“Gamora, retreat! Rocket Raccoon, Yondu, provide immediate assistance!” Riverie sent an order to the Knowhere Fleet as soon as she found out that Symbiotes had taken over Sanctuary II.

Riverie fed the Knowhere Fleet’s a display of the internal Sanctuary II situation that the Terminator robot had observed into the enemy’s position at the same time.

“The symbiotes? Who cares? Just fire at them!” Rocket Raccoon controls a dark matter energy cannon with six tubes by pressing the launch button while facing the area where the Symbiote army appears.

The six dark matter energy cannons turned quickly, and the dark matter energy bullets dragged their long tails through the air and kept firing at Sanctuary II.

The dark matter energy infiltrated the external reinforcement of Sanctuary II, entered the inside and caused a huge scope blast, whether it was a Symbiote or Thanos’ military, under the pouring of dim matter energy shots, all evaporated.

This energy shock from the indiscriminate bombardment also affected Gamora. In addition, Drax encountered the Symbiote vanguard army and was immediately engaged in a fierce battle.

Cull Obsidian dealt a severe blow to Nebula. Nebula’s life was safe even if Obsidian hammer broke the tendon because of the body’s semi-mechanized transformation and strong vitality. Yet, she lost the capacity to battle. Her recovery will take some time.

“Yondu, take people to support Nebula, bring her out of Sanctuary II, and the ships of the Knowhere Fleet will launch a general attack on Sanctuary II.” Riverie directly issued the order, taking into account that Symbiote creatures had already taken up Sanctuary II.

A blue space portal suddenly arose above the Knowhere Fleet’s horizon. Without pausing, a dark figure galloped out of the blue portal and swiftly moved toward Sanctuary II.

This figure was so little and subtle against the huge space, yet the second he showed up, he has right away drawn into the attention of everybody on the battlefield.

“Here comes Rorschach!”

“Here he is! Thanos is no more!”

“Woohoo! He’s here at last. I’d be nearly dead if it came later than a few minutes.”

The Knowhere Fleet’s radio channel cheered. The Terminator robot moved Nebula away at this point, but the Symbiote-infected Cull Obisidian wouldn’t let her go. Like a moving, heavily armored vehicle, he was wildly waving the heavy hammer in his hand all the way.

Every Terminator robot in front of Obsidian looked like paper and could be crushed easily. Cull Obsidian rushed in front of Nebula because he was so red-eyed and raised his heavy hammer again, pointed it at Nebula’s head, and swung it hard.

Nebula, whose wounds had not yet healed, was hopeless and closed her eyes. She will still die if her head is blown off, no matter how well she can recover. There was only a muffled “bang” when Obsidian’s hammer struck. Nebula shut her eyes and patiently awaited her demise.

However, neither the imagined pain nor the sensation of bursting the head came to pass. Nebula slowly opened her eyes and saw a shadowy figure standing in front of her, towering like a mountain, preventing her from being attacked.

“Master Rorschach.” His name was subconsciously called out by Nebula. From Nebula’s body, a powerful faith force converged on Rorschach.

The Cull Obsidian’s hammer caught his attention with a slight head tilt. It wouldn’t be able to destroy his body with such strength. Rorschach exhaled slowly in the direction of the hammer on his shoulder after taking a deep breath.

A chill that makes everything freeze, starting at the heavy hammer’s front end. On the heavy hammer’s handle, which was gradually covered in frost, Cull Obsidian stared blankly.

After hitting the hammer with his fist, Rorschach’s figure slowly floated in the air and got closer to the Symbiote.

It immediately activated its flight response.

“The Symbiote of the first generation, huh?” Rorschach looked up and down at the Symbiote’s life form. It is also a Symbiote, but the one that lives on Cull Obsidian is not the same as the one that lives on Earth.

The Symbiote that infects Cull Obsidian does not have a lot of awareness of itself. A creature that is neither affected by the host nor even aware of its own existence.

Rorschach believes that his current state resembles the “zombie virus” if he had to describe it.

The Symbiote is more similar to an infection. It will control the host after infecting it. The parent of this symbiote, the so-called God of Symbiote, can better control it because it only has instinct and little self-awareness.

All of this makes sense if Knull does something.

Rorschach’s reasoning velocity was very quick, and he reached a determination in a brief moment. The Symbiote suddenly rushed Rorschach with its teeth and claws as he was getting closer to him. The Symbiote appeared to be attempting to infect Rorschach.

“Go away!” The liquid matter in front of Rorschach was shot through two holes in an instant by two fiery rays of light as the pitch-black liquid was about to touch his body. Rorschach’s eyes were red.

As if facing a natural foe, the liquid body roared for a while before quickly retreating to Obsidian’s body, turning around, and fleeing.

Obsidian is split in half by two fiery rays as thermal vision penetrates the space.

Rorschach’s thermal vision has split Obsidian under the Symbiote in two, regardless of whether it was still alive. Obsidian Cull is doomed to die, and as the symbiosis split into two distinct pieces, it quickly moved around on the ground, drilled into the cracks in the ruins around it, and vanished from view.

“It moves pretty quickly, but… can it escape?” Rorschach’s X-ray vision saw through the two split Symbiotes’ escape routes, and his eyes fired two more rays, igniting the two Symbiotes one after the other.

Nebula behind Rorschach is now able to stand on its own. She said while twisting her bent neck, “Master Rorschach, please let me fight with you,”

At first, Rorschach wanted Nebula to go back to the Knowhere Fleet to wait for orders, but then he remembered that he had promised Gamora, Drax, and Nebula that he would let Thanos do the last stab.

“Okay, follow up. If you hurry up, you should be able to catch up with stabbing Thanos,” he said with a nod.

“Stabbing Thanos?” Nebula had some doubts as she looked at Rorschach. However, Nebula appears to have a rough understanding of what Rorschach means given the current situation, in which Symbiotes are the only inhabitants of Sanctuary II.

They continued to walk toward Sanctuary II’s deck without saying much.

Rorschach came across a number of symbiote-parasitic soldier armies on the way, but when Rorschach used his thermal vision, both the army and the symbiote armies were reduced to ashes.

Nebula and Rorschach entered Sanctuary II’s deck.

The entryway of the deck was shut firmly, and Rorschach gently swung his hand to thump it away, and individuals inside took a gander at individuals coming outside. Two people surrounded a seriously injured Thanos on the Sanctuary II deck.

Thanos, known as The Galactic Overlord, is currently harmed and half lying on the ground. His left hand was covering the deep wound on his chest while his right hand was severed. His breath was debilitated as far as possible.

He had a look of surprise in his eyes when he saw the two people who had entered the room.

“Nebula, and… are you Rorschach?” Thanos is like a wind-blown candle that can burn out at any time.

Nebula, who had been clamoring to stab Thanos to death just now, is silently following behind Rorschach as she observes Thanos and the others in the deck indifferently after seeing his appearance.

On the ground, Symbiotes and other soldiers are among the numerous corpses. Here, even one of Thanos’ most skilled generals was seen by Rorschach.

Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight are the only generals who are still alive under Thanos, counting the deaths of Corvus Glaive and Obsidian Cull.

When Rorschach and Nebula appeared, Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight immediately assumed a fighting stance to protect Thanos.

Rorschach was recognized by Proxima Midnight, who said, “It’s you, Rorschach, you are the guardian of the earth, and you killed Corvus!”

“I did kill him, yes.” Rorschach undauntedly conceded that Corvus is only a subterranean insect.

“I want to kill you to avenge Corvus!” Proxima is in love with Corvus. She asked Thanos to lead an army to attack Earth and exact revenge on Corvus after Rorschach killed him. But Thanos refused.

Thanos refused because he thought Proxima was not Rorschach’s opponent and was more afraid of Odin and the Ancient One who protected the earth.

Thanos dared not easily step foot on the earth before Odin and the Ancient One passed away. Proxima became instantly enraged when she saw the enemy who had killed her lover now that Thanos had suffered serious injuries.

She struck Rorschach with her spear. Rorschach’s eyes fell on a spear as it flew out, and he extended his hand and held the spear between his fingers before it struck his chest.

“This is… an inferior form of the Gungnir? Thanos, did you make this weapon after the Gungnir?” Rorschach inquired with great interest after carefully examining it.

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned about… the whereabouts of the Soul Stone?” Thanos, who was about to die, laughed several times.

“It has been taken away, isn’t it? Could it be that you have additional knowledge of Knull?” Rorschach casually broke Proxima’s spear.

Rorschach’s extensive knowledge of Knull surprised Thanos, “It appears that you know a lot about Knull. He primarily took away the Soul Stone to prevent you from obtaining six Infinity Stones. Because if you get all of them, he can’t win…”

“Knull can’t win, even if he steals my Soul Stone,” Rorschach said.

“Knull has a sword, and he must not be allowed to get that sword.” The voice of Thanos became ever weaker.

“So, are these your final words?” Rorschach nodded.

Thanos slowly said, “I collected the Infinity Stones just to snap my fingers to save the universe. Since there are only so many resources in the universe, the only way is to eliminate half of the existence in this universe. This is also a means of stopping the Celestials, and the remaining half of the existence will be able to continue.”

Even though members of the Celestials were killed by Rorschach, there are many Celestials in the universe, and the few led by Arishem are just one group of many Celestials.

Thanos trusts that the method for halting the Celestials is to delete half of the existence in the universe.

“Why don’t you want to increase the universe’s resources if it really is a resource issue?” Rorschach laughed at Thanos’ explanation.

“You can also make some plans to distribute the universe’s resources in a reasonable manner, rather than thinking about killing half of the creatures, even though it is difficult to double the resources in the universe.”

The other half of life will eventually reach or even surpass the total number of lives when he snapped his fingers as long as it continues to reproduce.

Thanos snapped his fingers in an effort to please Death. Overall, there are far too many versions of Thanos snapping his fingers, and the reasons for doing so also vary. Rorschach is no longer interested in learning more about his inner life.

He asked Nebula, “Thanos is here now. Are you going to kill him?”

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Published On: May 14, 2023

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