They sat down and started talking after exchanging pleasantries. In the past six months, after he returned home, Jerry briefly discussed a few topics. It was his daily life with Haas, Aisha, and others, but the location was changed to England.

Dave and Balthazar also talked about what they had been up to since Jerry left. The two lived calmly for half a year. Basically, Balthazar taught Dave to train and learn different magic to work on his strength.

“Let me show you my Lightning Ball, Jerry!”

In the lab, Dave got up enthusiastically while talking and started to show Jerry his half-year learning results. A Lightning Ball the size of a fist immediately formed when Dave joined his hands. The target practice used in the laboratory was immediately crushed into pieces with a push.

“Oh, that’s not too bad!” Jerry gave Dave a thumbs-up after observing his magic.

It only took him half a year to practice magic to this level, as was to be expected from a protagonist who had no idea what magic was. Even Jerry’s current magic is only half as strong as Dave’s.

Reviewing that when he left this world previously, the magic utilized by Dave was just the size of a ping pong ball, and it was truly unstable, frequently hitting himself when using it.

He recalled once hitting his balls while Dave was distracted during practice. He might have lost his children and grandchildren if Jerry hadn’t used the Quick Healing Charm at that time. Balthazar shook his head as he observed Dave cast the Lightning Ball.

“Assuming that you invest half of the energy learning magic as opposed to investing additional time with your girlfriend, with your ability, the magic power would be twice than your current one.”

Dave heard this and replied, “I will work hard!”

“Dave, have you seen your crush lately?” At the point when Jerry heard it, he promptly thought about the girl Dave referenced previously, the girl he had eyes with since school, and later he met her again in college.

“Yes, I used magic to save her after her bag was stolen, and now we are together.” Dave answered happily.

Jerry immediately picked up on what he was saying, and Balthazar’s anger was understandable.

Balthazar discovered Dave. He wanted to save Veronica and carry out Merlin’s final wish to destroy Morgana. However, Balthazar’s love for Veronica has not changed after over a thousand years.

Balthazar must have met a lot of different women. However, he is extremely loyal, which Jerry admired. At the very least, Jerry thought that he might not be able to do it if it were him.

“By the way, Jerry. How is your level at this point? How many levels as a wizard do you currently have?” Balthazar asked Jerry with some hope when he suddenly came up with something.

“I haven’t really tested it.” Jerry was away for eight months. He was in Hogwarts for half a year and had also been in the Marvel world for over two months.

He has been practicing meditation almost every night for the past eight months. Occasionally, he would turn on his “Refreshing” to speed up the process. But he didn’t really test his level specifically because the schedule was too full, and there were too many things to do.

However, he had the impression that the amount of magic power in his body at the present time was significantly higher than it had been eight months prior. He even feels that his current magic power is definitely greater than the typical adult wizard because the wizard blood in his body has fully developed now and because he has meditated.

“Allow me to test it.” Balthazar walked over to Jerry’s side, rubbed his hand, closed his eyes, and started to feel it.

After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes, looked dazed at Jerry, and exclaimed, “Unbelievable, how did you level up so quickly? In addition to your ability to learn magic, you are extremely talented at meditation.”

“What level is Jerry?” As of now, Dave was interested in Balthazar’s demeanor and asked rapidly.

“If The Dragon Ring hadn’t chosen Dave, I would have thought you were the one who Merlin foretold. You have reached level 200.” Balthazar said, glancing back at Jerry.

“Level 200?” When Jerry heard the words, he wasn’t particularly surprised. He might not have been able to reach 170 levels in eight months if he had only meditated.

The reason why he made such a major advancement was quite connected with his wizard blood. Because the initial effect of meditation practice is not to boost his magic power but rather to cultivate his own wizard blood, the magic power will be added when the wizard’s blood fully develops.

As a result, it is estimated that the magic power produced by his wizard blood itself accounts for 150 out of the 170 levels he has reached.

“Level 200. I was not expecting this.”

Balthazar’s eyes sparkled right away. Balthazar’s original strategy was to train Dave to at least the same level as him, let Morgana go, and then kill Morgana together and rescue Veronica.

However, Dave’s current progress, coupled with his attending college and having a girlfriend. It is anticipated that he will be unable to carry out his plan in ten or eight years.

Balthazar could bear the loneliness until he found Dave. But now that he has found him, the possibility of success is directly in front of him, and the thousand years of waiting and loneliness have suddenly come to an end.

Now that they’ve separated for thousands of years, he wants to kill Morgana as soon as possible and meet his lover. He was able to carry out the plan ahead of schedule, thanks to Jerry’s appearance.

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