This golden light stung Knull’s eyes. His figure stepped back a few steps, roaring and pulling the darkness in the abyss, eroding the light on Rorschach.

“Who are you? God of Light?” Knull felt that Rorschach was his nemesis.

Rorschach stood, the light on his body gradually restrained. When the light was shining just now, even the part of the Necrosword that Rorschach had captured was curled up in a corner of Rorschach’s body and trembling. It seemed that under the shining of the golden light, it might be wiped out at any time.

In the Kryptonian bloodline, the fifth-level level is already the limit of ordinary Kryptonians, but with the help of the system, Rorschach broke through the fifth level and reached a higher level.

After upgrading to the Infinite Kryptonian bloodline, Rorschach felt as if he had infinite possibilities. The shortcomings of those Kryptonians have been made up for, and neither Kryptonite nor the red sun will weaken their own strength.

The Kryptonian’s advantage was further strengthened. Rorschach felt as if a sun had been born in his body, and countless cells were frantically absorbing the power of the sun in his body, constantly evolving towards a higher level.

The next stage should be Golden Superman.

Golden Superman does not refer to Superman in the golden age of DC, but the highest evolution of Superman.

The power of the Golden Superman has reached the level of the multiverse. It is higher than Cosmic Armor Superman.

“I am not the God of Light, I am Rorschach, the God of Destruction, and I will destroy all the darkness in the world, and you, Knull, what awaits you is the judgment of destruction!” Rorschach restrained all the light in his body, slowly took a step forward, his body suddenly crossed a distance of several thousand meters, and teleported to Knull in front of him.

He waved his right fist lightly, as if he was casually greeting a friend. But such a seemingly harmless punch, in the eyes of Knull seemed to be smashing towards him like a planet burning with raging flames. Knull’s figure retreated again, and he roared in horror.

The surrounding abyss seemed to be repelling Rorschach, and countless darkness blocked Rorschach’s way. However, no matter how the world blocked it, the moment Rorschach’s punch landed, it seemed that there was an invisible big hand sweeping away the surrounding darkness in an instant.

The dark abyss trembled slightly. Knull held the Necrosword with both hands, and received Rorschach’s punch heavily. He felt like an ant trying to block a heavy armored vehicle. Under the torrent of steel, he was crushed to pieces.

“Why…why did you suddenly become so strong?”

Knull spit out a large mouthful of black blood again, his eyes stared at Rorschach frantically, and the Necrosword in his hand slashed at Rorschach’s body with all his strength.

Rorschach stood, allowing Knull to slash him with the Necrosword. Before the Kryptonian blood was upgraded, he was slashed by the Necrosword a few times, and there were still a few blood marks on the skin. Now that the Kryptonian blood has been upgraded to the infinite level, his body is resistant to it.

Looking at Rorschach, who couldn’t be cut by the Necrosword, Knull went completely insane.

Why is it different from what he thought?

Knull certainly didn’t know that the problem was in the Soul Stone he discarded casually, and he couldn’t attribute Rorschach’s sudden change to the Soul Stone that lost all its power.

After all, in the abyss, the Infinity Stones should have lost all their functions.

“There is no reason, because I am Rorschach, God of Destruction!”

While speaking, Rorschach suddenly raised his left hand, grabbed the sword in Knull’s hand, clenched his fist with his right hand, and punched Knull’s chest lightly. Knull’s face sank, and he stepped back, but the Necrosword in his hand could not break free from Rorschach’s hand.

Knull turned the sword into liquid armor, covered himself, and put on a defensive posture, intending to forcibly resist Rorschach’s punch. The next moment, Rorschach’s fist landed.

Accompanied by a cracking sound, Knull only felt a world fall on him.

The terrifying power penetrated the armor transformed from the Sword, and passed it to Knull, and Knull spewed out a mouthful of blood again, obviously seriously injured. Before Knull could recover from the power of this punch, Rorschach threw another punch.

At this moment, Knull only felt that in all directions. The sky and the ground were all filled with Rorschach’s fists. Countless fist shadows bombarded him from different angles, dense like rain, unable to avoid it.

A crisp cracking sound suddenly sounded. There was a crack s, and then the crack continued to expand, and finally spread to the whole body.

Rorschach yelled loudly, grasped the black liquid on Knull body with both hands, and tore it hard. Knull’s part of the Necrosword was instantly shattered, and even Knull’s thin body was directly dismembered by Rorschach.

However, Knull’s vitality is strong, even if he was dismembered, he did not die immediately. The dark energy in the abyss surged from all directions, constantly repairing Knull’s injury.

“Your sword is mine…”

As soon as Rorschach raised his hand, that part of his Necrosword immediately turned into a python, devouring the fragments of black liquid that Rorschach shattered from Knull’s body.

“Do not…” Knull, who was dismembered by Rorschach, wanted to stop him, but just as he was about to fight back, Rorschach’s eyes turned red.

Two fiery rays of light gushed out, burning Knull bit by bit.

He still couldn’t understand why Rorschach suddenly became so powerful.

Knull turned into ashes in the abyss.

Rorschach stood in the void of the abyss. Right arm is wrapped around a mass of black liquid. That is the Necrosword. Before Rorschach attempted to seize control of the Necrosword, but Knull found him and stopped it in time, causing the sword to be split in two.

Now that Rorschach has killed Knull, the sword turned it into a complete ‘full’ Necrosword again.

Rorschach controlled the Necrosword with his mind, and attached it to his dimensional battle suit. His eyes turned to the abyss. When Rorschach was chasing Knull before, he saw an infinitely vast multiverse. It seems that there is more than one similar abyss.

These so-called abysses, in Rorschach’s view, are more like leading to a world that is diametrically opposed to the current normal multiverse.

“If Knull defeats me, he will definitely pull my universe into the abyss without any hindrance. Behind the abyss, there should be a universe swallowed by Symbiotes.”

“The Celestials opened up the world of light, created the universe, awakened Knull. After being awakened by the Celestials, Knull drew the Necrosword from the abyss, beheaded a Celestial, beheaded the gods, devoured countless universes, and pulled it into the abyss.”

Rorschach looked at the depths of the abyss, and shook his head helplessly. With his current strength, he still can’t seal the abyss, let alone stop all of this. All Rorschach can do now is to protect his own universe.

“It’s time to go back.” Rorschach turned around and flew out of the abyss.

When he flew to the junction of the black and crystal-like space barriers, Rorschach knew that further on, it was the scope of the multiverse.

“The space crack when I came here is gone…”

Rorschach stands in front of the crystal-like multiverse space barrier. If this space barrier is like a sparkling sea, Rorschach’s existence is like a speck of dust in the sea.

“I feel like I’m so lost…” Looking around, the surroundings all looked the same, and it was impossible to tell which direction he came from just now.

Rorschach glanced at the Infinity Stones on the back of his hand. “It’s a pity that the Time Stone can’t be used.”

Thinking in his heart, Rorschach’s eyes lit up when he looked at the Infinity Stone.

“But as long as I can get close to my universe, Infinity Stones will draw power from my universe again. So as long as I feel the power changes of Infinity Gems, I should be able to find my way back.” Rorschach thought about this method, and when he felt it was feasible, he acted immediately.

He raised his fist, and punched hard at the crystal-like space barrier in front of him.

With the crisp sound of the glass mirror shattering, the crystal mirror-like space barrier in front of Rorschach suddenly shattered, and he stepped across this layer of space and entered the opposite world.

This is a dead world. Looking around, in the vast universe, there is not a living thing on any planet, and even in this universe, there are not many planets. The only remaining planets are scattered in the entire universe.

There was a dead silence.

After all, this universe is right next to the abyss, and it seems to be being swallowed by the abyss little by little. Maybe in a short time, maybe a few hundred years, or tens of thousands of years, this universe will be completely swallowed by the abyss. It is naturally impossible for any higher life to exist.

Rorschach did not stay too long in this universe, and continued to smash the barriers of space to go to the next universe. Traveling through nearly a hundred universes in a row, Rorschach basically encountered this kind of ‘dead’ universe.

Rorschach continues to travel across the universe.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred…

A thousand, ten thousand…

At the beginning, Rorschach felt fresh because of traveling through the universe. As he saw more and more universes, Rorschach gradually became numb. Because most of the universe is in a state of ‘death’.

It seems that every world is destined to end in destruction from the beginning of its birth. Every world will encounter countless catastrophes, Thanos snapped his fingers, Celestials, Symbiotes, Galactus, etc…

Maybe the story of the superhero successfully saving the world is just a sad survivor bias. Rorschach didn’t know how many times he broke the space barrier.

After punching again, the six Infinity Stones on the back of Rorschach’s hand unexpectedly burst into a faint ray of light.


Rorschach murmured, with a hoarse voice in his mouth. He felt that he hadn’t spoken for a long, long time. When he saw the Infinity Stones light up, Rorschach realized that he was very close to his own.

A space crack spreading across dozens of universes suddenly shattered, and Rorschach quickly got into it. After a while, Rorschach returned to his original position.

“This is wrong.” Although he was looking in the opposite direction, Rorschach still had a bright smile on his face. He turned around and punched out, and the space barrier was shattered again.

Just as Rorschach was about to get into the crack, his body froze suddenly. Because he saw a planet-sized figure through the space crack, the whole body was blue, and the chest, hands and feet were covered with yellow armor.

His face was somewhat illusory, even Rorschach couldn’t see through it.

That is a Celestial.

If it was an ordinary Celestial, Rorschach would not care at all at the moment, and would even pull out the Necrosword directly, to experience the feeling of Knull beheading the head of a Celestial back then.

However, the Celestial in front of him exudes a more powerful aura than Arishem and Exitar.

The Celestial who can exude the multiverse level, Rorschach was the first to think of the identity of the other party.

The leader of all Celestials, The One Above All.

When Rorschach looked at the leader of the Celestials, he seemed to have noticed him.

HE saw that planet-sized body slowly turning around, and a pair of eyes that could see everything appeared in the illusory face, looking straight at Rorschach.

Just such a look made Rorschach feel his heart beating wildly. An indescribable sense of crisis welled up in his heart. Rorschach thought he was invincible below the multiverse level after upgrading his Kryptonian bloodline to the infinite level.

But Rorschach has not yet reached the level of the multiverse. Unless Rorschach can integrate his solar dimension into the entire universe, then he will barely reach the threshold of the multiverse level.

As for the leader of the Celestials that Rorschach is facing at the moment, this is a genuine multiverse powerhouse. With just a few gestures, a terrifying existence in the universe can be destroyed.

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Published On: May 18, 2023

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