Hearing that Rorschach confessed that he was an alien, Rachel fell into a frenzy again.

What kind of experience is it that she picked up an alien on the way home from walking home from work?

“No! Didn’t you say that the Wayne Group made you homeless?” Rachel argued, and she looked directly at Rorschach as if she wanted to see from Rorschach’s expression whether he was lying or not.

“Yes, my planet is on the verge of extinction due to the exhaustion of resources. Before the planet exploded, my parents sent me out of my home planet in a spaceship. I slept in space for a long time until I arrived on Earth. Wayne Group’s missiles blew up my ship…”

Rorschach spoke slightly sadly, then looked at Rachel and asked, “Tell me, did the Wayne Group make me homeless?”

This story obviously applies the background of Superman. Although the Wayne Group is also involved in arms, it does not seem to use arms as the leading industry like the Stark Group.

Rorschach’s expression control is so proficient that it is impossible for Rachel to see any signs of lying from the changes in his expression.

“Even if you are an alien, you still killed people…”

“So, are you going to arrest me, Ms. Attorney?” Rorschach asked.

Rachel lowered her head. Rorschach told her that what happened tonight will refresh her views, but she can’t stop it and can only accept it passively.

Rorschach continued, adding, “Gotham is a city that cannot be cured. I, like you, hate darkness, but the difference between me and you is that I will destroy the darkness with my own hands while you need to be attached to Gotham City’s judicial system.”

“How can you prove that you can be absolutely fair and just and always represent justice?” Rachel asked rhetorically.

This is also what worries her the most. Any existence beyond control has the inevitable possibility of losing control. With the power that Rorschach has shown, if he wants to conquer the world, no one can stop him.

“Even I cannot achieve absolute fairness and justice, but I can achieve absolute justice. Destroying evil is my absolute justice.” Rorschach said firmly.

“Then what if you become an evil villain? and suddenly, one day, you are addicted to wealth and power and want to conquer the whole world?”

“Sorry, I don’t have that worldly desire.” In the Marvel Universe, Rorschach is the Ruler of Knowhere, the Protector of the Nine Realms, and the Conqueror of the Kree Empire with unlimited wealth and power.

Rorschach’s clone came to this world in order to keep getting stronger so that he could come down from the Source Wall as soon as possible, smash TOAA to death, and slaughter the entire Celestials.

Instead of playing a game of conquering the world and ruling the earth.

“Just because you don’t want to now doesn’t mean you don’t want to in the future. No one can stop you if you want to conquer the world.” Rachel seems to insist that Rorschach must have that kind of worldly desire and has been chattering in front of Rorschach about the topic of conquering the world.

Rorschach couldn’t take it anymore. He stretched out his hand to pinch Rachel’s face and then kissed it. Rorschach’s mouth covered Rachel’s small mouth, and she let out an indistinct whimper.

She beat Rorschach’s chest hard a few times, trying to break free from Rorschach’s arms, but struggled for a long time. But in vain, Rachel could only give up resistance.

Until the siren sounded in the distance.

Before Rorschach and Rachel arrived at the scene of the transaction, Rachel sent a text message to Commissioner Gordon. The matter was of great importance. Commissioner Gordon rushed back to the police station immediately after seeing the latest clue sent by Rachel. Pulled together a group of armed special police and rushed toward the location.

The sound of the siren gradually approached.

Only then did Rachel reluctantly come out of Rorschach’s arms. She didn’t continue to worry about Rorschach’s killing just now but urged, “You have to get out of here quickly. Commissioner Gordon is a good man, the best police in Gotham City. I don’t want conflict between the two of you.”

He understood what Rachel meant. She was worried that Commissioner Gordon would arrest her by force, a conflict would break out between the two sides, and then Rorschach would accidentally kill Commissioner Gordon.

“Okay, then I’ll go.” Rorschach agreed.

“Wait, are you still coming back to find me?” Rachel worried that Rorschach would leave just like that, so she asked nervously.

“Well, I will.”

Rorschach’s words were concise and to the point. At this moment, Commissioner Gordon had led people to surround the scene. He charged at the forefront and approached with a gun in his hand, “Gotham City Police Department, don’t move. Raise your hands.”

Rorschach turned his back to Commissioner Gordon, and the Necrosword extended towards Rorschach’s head, covering the upper half of Rorschach’s face, and protruding from his forehead were two triangular ears.

After covering the upper half of his face, Rorschach blinked his eyes, then jumped onto the container next to her and ran forward quickly.

“Stop! Hold still, or I’ll shoot you!”

Commissioner Gordon chased after him. He tried his best to see his figure clearly, but Rorschach was like a bat in the night, disappearing after a few jumps on the large containers around the pier.

“Damn it!”

Commissioner Gordon was furious. He remembered the back of the man in black firmly in his mind and said that he will find him again.

“Ms. Rachel, are you okay?” After losing the man in black, Commissioner Gordon returned to Rachel’s side and asked about the details of the incident.

Rachel also answered truthfully.

Except for the part about Rorschach, such as deciphering the code, it is said that she discovered it by accident and then arrived here. She discovered the transaction and was accidentally discovered by gangsters. The man in black fell from the sky and rescued her.

“Ms. Rachel, do you have any clues about the man in black who saved you? Or, can you think of his possible identity?” A police officer who took notes for Rachel asked.

“Sorry, I don’t know anything about this.” Rachel said nonsense with her eyes open.

However, these words did not arouse Commissioner Gordon’s suspicion. Gordon and Rachel have cooperated more than once. Gordon is very clear about Rachel’s character and is definitely not the kind of woman who condones criminals.

“Although it seems that the man in black rescued Rachel, this man in black killed all twelve gang members and eight others present. He is a very dangerous individual. He must be reported immediately and listed as one of the criminals. Once found, shoot him dead immediately.” Commissioner Gordon said in a trembling voice, looking at the corpses on the ground.

“Commissioner Gordon, maybe…I mean maybe, guns won’t work on the man in black. Look at this.”

The police officer picked up a deflated bullet from the ground with tweezers. The bullet seemed to hit the iron wall and was instantly squeezed into this appearance by a powerful force. There are many bullets like this on the ground.

“God, how did that man in black do it?” Commissioner Gordon gasped again.


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Published On: May 21, 2023

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