During the twenty days before school started, Jerry didn’t plan to spend all of it in Diagon Alley but planned to go to Place Cachée or The French Street again.

However, because he has traces on his body, he cannot cast magic in places other than the gathering places of British wizards, and he cannot take a plane without a passport.

In fact, he could go directly from London to France on a Thestral, but London is the headquarters of the Ministry of Magic, so it would be troublesome if he accidentally bumped into other wizards. Therefore, it is safer to choose the means of transportation for ordinary people.

On a certain coastline near the sea in Hastings, Jerry released Heitan, rode it across the Strait of Dover, and came to France. After casting a Disillusionment charm on Heitan and himself, each of them flew in the direction of Paris.

Heitan’s flying speed was super fast, and in less than half an hour, he came to the sky above Paris. Falling on the famous pedestrian street in France, he put away Heitan and cast the Illusion Magic, and Jerry turned into an old man with a cane, wearing a suit, and full of luxury.

Strolling to the center of a passage on the left side of the street, where a rectangular stone pillar stands firmly, and a half-naked Greek girl is carved on the stone pillar.

Jerry stepped forward to hold the girl’s hand to input some magic power, and the stone girl moved immediately, revealing a stone door under her body that could allow one person to pass through. Pushing open the stone door, when he came out again, he had already arrived at Place Cachée once again.

Last time, he followed the Quidditch team and directly used the Floo powder from the French Ministry of Magic to reach Place Cachée. He went through the normal entrance this time.

After entering Place Cachée, Jerry didn’t go shopping but first found a hotel to live in because he would probably live here until Hogwarts started.

This time Jerry came to Place Cachée for the black market, not for magic items, but to see if he could buy some magical animals with good abilities or their eggs through the black market.

Now that he has learned Contract Magic, although he still cannot contract tens of thousands of magical animals, it is not a big problem to contract a few. It’s just that if he wants to buy some powerful and dangerous magical animals, it must be impossible through formal channels.

So he thought of the black market in France. It would be great if he could buy magical animals more aligned with his wishes. If not, buying some good magic items would not be a loss. In France, there is no Trace, and he has no problem using magic as he wants.

“One room, please.” Jerry came to the hotel’s front desk on crutches, took out a bag of Galleons, and put them on the table.

The goblin standing on the front desk chair looked at the bag full of gleaming Galleons on the table and immediately raised his head with a flattering face and responded, “At your service.”

As he spoke, he jumped off the chair and took Jerry upstairs himself. Unlike the slave-like living status of house elves, goblins with similar looks are the only wizarding world that can compete with human wizards.

It’s not that they are so powerful, but that they almost control most of the economic lifeline of the entire wizarding world. Gringotts, the only bank in the wizarding world, is basically controlled by a race of goblins and behind many shops in Place Cachée.

They are very good at making precious special metals and silverware. The Gryffindor sword, which can kill Basilisks and absorb Basilisk venom for infinite strengthening, was made by the most powerful goblin king in the Middle Ages.

But even so, in terms of hard power, they still couldn’t compete with average wizards. Several goblin rebellions launched in history were all quelled by wizards effortlessly.

Following the goblin to the room, Jerry closed the door and jumped into the suitcase. At this time, the space of the suitcase has been expanded by five times compared to before under the continuous expansion of his Extension Charm.

Moreover, some time ago, he flew to the suburbs of New York to become a businessman, bought a large number of cattle, sheep, and various livestock, and put them in the fence.

At present, it is mainly for Norbert and Heitan. As for Crookshanks, one fish is enough for him.

After three months of growth, Norbert’s size has grown again. Although he can’t fly yet, he can already flop around and stay in the air for tens of seconds. Jerry felt it might have stayed longer if it hadn’t been so fat.

The flames emitted by Norbert are no longer small but real flames with thick black smoke. The power is quite good. The main reason is that it covers a very wide area from a high position, like an Area of Effect type of attack.

However, Jerry has issued an order to keep it safe from breathing fire in the suitcase to avoid accidentally burning the Villa down.

After studying magic in the suitcase for several hours, it was estimated that it was already dark outside, so he left the suitcase and quietly walked out of the hotel where he was temporarily staying.

The black market must only be available at night.

It’s still the familiar bar entrance and the familiar portrait of a dancing French witch in a long skirt. Just in case, Jerry adjusted his appearance again with the Illusion Spell and walked into the bar, which was still very lively.

It seems that the arrest of the Aurors last time did not frighten these wizards. Since this bar is open here, and even the Aurors know clearly that there is a black market under this bar, many things are not as simple as they appear on the surface.

It is estimated that in many cases, the arrest of Aurors is just a warning. Just like last time, because the Quidditch Tournament was being held, the French Ministry of Magic didn’t want any of them to appear at that time.

Walking towards the stairs leading to the black market, before the wizard on the stairs could react, Jerry had already snapped his fingers quietly, “Confudo!”

Immediately, the eyes of the wizard guarding the stairs became confused.

Confundus Charm is a charm that confuses a person or bewitched object, and when he woke up, he would only think that he had dozed off.

After Jerry had entered the basement floor, the wizard guarding the stairs woke up and scratched his head in doubt, “What happened to me just now? Am I sleepy?”

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Published On: May 23, 2023

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