“Indeed. However, this magic isn’t practical. Those common animals are too fragile and short-lived. Learning Transmutation Magic is more useful.”

Balthazar believes that the large iron eagle he casually transmutes is more powerful and convenient than contracting animals.

“Teacher, I am very interested in this ancient magic.”

Obviously, ordinary animals are useless in this world. However, the various dragons and magical animals with a variety of abilities in “Harry Potter” can play a significant role if they are used effectively.

Dementors are the guardians of Azkaban, which the Patronus Charm can only drive out.

After upgrading the space in that suitcase to be as big as Newt’s suitcase, he can hire an entire army of magical animals using Contract Magic.

Thunderbirds, Dementors, and dragons will all be soaring through the air at that point. Acromantulas, giants, trolls, and other creatures will be everywhere. To think about it is quite exciting.

Plus, he might open other worlds later on and perhaps meet a lot more impressive magical animals. He thinks that he can quickly increase his strength once he learns this Contract Magic.

However, in order to contract so many magical creatures, at the very least, his mental and magic power must be sufficient.

Balthazar stopped trying to dissuade Jerry because he could tell that he really wanted to learn and promised to teach him the Contract Magic when he had time. Contract magic is a form of spiritual and soul-power-based magic, which is why it is not straightforward.

The difficulty is comparable to the magic of absorbing souls. He discouraged Jerry from learning this kind of magic because of this.

Inside the suitcase, twenty days later.

Jerry chanted intricate spells and created magical patterns in the air with his fingers. He was presented with very intricate Contract Magic runes shortly thereafter.

“It is extremely complex enough. I finally succeeded in displaying it after so much training.” For twenty days, he invested most of his energy considering and learning this magic, and he has mastered it up until now.

The difficulty of this Contract Magic is one of the most difficult of the many he has learned if not for the “Refreshing” and the Ring of Merlin, and the fact that he had picked up a lot of new magic principles from the magic he had encountered in Asgard in the past.

He was able to master the magic in just twenty days.

Balthazar knew from experience that many wizards had to learn for four or five years before they could even begin to use such difficult magic. Jerry also discovered that he was constantly expanding his magical knowledge and theoretical scope, which was very helpful.

He could quickly pick up a lot of simple magic right now. If it is more convoluted and troublesome, he can rapidly dominate it in a brief time frame. He sometimes gets the impression that he is getting closer to understanding the world as he controls magic more.

He even contemplated whether the gods who controlled the dimensions that he found in the Asgard magic book could control a dimension and become godlike beings since they had an adequate comprehension of the world and the universe.

“Since I have learned it, time to test it out.”

Jerry turned his attention to Norbert, who was gnawing on the cow’s bones, as he looked at the Contract Runes that had been successfully drawn in front of him. Jerry turned to look at Norbert.

Even though Norbert is only a little over a year old, he already knows he is the last person he wants to mess with because he will use a few magical spells on him whenever he is being naughty.

Norbert turned around and continued to gnaw the bone. Jerry walked slowly in front of Norbert while maintaining control of the Contract and smiling tenderly.

“Come stamp this, Norbert. You will be mine after the stamp is finished.”

Norbert held the bone in his mouth and checked out at Jerry with a malevolent demeanor all over. He subconsciously stepped back, even though he had no idea what he was talking about.

He snapped his right hand in the direction of the animal coop after noticing Norbert’s obvious lack of cooperation. Jerry snapped his fingers, and a goat in the fence suddenly flew up. A kitchen knife cut his throat in midair, and the goat was then put on the lawn bonfire to roast, resulting in a delicious, whole lamb.

“Look, Norbert. As long as you stamp it, you can keep your favorite roasted whole lamb. How about it?”

Norbert began to salivate as he examined the succulent whole lamb that had been roasted.

It slowly moved forward after repeatedly hesitating, but it immediately retreated before Jerry was ready to begin the contract. His instinct advised him that it was best not to move.

“Wow, you really don’t want to cooperate, huh?”

Jerry gave Norbert a look as he observed his refusal to cooperate. For Contract Magic to succeed, the other party must consent. Jerry could only give Norbert the other way because he didn’t want to do that.

Jerry was about to cast a spell to explain the situation to Norbert when Norbert appeared to have noticed something and stepped forward, putting the dragon’s head in Jerry’s face.

The instinct once more reminded him of the dragon that if he didn’t do it now, it would be even worse than now.

“Nice!” Jerry was overjoyed to see Norbert’s submissive appearance.

Contract Magic Runes to the size of a palm and lightly press them against Norbert’s palm, and the runes that keep turning suddenly sink into the palm. Jerry and Norbert closed their eyes simultaneously after a flash of brilliant magic light.

Jerry’s mouth corners showed a faint smile when he opened his eyes once more. Because he could feel Norbert’s thoughts at this moment, indicating that the contract was a success.

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