Jerry shouted at Balthazar right away when he saw Morgana shaking from the sudden electric shock and unable to use magic for a while. Balthazar surged at Morgana.

In accordance with the plan, the robots also temporarily halted the electric shock at this point. Balthazar quickly used the soul-absorbing magic, kissed Morgana mouth-to-mouth, and then forcefully sucked Morgana’s soul into his body, taking advantage of Morgana’s inability to regain her magic ability for the time being.

Six robots also quickly broke out of the ground at this point, carried Veronica’s body, and quickly moved to a safe location to avoid the fight.

“Go away!” Balthazar didn’t dare wait; as soon as he inhaled Morgana’s soul, he cast a spell on himself to remove Morgana’s soul.

“All of you are going to die. You even sneaked up on me!”

Balthazar’s body gave way to Morgana’s soul, which landed in a wide space not far away. In a long black dress, she transformed into a witch. An extremely potent pillar of fire was aimed at the location where the three Jerrys were with her hands together.

Morgana can instantly cast such powerful flame magic without the use of a magical medium because she does not have a body and relies only on her soul. This demonstrates that Morgana’s strength in her prime is indeed terrifying.

However, the three of them had anticipated this circumstance during the training. At the point when Morgana’s spirit was driven out of Balthazar’s body, Jerry and Dave had previously started to plan for protection sorcery.

The two used their best defensive magic simultaneously, just in case. Dave uses the Air Shield, while Jerry uses the Protego Charm. Jerry and Dave’s defense combo temporarily blocked Morgana’s extremely hot magic flame, which appeared to carry a special magic attack.

“I want to see how you can hold it for long!” Morgana’s enchanted power flooded, and the fire temperature multiplied right away.

Under the magic flame’s extreme heat, cracks could also be seen in the Air Shield and the Protego Charm. This magical flame almost destroys Dave’s defense and the Protego Charm, which claims to block all spells except the Killing Curse.

It is evident that, despite being a common magic flame, when used by wizards of varying strengths, its lethality varies.

Balthazar was fortunate to regain his normal state at this point finally. He diverted over and immediately got away from the assault scope of the fire point of support. At the point when Jerry and Dave blocked Morgana with magic, they clasp their hands together, and a Lightning Ball appeared in a moment and shot towards Morgana rapidly.

Even though Morgana’s soul state strength has decreased significantly, ordinary magic cannot harm her. Lightning Ball’s targeted magic can only fulfill a specific function.

However, it only serves a minor function and is not nearly as fatal. Because the Lightning Ball passed through Morgana’s body when it struck her.

“Unusual magic. It can actually harm my soul.” This attack had an effect, even though it did little damage. It halted Morgana’s ongoing fire magic attack and caused her soul to shake.

“Go for it!” Balthazar delivered the Lightning Ball once more.

As planned, Jerry and Dave also started releasing Lightning Ball at Morgana.

“Do you think I’ll die from this?” Morgana did not appear to be in any panic at this point.

She even waved her hands and created her own form of Lightning Ball individually to block all the Lightning Balls that they tossed.

It turned out that the moment the Lightning Ball pierced her body, she already knew the basic idea behind it and started using it.


The remaining six robots, who had been concealed in midair by the Disillusionment Charm, quickly descended to Morgana’s head under Jerry’s command. After that, the Lightning Ball struck, and Morgana’s soul state returned to chaos.


Jerry was overjoyed when he witnessed Morgana being duped once more. When Morgana was unable to use magic, Balthazar and Dave took advantage of the situation and immediately began hurling innumerable Lightning Balls at her.

Each Lightning Ball attack will slightly damage Morgana’s soul, and if this damage is increased to a certain extent, the soul will eventually collapse and vanish.

The plan was carried out without a hitch, with the exception of Morgana learning the Lightning Ball in a split second, which came as a bit of a surprise, and almost every other circumstance was predetermined by them.

Jerry initially believed that, in the event of an unanticipated circumstance, he would immediately employ the soul-specific Killing Curse, but this did not work.

It can only be stated that the likelihood of success will basically increase as long as you identify the opponent’s weak points and devise a strategic strategy to launch an attack first. Morgana isn’t as powerful as they thought, especially after being held captive for thousands of years and losing her body.

“60,000 red stars? Not bad.”

Jerry wisely chose to step back rather than forward when he saw Balthazar and Veronica embracing with excitement and silently opening his strange panel.

He received 60,000 red stars for killing Morgana. In spite of the fact that Jerry was somewhat disappointed, it was alright.

After all, he was only one of the participants, and Morgana did not reach a level that could have destroyed the entire world based on the battle itself. In any case, 60,000 red stars are practically worth his red stars in this world for quite some time.

“We should go first, I think they haven’t seen each other for 2,000 years, so they ought to have a great deal to say and a ton of things to do,” Jerry said to Dave beside Balthazar when he saw Veronica kissing him.

“It is my turn to leave as well. I was also invited to dinner with her tonight. I won’t be able to make that.”

Jerry couldn’t help but be speechless when he heard Dave whistle, calling Balthazar’s iron eagle, leaping up, and flying toward the city center. “I seem to be the only one returning to the laboratory tonight to study magic.”

Jerry rode alone on a broomstick through Dave’s laboratory after the twelve robots were summoned back to the suitcase with a snap of his fingers.

He will naturally not lack love when he lives forever and reaches a certain level of strength. Presently love and ladies will halt the speed at which he learns magic.

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