Before regaining her composure at the dinner table, Belle screamed at Haas and instructed him to refrain from swearing in front of the children in the future. The TV’s screen changed at this point, and it began to immediately cut to fight videos of Thor fighting during the day to stop crimes.

Jerry and Thor fight in completely different ways. He is more destructive and violent. Jerry is basically someone who casts a Stunning Charm and a Sleeping Charm when they spot a crime in the air. There is no way for ordinary people to resist his magic.

He prefers to dodge and sneak attack rather than confront directly when he encounters more powerful criminals. In any case, Thor was unique. He dropped from the sky with a hammer in his hand and sent individuals flying with a kick or just kicked them in the air.

When the enemy has relatively strong firepower, he also holds the hammer directly in front of him, and the bullets do not even scratch his armor. As a result, whenever Thor ends a crime, the criminal suffers a bad injury, and the damage to the surrounding area will be relatively significant.

“Jerry, if you ever find yourself in a situation like this again, run away. The most important thing is safety.” Belle informed Jerry after watching some TV videos.

Even though she was aware that Jerry was a very brave and righteous child, she insisted that he not be involved in such perilous activities at such a young age.

“I understand.” Jerry also recovered from his thoughts after being reminded by Belle.

He was just thinking about the police department chief’s outright denial of magic and gods. They appeared unprepared to inform the general public about Asgard and the existence of magic. Even if many citizens have guessed, the issue won’t be too big as long as the government doesn’t want to admit it.

However, Jerry actually finds nothing wrong with it. It will not affect his earning of a red star, regardless of whether he is a wizard or a magician, and this kind of thing will not be hidden for long. The citizens will know it all when Thanos’ army arrives.

“Thor, on the other hand, is quite a cool individual.” Jerry was also a little speechless when he saw Thor holding a hammer and posing for the camera in a few flirtatious poses after solving the jewelry store robbery.

“In fact, I think it’s great to have superheroes like Thor and The Wizard. At least I can leave work on time every day, and citizens’ safety is also ensured.” Haas sipped on the soup.

Even though the police station was in chaos following The Wizard’s appearance, the workload decreased. However, The Wizard mostly operates at night. They are still quite active during the day.

There is currently Thor, who tends to perform during the day. Jerry couldn’t help but secretly nod when he heard Haas say that. It is true that tricking Thor into thinking he is a superhero works.

He tricked Thor into becoming a superhero at the time, partly out of fear that he would stay home and watch TV every day to avoid Odin calling him back and partly out of a desire to improve the daytime law and order in New York.

Under normal circumstances, you may not encounter any danger in your life as a police officer, particularly as the sheriff of the police station. But this is the Marvel universe, and it’s possible that some scientist will create a monster, a witch, an alien, a demon, etc.

After dinner, Jerry just returned to his room. The double-sided mirror at his waist, which he had concealed with the illusion spell, suddenly emitted a wave of magic. He immediately had thought that S.H.I.E.L.D had fixed those robots. He grabbed the suitcase and jumped in.

Jerry connected the double-sided mirror’s magic connection. Coulson’s face showed up in the mirror after some time.

“All of your robot soldiers have already been fixed and put back together, Miss Wizard. Should we deliver them to you, or do you want to pick them up yourself?” A row of brand-new robot soldiers was visible behind Coulson as he moved away from the mirror.

After giving it some thought, Jerry responded, “Don’t bother. I can pick it up myself. Is it still the same location as before?”

“The location has changed, but it is still in that area, and the new coordinates are at…” Coulson pulled the distance between his face and the mirror once more out of concern that Jerry would not hear him.

“I see. I’ll be right away.” Before Jerry could finish speaking, Crookshanks’ meowing at his feet abruptly interrupted him.

It turned out that Norbert was chasing Crookshanks, and as soon as he saw Jerry, he ran over to complain. As he watched as it had grown to the size of a small house, Norbert chased Crookshanks toward him while spraying small flames.

After initially shaking his head helplessly, Jerry used his wand to create a thick rope that temporarily bound Norbert’s legs.

“Who’s fault that you scratched him when he was small? Now you can’t beat him.” Jerry reached out and gave Crookshanks a hug as he used the Levitation Charm to raise the mirror in the air with a wave of his wand.

Norbert shuddered his wings and thundered at Jerry, as though he needed to come up and give Jerry a little fire.

Animals like dragons are normally vicious. There is no guarantee that they will not attack you, even if they have been raised from childhood.

“I hear a cat meowing and a roar that sounds like a dinosaur?” Coulson paid attention to the voice from the mirror, with a confounded look all over.

Jerry apologized, saying, “Sorry, I was just watching a new movie. It’s the newest Jurassic Park movie.”

He immediately returns to the subject, following an explanation, saying, “Okay, let’s just say that I’ll be there in a while.”

The mirror went dark as they ended the communication.

Jerry knew that learning the magic of dragon training had to be put on the agenda as soon as possible after looking at Norbert. It is anticipated that in two months, Norbert will be able to spray powerful dragon flames.

At this point, Norbert has gradually been able to spray small flames. The villa in this suitcase will easily be destroyed if he is not able to control it by then completely.

Coulson murmured on the other end, watching the mirror get darker, “There’s a new Jurassic movie? Why haven’t I heard about it? and British architectural style. Where in New York is that?”

It turned out that Coulson happened to look behind him through the double-sided mirror when Jerry bent over to hug Crookshanks just then.

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