At the dinner table.

“Jerry, am I hallucinating? Why does it feel like you’ve grown taller again?” Haas looked at Jerry, who was sitting next to Aisha, who seemed to be a head taller than Aisha, with a surprised expression on his face.

He clearly remembered that more than half a year ago, Jerry’s height was about the same as Aisha’s, at most a little taller than Aisha’s, and he was still a little bit smaller. But looking at it now, he is almost 1.6 meters tall, and he has grown a lot taller without knowing it.

After seeing this, Belle also looked at Jerry, “It’s true that he has grown taller again, but it’s normal. It’s the age of growing his own body, and sometimes he grows taller without knowing it.”

As a primary school teacher, Belle has seen this kind of situation and is not surprised.

Some children who grew up early did grow a lot taller after missing a holiday. Although Jerry seems to grow a little faster, there are similar examples. Jerry smiled and bowed his head to eat without speaking.

He knew in his heart that he didn’t belong to the kind of person who grew up very fast, and the main reason for his current height was that he had been traveling back and forth in the parallel world.

Although only seven or eight months have passed since the main world, it has been more than two years since he traveled from the small world to the present. So now, his age should be thirteen, close to fourteen.

“I want to grow taller, and I will be taller than Jerry in the future.” At this moment, Aisha looked up at Jerry with an expression of disbelief.

Jerry patted her head and said flickeringly, “Drink more milk. Drinking milk is the easiest way to grow taller. I drink milk every morning to grow faster than you.”

When Aisha heard the milk, her face collapsed. In Aisha’s eyes, there is no drink in the world worse than milk because she always feels that milk tastes fishy. Jerry glanced at the half-drunk juice in front of Aisha, showing a treacherous smile.

He prepares breakfast every day, and there is never any juice at home. Therefore, the juice that Aisha drinks every morning is of course, made from milk.

After breakfast, everyone started packing up.

Today is Saturday, Haas and Belle decided to take Jerry and Aisha to go camping and play in the Hudson River Park next to Central Park.

In the past, because of security issues in New York, Haas was always busy. Although it was legally required to do double shifts on weekends, he was often called back due to emergencies just halfway through the break.

Haas took Jerry and Aisha out to play. At most, they just walked around the neighborhood. Well, now, because of the appearance of the Wizard and Thor, the law and order in New York has been greatly improved, and Haas’s vacation has also begun to become normal.

Coupled with the addition of Belle, the free time during the holidays must be fully utilized. In this regard, Jerry has no objection.

During this period of time, he has been researching and learning magic. He has hardly slacked off at all. He is in a state of full capacity. Now he happens to go to the park with his family, which is a rare relaxation.

“Jerry, I remember there was a tent at home. Do you know where it is?” Haas poked his head out of the bathroom and asked Jerry who was preparing camping food.

“It seems to be in the storage room.” Jerry put away the packed food and came to the small storage room.

The camping tent was bought two years ago when Jerry took Belle and Aisha to go camping in Central Park during his annual vacation. It has been stored in the storage room for the past two years and has not been used. It has already rotted due to dryness and mold.

“Reparo!” Pointing at the tent, a blue light shot out, and the tent immediately began to change under the influence of magic, and after a few seconds, it returned to its newly bought appearance at that time.

“If I opened a recycling company, I could make a living out of this.” Taking out a brand new tent, Jerry couldn’t help but sigh. It’s really easy for a wizard to make money.

“This tent has not been used for two years. But it is still new. The quality is good.” Seeing the brand new tent that Jerry took out, Belle showed a hint of surprise on her face.

Spring in March and April is the best time for camping. The park is full of blooming flowers. The temperature is suitable. When the spring breeze hits, you won’t feel hot or cold.

After spending half a day in the park in the morning, chatting and laughing with Aisha, taking a walk, looking at the scenery, and eating some delicious food, Jerry felt that most of the mental fatigue during this period disappeared at once.

At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, the four of them came to the more famous Bleecker Street next to the park. Aisha wants to eat pizza at night, and there is a famous pizza shop at 233 Bleecker Street.

After eating the pizza, everyone went shopping along Bleecker Street again. Of course, it is mainly Haas who is carrying Aisha around, and Jerry is struggling to follow behind to help carry things.

They went shopping. The two ladies are very interested in it, but the boys are not interested. Of course, the weight of the thing in her hand is nothing.

So, in the end, he turned on “Refreshing”, and while following the three of them, he deduced all kinds of magic in his mind.

Now he has learned three systems of magic, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. He hopes to integrate the strengths of these three systems of magic through his own efforts and forms a magic system most suitable for his battle.

It’s just that this requires a lot of magic knowledge to support, and it will definitely not be completed in a short time. But it does not prevent him from slowly researching and integrating it.

Just as he was deducing the magic theory in his mind, he suddenly sensed a powerful magical power coming from his right side. He stopped, turned his head, and looked to the right, there was a closed door, and the house number on the wall was 177A, Bleecker Street.

“What Odin said is correct. There are still many magicians on Earth, but they are just hidden. Since this house has such magic power fluctuations, it may be related to that Kamar Taj.”

The source of the faint magical power was at the house on the right, and he could clearly feel that the house seemed to have been cast with a lot of magic. So he guessed whether that house had something to do with the Kamar Taj mentioned by Odin.


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