scene, his scalp going numb with fear.

He was aware that the Stormbreaker would not pose any threat to Rorschach due to the body’s ability to defend itself. But the most difficult thing would be if the Necrosword took over Rorschach.

However, Thor’s Stormbreaker slashed at Rorschach with thunder’s power, releasing only a few sparks. Indeed, even the piece of black fluid covering Rorschach’s body couldn’t be cut off.

Zeus grasps the brilliant lightning, Ares holds up his axe, and Hela uses the Odinsword. Along with Thor, they surround Rorschach one after the other, frantically attacking the black liquid covering his body and exerting divine power.

These low-level gods couldn’t shake the Necrosword.

The soul was shocked when an orange stone that had grown into a liquid emerged from the Necrosword the following instant. The solar dimension gradually separates from the real world without Rorschach’s power.

“Master Rorschach!” In an effort to save Rorschach, who was covered in the black liquid, Hela gathered several ground thorns. But nothing happened to them when the ground thorns touched the black liquid.

The gods looked unwillingly at the black liquid that was silently floating in midair, but all they could do was watch as the liquid slowly faded away from their eyes.

He can’t be defeated, even if all the gods’ powers are gathered together. As a result, all they could do was watch Rorschach and the solar dimension vanish in front of them.

A Terminator robot controlled by a remote came forward to inquire about specific matters after the solar dimension had completely vanished. They all stared at the empty space in silence. They were all silent, no matter how the Terminator robot asked.

A superhero showed up on the scene quickly. In front of Thor and the other gods, a flash of silver lightning flashed from far away to near. Pietro strolled towards Thor with a relaxed speed, grasping a pack of potato chips and eating while at the same time strolling.

When he was in front of Thor, he took a gander at Thor and afterward at the sky, “What are you looking at? Seconds ago, a Terminator revealed that Rorschach and a few gods were battling an alien. I was quite recently in the Washington region managing an alien burglary. Am I late? Is Rorschach still around?”

Pietro stuffed another handful of potato chips into his mouth as he spoke, handed Thor and the others the bag of chips, and asked, “Do you want to eat?”

Thor, Zeus, Ares, Hela, and the others set their eyes on Pietro. As the four people looked at him, Pietro felt goosebumps all over his body.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Even though Rorschach is my brother-in-law and my sister is the famous Scarlet Witch, don’t look at me that way if Rorschach offends you.” Pietro, ready to run at any time, took a step back.

“Something went wrong… something big happened…” Thor took a deep breath and grabbed Pietro’s shoulder.

He then said, “Where is Wanda? Gather all the troops and superheroes quickly and notify everyone. We are in serious trouble. Act quickly! Go!”

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Published On: May 15, 2023

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