In the manor of the Falcone family.

Carmine Falcone is in his room, pacing back and forth with a phone.

“I have already sent someone to deal with her, don’t worry. I have already bribed the congressman and the Gotham Police Chief, and there will be no problems with the subsequent transactions…”

A deep voice came from the other end of the phone, “Not only her but also the guy code-named The Dark Knight. He may hinder our next transaction. Before that, I hope you can properly get rid of that Dark Knight.”

“But I heard that the Dark Knight can fly into the sky and escape from the ground and is invulnerable…”

Before Carmine Falcone could finish speaking, a mocking voice came from the other end of the phone, “Do you believe this kind of nonsense? What is invulnerable? I know that a powerful samurai can split bullets fired at high speed with a knife, and even you can stand against an army armed to the teeth with your own power. But no matter how powerful a warrior is, he is still made of flesh and blood, and as long as a bullet hits his head, he will definitely die.”

“I understand. I will also solve the Dark Knight. But we must talk about the price.” Carmine Falcone said.

“You are not qualified to negotiate the price with me now. Get rid of the Dark Knight and prove your ability. Because plenty of people will want to make more deals.” After finishing speaking, the other end of the phone hung up the phone roughly.

Carmine Falcone’s face was sour, and there was a lot of anger in his head that he couldn’t vent.

The gang controlled by the Falcone family is one of the old gangs in Gotham City. However, in recent years, the forces in Gotham City have continued to emerge, and even the four major crime families of Gotham City have also begun to intervene.

This made the Falcone family feel a lot of pressure. These days, it’s almost out of control.

“It’s getting late. When do you plan to go to bed?” A lady with a charming figure, wearing pink tulle pajamas, with her plump curves looming.

The lady twisted her waist, walked slowly to the door of the study, and knocked lightly on the door frame. Carmine Falcone turned his head to look, and a smile appeared on his stern face like a knife.

The lady in front of him is his wife.

“A little bit longer. Is Wilkin back?”

Wilkin is Carmine Falcone’s most capable man. Tonight, Carmine is sending Wilkin to lead a group of gangsters to get rid of Rachel Dawes.

The lady shook her head, “Not yet. Has something happened?”

“Has he not come back yet?” Carmine Falcone frowned. It stands to reason that dealing with a weak woman living alone would not take such a long time.

Just as Carmine was wondering, there was a sudden sharp cracking sound in the sky, and then the ground trembled slightly as if something had fallen from the sky into the courtyard of Falcone Manor. Carmine and the lady quickly walked to the window and looked out at the yard through the window.

It was dark at the moment, but the movement outside caught the attention of the guards, and several lights were concentrated in the courtyard.

He saw a figure wearing a black cloak appearing in the yard of the manor, and under the feet of that figure, there seemed to be a circle of cracked lines.

“The Dark Knight?” The moment he saw this figure, Falcone couldn’t help thinking of the name Dark Knight in his mind.

Before he could figure out how the Dark Knight appeared in his manor, the guards in the yard had already stepped forward with guns and surrounded the figure as if they would not hesitate if the figure made any move and shoot it blindly.

The Falcone family controls one of the largest gangs in Gotham. They make countless enemies on weekdays. Naturally, the manor is guarded by powerful armed forces 24 hours a day to prevent enemies and rivals.

However, the figure stepped forward directly as if he didn’t see the gun aimed at him.

“Fire!” The guards fired at the figure one after another.

The flames sprayed from the barrel of the gun flashed away in the night, and countless bullets hit the figure, splashing a series of sparks on his body. However, the dense bullets not only didn’t kill the figure, but they also couldn’t even stop him from walking.

They saw the shadow continue to walk forward, and two fiery double lines shot out from his eyes. The light pierced the night sky, cutting the surrounding guards alive into countless pieces. In an instant, the strong smell of blood and burnt flesh permeated the entire manor.

“Is that man a devil?” the lady asked tremblingly.

Carmine Falcone, on the other hand, stared at the figure in the yard with wide eyes and immediately cursed, “Damn it, the fuck kind of warrior, and flesh and blood. I would beat that madman at Arkham Asylum for his word!”

Even if a normal person is wearing body armor, being hit by a bullet will still bear huge kinetic energy and will also hurt. As for the man in his yard, the bullet hit him like drops of rainwater, and there was no reaction from him at all.

Carmine Falcone’s mind was in a mess. In the dark night, more guards gathered in the manor with guns. However, no matter how many people there were, they were defeated by the two scarlet rays.

“He’s the devil.”

This thought arose in Carmine Falcone’s mind, but he saw two groups of scarlet eyes in the night, looking at his study from a long distance away. In an instant, the figure in the courtyard leaped up to the height of a three-story building, smashing the wall.

The wall of Carmine’s room felt like a rocket launcher hit it, and it exploded suddenly. Countless broken stones were scattered into the interior of the study room along with the shock wave. In desperation, Carmine Falcone hugged the lady beside him to save her from being hit by the gravel.

“Carmine Falcone, I heard that you want to get rid of me. Now, I am in front of you. How do you plan to get rid of me?” This figure is Rorschach.

Rorschach’s eyes were still red, and he walked to Carmine Falcone step by step, smiling like a good gentleman who is harmless to humans and animals.

“Don’t move.” Carmine Falcone protected the lady behind him, subconsciously pulled out the pistol at his waist, and pointed it at Rorschach.

Rorschach smiled, “Are you planning to use this pistol to kill me?”

While speaking, Rorschach shot two thermal visions from his eyes and landed on the pistol. The high temperature instantly melted the pistol. The high temperature also burned Carmine’s hand, and he released it with a scream.

Carmine Falcone looked at Rorschach in horror and asked in a trembling voice, “The Dark Knight, who are you, really?”

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Published On: May 25, 2023

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