“Do it now!”

Without giving Jerry any chance to react, when he came to the reserved ambush site, four green lights shot toward his position from four directions at the same time.

“They’re using Killing Curse from all directions to anticipate me from dodging it, huh.”

Seeing the four green lights, Jerry recognized at a glance that it was a Killing Curse that could not be resisted by defensive magic. His face turned cold because it meant they did not intend to keep him alive.

The Anti-Apparition spell prevents Jerry from Apparating, and of course, he can’t Apparate at all.

The Killing Curse cannot be blocked by defensive magic such as the Protego Charm, and simultaneous attacks from four directions made it impossible for him to dodge.

However, Jerry was standing there at this time, not even hiding. Just watching the three wizards who brought him here and the four strange wizards who showed up now.

Just when the seven wizards thought that Jerry would surely die, they didn’t know that all four of his death-defying curses passed through Jerry’s body without causing any harm at all.

Jerry looked at them, and then his eyes were serious, “Now it’s my turn.”

As soon as his words fell, six of the seven wizards fell to the ground in an instant, and only the skinny wizard who had brought him here before was still standing there.

But at this moment, his face was full of horror, “What magic did you use to attack us?”

“Huh, your robe has a defensive spell attached to it. You must be so cautious.” Jerry looked at the Protego Charm lit up on the skinny wizard’s robe and instantly understood the reason why his silver needle didn’t go in.

“But it’s useless. Avada Kedavra.”

A voice sounded from behind the thin wizard, the green magic directly ignored the Protego Charm on the wizard’s robe and sank into his body.

At this time, Jerry’s body slowly came from a distance, and the Jerry who had been standing in the center also slowly disappeared.

It turned out that the moment Jerry walked into the black market, he had already used a Disillusionment Charm and Clone Magic he had learned from Asgard. The one that was guided by the skinny wizard was only his illusion, and his main body kept hiding in the safe area behind. That’s why the four Killing Curses didn’t work at all.

When the wizards used the Killing Curse to attack the clone, he controlled the silver needle and attacked them at the same time, knocking down the six defenseless wizards in an instant. Then he used the Killing Curse to deal with the last one.

Since they intend to kill him, he’ll just return the favor.

After looting the seven wizards’ properties, Jerry used the Severing Charm to cut off the heads of the remaining six wizards, who were stunned and sent them to hell together.

Seeing all the properties of the seven wizards, Jerry had a look of surprise on his face. As wizards dwell in the underground market, the ruthless ones are richer. The pockets of these seven wizards are obviously bigger than yesterday.

Searching their equipment, putting all the Galleons owned by the seven people together, and counting them turned out to be close to 50,000.

Moreover, he also found a large number of magical animals. Although most were not very useful, there were quite a few rare and valuable ones.

It’s like an XX-level bird. Its feathers can be used to make Veritaserum and memory potions. It is a very rare magical animal indeed. It is still very good to put them in the suitcase for potion making.

Most importantly, there was actually an unhatched dragon egg. Originally, he thought that they were using this as a gimmick to trick him out, but he didn’t expect it to be true.

After observation, this dragon egg should be a dragon egg of a Peruvian Vipertooth.

Because the Peruvian Vipertooth is the smallest dragon among all dragons, even when they are fully grown, they are only four or five meters long, so their eggs are the smallest among all dragon eggs, and they are slightly larger than goose eggs, so it is very easy to identify them.

However, don’t think that the Peruvian Vipertooth is weak because of its small size. In fact, the Peruvian Vipertooth is more of a threat to wizards than any other dragon.

Because the Peruvian Vipertooth is the fastest flying dragon of all, it is almost impossible to hit with normal magic, and its teeth are highly poisonous. If they bite you, you are basically dead.

“I’m just going to buy all the remaining three house elves so as not to be bought by other wizards tomorrow.”

After getting the eggs of the Peruvian Venomtooth, Jerry walked to the nearby black market tent again with the new money that he just earned.

Four house elves, three are used to protect Haas, Aisha and Belle, respectively, and one is placed in the suitcase to help Jerry take care of the magical animals in the suitcase.

Jerry has taken away by Sun Lok’s equipment to cast magic, so he couldn’t cast magic. Fortunately, only Norbert, Crookshanks, and other normal animals were in the suitcase.

But now, there are a large number of animals in the suitcase, and it will be difficult for Sun Lok to take care of them if he cannot cast magic. It would be much easier to have a house elf who can cast all kinds of magic to assist him.

When Jerry stepped into the black market tent again, many wizards and stall owners looked at him. With a full of surprise and then showing a little solemnity.

What surprised them was that they clearly saw Jerry being taken out by the ruthless Arte, and they also knew that another stall owner was ambushing him. But at this time, Jerry came back safe and sound.

Jerry came back, but the two stall owners and their men did not come back.

They seemed to have thought of the answer and didn’t dare to doubt it.

Jerry didn’t care about the gazes of those stall owners because he knew that this kind of thing could only be fooled once or twice, and those wizards were not stupid to make such a dumb decision.

It will be a matter of time before it is discovered.

Now that it was over. He had enough money to complete his plan. So why not just buy something, leave, and then return without wasting any more time?

His original intention was to improve his strength, not to make money.

Of course, if he is exposed now, those wizards could unite to take revenge on him if they’re willing to take the risk to do so.

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Published On: May 26, 2023

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