“There are a lot of books. Have you read all of them?” Queen Frigga gave a look of surprise when she heard Jerry’s response.

You must be aware that Jerry brought more than 20 magic books with him when he left the previous time. Jerry read them all in three weeks. A typical wizard would take a long time to study. On the other hand, as they talked about magic, she realized that Jerry had not only read all twenty of the books on magic but had also essentially comprehended them all.

Eventually, she was amazed. No big surprise he was so young, and after a couple of long stretches of learning magic, he previously had a capacity that was sufficient to be praised by Odin.

Albeit mankind has a short life expectancy of 100 years, there will be a couple of astounding and splendid individuals. Even the gods with a long life expectancy like them feel inferior.

“The primary goal of the Illusion Clone is to use the magical power that was taken from the World’s Tree. The idea is the same, and after that, do the magic.”

The majority of the effects of Asgard’s magic, as well as the magic Jerry has learned now, are the same, and learning the principles is only going to make the magic he has learned now stronger. It enabled him to conduct more in-depth research on the Extension Charm, which also requires the use of space theory, and laid a solid foundation for him to learn Apparition in the future.

However, there is a classification magic, which is currently missing in Jerry. That is Illusion magic, especially the Clone one.

Jerry had never been exposed to illusion magic. The Transfiguration Spell at Hogwarts is a real transformation, not an illusion. However, there are illusion spells in Morganian’s magic books, such as the one he uses frequently right now.

However, no in-depth research has been conducted on these spells. Because an illusion is an illusion, it cannot directly harm anyone or raise a magician’s level. In that part of the world, very few magicians enjoy studying this kind of magic.

On the other hand, Jerry believes that illusion, particularly Asgard’s magic, is very useful.

Making a clone during a fight can trick the enemy and gain time for him to cast magic, and the clone can save him great help in everyday activities. Even though the clone is just a fake, he can always move the main body to where the clone is if he learns Apparition in the future.

He ate some of Asgard’s local cuisine at noon. At night, Jerry brought another bunch of magic books and got back to Earth with Thor once more.

Even though Asgard does not have any modern high-rise buildings, it still has a strong exotic style and some scenery that you won’t find anywhere else.

He might take some time to explore Asgard and experience its many features when he has time. He might be able to visit other planets in the universe when he gets stronger in the future.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Belle, Jerry, Aisha, and Haas are eating dinner and watching the news on television in the living room.

“In New York, there is another superhero after the Wizard. He calls himself Thor, carries a hammer, wears a mask, and is covered in silver armor. Is it safe to say that he is actually the legendary Thor, or simply an impersonation of the legendary Thor?”

“The NYPD’s Commissioner George is here. Chief, what is your take on the presence of Thor?”

A video of Thor flying through the air with a hammer and using electricity to kill criminals is playing in the reporter’s upper right corner. The representative of the New York Police Department was a middle-aged man in a police uniform next to her.

“Hey, it’s already the 21st century. Is there anyone who doesn’t also believe in gods and science? That kind of stupidity is unacceptable. The Thor God’s armor is fitted with an advanced magnetic levitation device, but it looks like an ancient warrior’s armor.” he said half-jokingly as he picked up the microphone on the table.

“According to our experts’ monitoring, his hammer is actually just an enlarged version of the electric shock device. There may also be small flying equipment hidden behind his cloak, as sometimes things are not as complicated as you think.”

The blonde female reporter aggressively inquired, indicating that she did not believe that much, “What about The Wizard? Since there are The Wizard and Magic, for what reason gods don’t exist?”

The female reporter’s question seemed to have been anticipated by the police chief, who calmly responded, “Magic, huh? Is it true that it exists? In fact, it consists of high-tech magic effects similar to David Copperfield’s.”

“He has done tricks like flying, crossing the Great Wall, transforming into a seven-ton jet, and even transforming into the Statue of Liberty. However, is she a magician? She is simply a very skilled magician.”

The reporter felt that something wasn’t quite right about the police chief’s response, yet she didn’t have the foggiest idea how to discredit it, “In that case, why hasn’t the police department arrested The Wizard and Thor, and allowed them to use high-tech equipment to fly over New York?”

“Why arrest them? Even though they aren’t the real Thor and wizard, they did a lot to keep New York safe, you know?” The chief shook his head.

“The crime rate in New York has dropped to 70% since The Wizard came out. Thor has appeared, and he likes to fight criminals during the day. Soon, New York City will be the nation’s safest city. Do you believe we should capture The Wizard and Thor?”

For a brief moment, the reporter was speechless. When Thor first came out, he didn’t have many fans, but The Wizard has many in New York. She probably would have lost her career if she had dared to respond.

“Bullshit, magic exists, and the wizard knows how to use it!” Aisha made a furious gesture toward the chief at the dinner table.

“Aisha, who taught you to swear?” Belle asked her as soon as she looked over.

Aisha covered her mouth and pointed her arms at Haas as soon as she realized that something was wrong.

Belle looked at Haas with her eyes narrowed. The corners of Haas’ mouth twitched as she looked at her daughter’s eyes, begging for assistance, and she nodded helplessly. Jerry smiled and shook his head in recognition of this.

Already eleven years old, Aisha already knew everything she ought to know, despite the fact that she is still in elementary school. She has undoubtedly heard a lot of swear words, which is normal.

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