“Move forward!” Jerry gave Norbert an order.

Norbert immediately advanced two steps.

“Two back steps!” Norbert retreated two steps.

It was a little perplexed as to why it listened to him so much after retreating after the Contract Magic had been completed. Not only can Jerry know everything that Norbert is thinking, but he can also give him orders if he wants to, and as long as the order comes from Jerry, Norbert will always follow it.

“Alright, we should proceed.” Jerry put Norbert through a series of tests in the following time period to determine whether or not he really had complete obedience to any of his instructions.

The previously agreed-upon roast lamb has not been consumed after an hour. He instructed him to roll forward, backward, and hop on one foot.

Sun Lok, who had been standing aside for the entire time, finally couldn’t bear to see it at this point. He told Jerry as he stepped forward and touched Norbert’s head with a distressed expression, “As long as the contract magic is successful, there has never been an uncontrolled situation, so you don’t have to worry so much.”

Norbert witnessed Sun Lok’s arrival at this time, who cared for him every day like a mother.

“Okay, I’m just trying it out and teaching Norbert. As you can see, he only eats once a day, and he will quickly become fat.” Jerry waved his hand in recognition of this and threw the roasted lamb in front of Norbert.

It’s not that he’s overly cautious. Rather, what he’s saying is that it’s okay for Norbert to be like that for now. However, his destructive power will be very serious once he becomes an adult. Everything in his suitcase will suffer if it spirals out of control.

Norbert bit and swallowed the succulent roast lamb as soon as he saw it.

“This guy will be fat and wouldn’t be able to fly later.” Jerry said with a helpless head shake.


“These robots are able to fly, but the way they fly is not flexible enough. Morgana’s magic could take them down easily.” Balthazar gave the twelve flying robots a worried look as he stood on the outskirts of New York.

He believes that the flame propellers behind and under these robotic soldiers enable them to fly. Even though they can move quickly in a straight line, they can’t move around quite easily. It is easy to be shot down by magic as long as you know the flight’s path.

Additionally, these robots lack magic protection and have very low resistance. It’s possible that the twelve robots will be crushed to pieces by Morgana’s level of magic before they can get any closer.

“This cannot be avoided. You stated that these robots’ anti-aircraft guns and bullets are ineffective against her.” Additionally, Jerry is aware of the robot soldiers’ weaknesses.

These robots can still be very useful in using machine guns in the air to take advantage of group fights if the opponent is a wizard with a physical body.

Unfortunately, Morgana is merely a soul. All other physical attacks, with the exception of close-up electric shock control, are ineffective. Jerry, Dave, and Balthazar have been perfecting the attack strategy over the past few days in preparation for Morgana’s release.

As the most remarkable dark wizard ever, Balthazar should be cautious. After seeing the robot warriors’ flight examples, he quickly raised questions.

Balthazar took a few steps back and forth after hearing Jerry’s response before suddenly turning to Jerry and saying, “Maybe, we can put wings on them.”

“Put wings?” Jerry’s expression was one of bewilderment.

“Do you know what is the best magic I used before I invented the Lightning Ball?” Balthazar asked as he proudly raised his head.

“Transmutation Magic?” Jerry’s heart sank as he realized what Balthazar meant when he conjured up the enormous iron eagle and suddenly remembered it.

Additionally, he is aware that Transmutation Magic cannot be directly transformed into combat power. While studying with Sun Lok at the time, he learned a little about Transmutation Magic.

“Look, let’s find something that can act as wings.”

Twenty steel plates were brought back to the suburbs by Jerry and Balthazar. He pressed two steel plates onto No.  1’s back while chanting a spell.

The two steel plates began to slowly melt and deform as the spell worked, eventually becoming two enormous steel wings that were magically attached to No. 1’s entire back.

Balthazar extended his hand and patted the robot soldier on the back as the steel wings were formed. The robot soldier and steel wings were immediately enveloped in an odd wave of magic power.


“Number one, how would you feel?” Jerry asked in haste when he heard that Balthazar had completed the magic for the first pair of wings to No. 1.

At this time, No. 1 can convey and talk ordinarily.

“I feel significantly better.”

The steel wings violently flapped and immediately rose like a large bird. Right now, the robot fighter didn’t utilize the fire engine. His flight was completely from the fluttering of the sets of steel wings behind him. There are times when magic is truly magical.

No matter how large the steel wings are, it is impossible to take off by flapping like real wings, according to scientific principles, and the robot soldiers themselves are not light.

However, magic is so absurd. The robot soldier was flying up like a huge bird at this point, and it was very nimble as it circled and changed directions in the air, like Balthazar’s iron eagle, which had a whole body made of steel.

“It appears that I will study it further in the future.” Jerry made a secret decision when he saw the robot soldiers flapping their wings in the air.

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