Rachel gazed at Rorschach for certain questions and said, “Yet Bruce Wayne has been absent for quite a while, and presently Wayne Group is controlled by the board of directors, and they’re that made you homeless, and not Bruce Wayne.”

“Is it true?” Rorschach was unaware that Bruce Wayne had been missing for a considerable amount of time.

Given the current story, it is highly likely that Bruce Wayne is still in the apprenticeship stage and has not yet returned to Gotham City to become Batman.

“You seem to know a lot about Bruce Wayne. What’s your name?” Rorschach chose to change this subject.

She introduced herself as she pursed her lips, smiled, and extended her hand to Rorschach, “Rachel, Rachel Dawes,”

Rachel Dawes? Who was Bruce Wayne’s childhood buddy? Since she was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, it makes sense that she is so familiar with him.

Rorschach followed her, loosened up his hand, and tenderly shook Rachel’s hand, “Good to meet you, Ms. Rachel.”

Rachel smiled when she heard Rorschach call her Ms. Rachel in a serious way and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you. Obviously, you’re young, but you don’t have to.”

Rorschach murmured in his heart, probably because he looked so young because he was a clone. Rachel didn’t have the foggiest idea what Rorschach was thinking and just viewed him as an unfortunate person.

“Rorschach, are you certain that you don’t need an examination at the hospital? I find it hard to believe that you survived a fall from such a high place.” Rachel pointed to the structure that was next to her.

“Maybe my head is more powerful.” Rorschach’s words were hazy.

Rachel didn’t seem to want to believe this answer, but she didn’t keep thinking about it because she didn’t think there was a better one.

“How about this? I will find you a spot to settle you down first. You can get your money back if you lose it, and you can get a new job if you lose your job. But you can’t just give up on life, alright?” Rachel gave the impression of being a protective big sister as if she were worried that Rorschach would keep taking his own life.

Rachel observed that Rorschach was gazing at her, so she stroked her hair with her hand and made sense of, “Don’t misunderstand me. You said you were homeless because of the Wayne Group. Since I am now the Gotham City attorney, and my family and the Wayne family are friends, perhaps I can help you.”

“Well, then.” Regardless of whether Rorschach agrees, he is new to the DC universe, all things considered, so normally, he won’t reject Rachel’s thoughtfulness.

Rorschach followed Rachel into the vehicle. Despite the fact that this area is not a slum, it is located at the intersection of the middle class and slums. Rachel doesn’t want to stay here. It’s not a joke if she meets a gang member or a homeless person.

The two of them got into the car. To start the car, Rorschach sat in the passenger seat, Rachel in the driver’s seat, and they drove off the block.

When Rachel’s vehicle entered the downtown area of Gotham, she felt somewhat better. The central city has more wealthy residents than the slums and middle-class areas, and law and order there is generally better than in those areas. This is essentially reflected in the likelihood of experiencing horrendous events like burglary.

When she drove into the city center, Rachel had no time to think about it.

Where exactly ought she to send Rorschach?

Is it the hotel?

What if this young man climbs back up onto the roof because he can’t think about it at night?

Bring him back home first?

Rachel puffed out, claiming to be casual, and inquired, “Rorschach, have you brought your visa, driver’s license, and ID? I’ll take you to the hotel.”

“Ms. Rachel, I have nothing right now.” Rorschach spoke in peace.

All things considered, in Rachel’s view, Rorschach is an unfortunate man who had to the rooftop by life and expects to take his life.

“Sadly, I didn’t bring it either. If that’s the case, I can only allow you to stay at my house for one night temporarily.” Rachel looked very embarrassed, as though she had made this choice after feeling so helpless.

The side of Rorschach’s mouth jerked. Since Rorschach’s X-ray vision obviously saw that Rachel’s driver’s permit and ID were all in her pocket.

Why does she lie? She could book a hotel room by using her ID, but she insisted on driving herself home and lied that she didn’t bring her ID.

The silence that followed was awkward. They drove all the way into a residential complex with tall buildings as the two had their own thoughts. Rorschach was taken back to Rachel’s house after the car was parked.

Rachel is leasing a house without anyone else. Her home is moderately near the city. Despite the small size of the house, the rent is not cheap.

Luckily, Rachel is definitely not a regular worker. It has some advantages to be able to become Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend.

“Rorschach, on my side, is another room. A senior from my university shared that room at first. However, she was moved to Arkham Asylum this year, where she worked as a consultant criminal psychologist. As a result, she left, and her room is also empty. You can stay there for one night.” Rachel pointed to a room.

Arkham Asylum?

“May I ask, what is the name of your senior?” Rorschach asked casually.

“Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Rachel said, despite her puzzled look at Rorschach, “Harleen Quinzel, she is a great person,”

Rorschach was a little perplexed, so he didn’t notice what Rachel was thinking.

Harleen Quinzel?

Isn’t this the popular Harley Quinn? Furthermore, Harley Quinn and Rachel Dawes came from the same college.

Obviously, when Harleen Quinzel met Joker, she changed her name to Harley Quinn. However, Harley Quinn is now working as a consultant in criminal psychology at Arkham Asylum, and it is anticipated that she will change to that later.

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Published On: May 19, 2023

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