It turned out that Jane graduated from Culver University with a doctorate in astrophysics. In order to research the strange celestial phenomena that had been discovered in New Mexico, she temporarily rented a house in Old Bridge Town.

Darcy is a female assistant and student about to graduate from the university. She initially came to assist. Regarding Professor Erik, he was originally from New York and was invited by Jane to assist with research in Old Bridge Town.

Thor’s appearance and the Rainbow Bridge explain the astrophysical phenomenon she is studying, so her research findings cannot be published because they involve Asgard.

As a result, she also intends to pack up, move back into the house, and go back to New York. Thor, who is currently experiencing intense love, will do the same.

He looked at the address on the note and immediately wrote down the number after taking the note. “Alright, I’m also in New York. So I’ll be closer, and if you’d like, we could meet frequently.”

Because Thor is also in New York, finding him in the future will be simpler. Thor is the only person on Earth who is aware of Jerry’s true identity, and Jerry enjoys getting along with him. At least he doesn’t have to hide who he is when he stays with Thor.

Thor’s strength is the most important thing. On the off chance that he truly meets a strong enemy, with Thor’s help, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Jerry clearly had a positive impression of him.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. plane also flew over Old Bridge Town as Jerry said his goodbyes to Thor and Jane.

“OK, I’m leaving. See you in New York.” Jerry shouted as he rode a broom into the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane while waving to the two of them.

“Goodbye!” Jane was wrapped in Thor’s arms as he waved to Jerry, who flew off.

Jerry’s mission in New Mexico has ended since then. Despite the fact that it was a touch of difficult work, it gave him a lot of things.

He had been back from New Mexico for three weeks. Jerry focused on the magic book he brought back from Asgard during this time. He finally figured out, roughly, what the magic in this world is like after doing a lot of research.

It turns out that none of the world’s magicians use their own magical abilities. They use a variety of magical techniques after obtaining power from higher-level gods.

Jerry is different from them. Because Jerry meditates using wizards’ blood to transform the energy of the outside world into a unique magic power, stores it in the body, and then uses magic to release it in a variety of forms,

The bodies of all the mages in this world cannot store magic power. They can only use leasing or signing contracts to borrow power from powerful beings to cast magic. Contracts of this kind are not free. When you borrow power through magic, there will be something in return.

However, there is no difference in how magic is used or understood; the principles of magic are the same. He also greatly benefited from the magical theories regarding illusion, transformation, and space when he read the Asgard magic book.

In other words, Jerry can use the Asgard magic once he learns it. But before he can upgrade it, he needs to fine-tune how he uses it, switching from using magic power from the World’s Tree to using magic power from himself.

It actually requires a specific measure of exertion. Modifying and stabilizing magic is not an easy task. Fortunately, he has also dealt with this situation before. The past involvement with making the Fire Dragon Spell and streamlining different wizardry can likewise prove to be useful right now.

Jerry made an abrupt discovery after carefully considering it.

That is, he shares many similarities with the gods of this world. However, he is currently unable to match the gods’ and his body’s magic power. But they all have their own power and get stronger by taking on power from their followers.

Maybe, when he becomes strong in the future, he can also learn from these gods by giving away his magic to other people and allowing them to return twice or thrice. This is not much faster than him doing his own meditation.

After all, the records in the Asgard magic book say that the gods are an eternal existence that transcends dimensions.

In this context, immortality does not refer to longevity but rather to the inability to be killed. It might be crushed, detained, or removed, but it can’t be totally killed. They are even more terrifying and potent in their respective dimensions.

He is capable of becoming a god, but it will take time.

“It’s almost time to go back to Asgard with Thor. It’s been three weeks.” In the first part of the day, in the classroom, Jerry shut the magic book, cast a Disillusionment Charm, and discreetly left the school.

Jerry uses magic once more to skip class on the first day of school after the Christmas break. Jerry read all of the magic books he brought from Asgard the previous time in three weeks.

However, there is still a significant gap in the magic system, and there are numerous aspects of the book that he is unable to comprehend independently. As a result, he decided to ask Thor to accompany him to Asgard today in order to meet Queen Frigga.

Jerry knocked on the window glass on the Ninth Floor of the Faculty Dorm at Culver University.

Jerry saw Thor in his pajamas, happily drinking beer, eating cheese, and watching television through the window. It turned out to be “Friends.”.

“Jerry, do you want a beer? Come here!” Thor quickly got up from the sofa, laughed, and ran over to the window to see Jerry riding a broom outside.

“Thor, don’t call me by my real name in here.” Jerry jumped through the window into the living room and asked Thor a second time.

“Don’t worry, buddy. I understand. Only us two are present right now.” Thor consumed the entire bottle of beer.

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Published On: May 15, 2023

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