The leader of the Celestials, The One Above All stared at Rorschach for a moment, then he suddenly said in a deep voice, “You have a disgusting smell of the abyss. and, you killed the Celestials.”

The heavy voice echoed throughout the universe. Faced with the questioning from the leader of the Celestials, Rorschach felt as if he was facing an enemy for a while. The smell of the abyss that he mentioned must be the Necrosword. As for how he knew that he had killed the Celestials, that is unknown.

Before Rorschach could respond, the leader of the Celestials took the lead, spreading his five fingers and grabbing at Rorschach, just like grabbing a small bug. Rorschach directly raised his right hand in response.

The Necrosword flowed out from Rorschach’s battle suit, and turned into a pitch-black long sword, appearing in Rorschach’s hands. Rorschach used all his strength and slashed out with a single sword.

The One Above All seemed to hesitate for a moment. He seemed to recognize the Necrosword, but Rorschach was not Knull.

“You’re not Knull.” Before the words fell, the sword had already struck his palm.

There was a crisp sound of ‘click’, and the right hand of TOAA, and a crack that spread thousands of meters appeared on the yellow glove of his right hand. However, this crack is just a very insignificant small scar in front of TOAA.

“It seems you are a little better than Knull.”

TOAA clenched his fist with his right hand, snorted coldly and swung his fist. Rorschach felt a strong pressure and fell down. He fled quickly, trying to avoid this earth-shattering punch.

However, Rorschach is seems to be locked by TOAA. No matter how Rorschach escapes, the distance between him and the huge fist cannot be lengthened. The next moment, that huge fist suddenly landed in front of Rorschach.

A mass of terrifying power that swept across the entire universe in an instant exploded suddenly, and the universe where Rorschach was in couldn’t bear the punch of TOAA, and suddenly exploded. Countless space fragments turned into a torrent, constantly washing away Rorschach’s body.

Rorschach folded his hands, and the Necrosword was attached to his arm, resisting the punch of TOAA to the greatest extent.

“Is this the power of a multiverse powerhouse?” Rorschach was sent flying by this punch, smashing through four or five universes in a row before barely stopping.

As soon as Rorschach stopped, a huge figure suddenly appeared in front of him.  TOAA raised his hand and fired a huge energy beam at Rorschach. This is one of the abilities he has, the powerful energy light that decomposes all matter.

Wherever this huge beam of energy passes by, even the surrounding cosmic space begins to collapse.

Rorschach exploded with 100% strength, smashing the barriers of space with one punch. However, this punch that could break space, under the beam of light that disintegrated everything, melted like a snow mountain under the scorching sun, submerged in the billowing heat.

He used the Necrosword to cover his whole body, and covered the Necrosword with a biological force field.

With the beam above his body, Rorschach’s biological force field was completely wiped out before it lasted long. The biological force field disappeared, and the Necrosword was completely exposed to the beam, indicating that it immediately made a crackling sound like a boiling oil pan.

Rorschach let out a hysterical groan. He endured the impact of the beam bit by bit, moved slowly, and rushed out of the impact range of the beam with all his strength. After breaking free, most of the NEcrosword covering Rorschach’s body was dissolved, hanging down like a beggar’s rags.

Rorschach’s eyes were red, and the Necrosword on his body gathered in Rorschach’s hand again, turning into a long sword.

However, most of the Necrosword was dissolved by the beam, and Rorschach obviously felt that the power of the Necrosword was not as good as before.

“You are nothing but an ant.” Feeling Rorschach’s anger, there seemed to be a sneer in the tone of TOAA.

Among all the Celestials, only this one is the most emotional. The other gods are like a cold machine, and they rarely show their emotions. Facing the ridicule of TOAA, Rorschach’s eyes were cold, and his figure flew out quickly.

TOAA raised his hand and shot another beam. Rorschach moved, avoiding this beam of light, and at the same time rushed towards TOAA at the fastest speed.

The other hand of TOAA shook Rorschach across the air. The surrounding universe trembled, and an invisible force of space squeezed on Rorschach’s body, as if the entire universe was preventing Rorschach’s actions.

Rorschach broke through the space confinement, and continued to rush forward. But because of this momentary hesitation, the beam came, covering Rorschach’s body again.

Rorschach let out a pain. He didn’t continue to let the Necrosword resist the beam for him. If he let the Necrosword bear the beam again, it might completely destroy the sword.

So this time, Rorschach withdrew the Necrosword, relying on the power of his body, to forcibly resist the beam of TOAA.

Terrifying huge beam washed over Rorschach’s body. The battle suit made of Uru metal dissolved instantly, revealing Rorschach’s body. Under this terrifying beam, his body also began to turn red, like a hot iron block, showing a tendency to melt.

“Nothing can destroy me, because I am destruction!”

The sun born in Rorschach body burst out with incomparably bright rays of light, and at the same time, the Power of Destruction also burst out at this moment.

A wave of energy that seemed to be able to destroy everything enveloped Rorschach’s body, resisting the beam of TOAA. Rorschach suddenly felt his body lighten, he clenched his teeth, the anger on his face seemed to be able to turn into infinite flames.

The surrounding space exploded suddenly, and Rorschach broke through the space barrier on the spot, and rushed to the right hand of TOAA with the fastest speed against the beam.

Rorschach summoned the Necrosword the moment he approached TOAA, and attached the power of God of Destruction to the Necrosword. At an extremely fast and incomparable speed, he slashed towards the right hand of TOAA.

By the time TOAA felt a sense of crisis, it was already too late.  Rorschach slashed down with his sword, and the space instantly collapsed. The sword cut through the right hand glove of TOAA, and the whole person drove straight into his palm.

This time, it was TOAA who screamed violently. Rorschach pierced the palm of TOAA with the sword, and the sword drank the blood of TOAA, and began to quickly recover from the previous injury.

“You damn bug!”

TOAA let out a heart-piercing roar, and the terrifying energy destroyed the current universe. Rorschach don’t care about whether there is intelligent life in this universe. At this moment, TOAA is attacking. If he doesn’t resist, he will die.

TOAA who claims to be the creator doesn’t care about the life and death of mortals at all.

Amidst the roar of TOAA, his right hand recovered instantly. This time, he threw out both hands, and two beams burst out at the same time, bombarding Rorschach’s head and face.

During this brief encounter, Rorschach felt a sense of powerlessness for the first time. Rorschach calmly analyzed the strengths of the two sides based on the battles in these rounds, and conducted several simulated battles in his brain, but in the end, TOAA won.

The level difference between the two sides are too great.

“When I evolve into Golden Superman and enter the realm of the multiverse, I can crush you to death.”

Since he knew he was invincible, Rorschach no longer hesitated, and immediately swung the Necrosword, broke through the space barrier, and fled crazily.

“I want to escape… there is no way!”

TOAA had his palm pierced by Rorschach, and he didn’t intend to let him go. Seeing Rorschach broke through the space barrier and escaped, he stood where he was, and made a gesture of punching.

A vast wave of energy converged on the right fist of TOAA. For a moment, he punched in the direction where Rorschach was running away.

Terrible energy was released, and Rorschach felt that all the universes around him were collapsing. In an instant, a burst of energy swept across the positive universe area, and all the universes around Rorschach were instantly emptied.

Only the vast and endless void remains. Rorschach once again experienced the power of a multiverse existence. With just a few gestures, countless universes can be destroyed.

Under the impact of the explosion of the surrounding universe, Rorschach forcibly stabilized his figure, fled desperately and crazily, and Rorschach secretly vowed in his heart that when he evolved into Golden Superman, he would be back.

To definitely wipe out all of the Celestials.

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Published On: May 18, 2023

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