At first sight of Diana, a word automatically appeared in Rorschach’s mind: Beauty.

Even Rorschach couldn’t think of any other words that could perfectly describe Diana’s beautiful appearance.

Although her appearance in front of him is somewhat similar to the movie version of actress Gal Gadot, the actor is just an actor, after all. The goddess in front of him has an exquisite face, fair and delicate skin, softness between her brows, and the rest are all charming eyes that can seduce people’s souls.

While admiring the beauty of Wonder Woman, Rorschach held the lasso in his right hand, and a powerful spiritual power penetrated, forcing Rorschach to reveal his true identity. However, Rorschach’s God Power is extremely powerful and is completely unaffected by this spiritual power.

He looked up at Diana.

Rorschach carefully recalled the plot of Wonder Woman and roughly understood the whole story. After the world experienced Ragnarok, it seems that there are only two gods left, Diana and Ares, so her appearance makes Diana mistakenly think that he is Ares.

After thinking about this, Rorschach looked at Diana with great interest.

“I am… your future husband.” Rorschach revealed the truth.

After hearing this answer, Diana was taken aback.

After being stunned for five seconds, she became furious, flicked the lasso in her hand, wrapped it around Rorschach’s arm a few more times, then poured power into it and asked again, “What the hell are you? Tell me the truth, don’t lie to me.”

Rorschach opened his mouth, and took a deep breath. At the same time, he explained to Diana, “Diana, I didn’t lie to you, my name is Rorschach, and I really come from the future. The future husband will encounter countless disasters in the future world, and we will join hands to protect this beautiful world.”

“You…” Diana fell into the trap again. She really couldn’t believe it.

She frowned slightly and, for the first time, seriously looked at Rorschach’s face.

“You said you came from the future, so why did you appear here? Besides, I feel the godly power from you. Are you also a god?” Diana asked again. Rorschach showed a triumphant smile.

“I was not born a god. I am a Kryptonian. After my planet’s resources are exhausted…” Rorschach continued to apply the origin story of Superman to Diana. After talking about his own life experience, Rorschach began to describe the disaster that the earth will encounter in the future with Diana.

General Zod’s Invasion, Doomsday, Darkseid War, The Lantern Corps, and so on.

“A new godly power obtained by defeating more powerful gods in the universe. In the war against multiverse-level entities, I accidentally returned to this timeline.” Rorschach explained his background, but Diana was taken aback for a while.

She gradually let go of her defenses because Diana could clearly feel that the future wars and various major events described by Rorschach did not seem to be groundless.

“Diana…” Rorschach stretched out his hand, grabbed the other end of the lasso, pulled hard, and pulled her, who was in a state of daze.

“What do you want to do?” When Diana realized something was wrong, she was already embraced by Rorschach. He grabbed Diana with both hands and kissed her red lips forcefully.

Diana, who Rorschach kissed, desperately resisted, exhausting all her strength, trying to break free from Rorschach’s hands. But no matter how hard Diana tried, Rorschach was like a mountain pressing down on her.

Diana was so ashamed and indignant that she directly drew out the sword and was about to fight Rorschach desperately.

Rorschach gave up as soon as he saw it and immediately let go of her, moving his figure backward, avoiding the sword in Diana’s hand.

“Diana, I’m sorry, I miss you so much. Please forgive me for being unreasonable.” Rorschach’s heartbroken expression reduced Diana’s anger by most.

However, she still held the sword and warned, “I don’t care what the relationship between us will be in the future. But at this moment, you are just a stranger to me. If you dare to act arrogantly again, I will definitely kill you.”

Although Diana felt that Rorschach’s identity was suspicious, with the help of the lasso, Diana actually began to believe everything Rorschach said in her heart. Unless the lasso does not affect Rorschach, is this possible?

Facing Diana’s scolding, Rorschach nodded and said, “I understand, Diana, since you will fall in love with me in the future. Then at this time, you will definitely let me into your heart.” Rorschach really showed his sincerity to Diana, and she blushed when she heard it.

She wanted to kill Rorschach, but she had already labeled Rorschach as “her future husband” in her heart. This label alone is enough for Rorschach to occupy a special place in Diana’s heart.

Subsequently, Diana retracted the lasso and invited Rorschach back to her office.

In London, Museum of Human History.

Diana put on her work uniform again and sat behind the desk like an ordinary office worker. Even wearing ordinary professional uniforms, Diana’s beauty still couldn’t be concealed.

She continued to maintain her aloofness and looked at Rorschach, who was sitting opposite her, and asked, “Where do you live now?”

Of course, he cannot say he lives in another girl’s house. If it is said, perhaps Diana will directly draw her sword and fight Rorschach for rounds.

“I’m homeless now. In fact, I just arrived in this world.” Rorschach said truthfully.

“I see. Did you come to me just after you arrived in this world?” A trace of softness flashed in Diana’s eyes.

“Yes, I should be regarded as homeless in this world now.” Rorschach suddenly realized that the goddess in front of him should be regarded as a rich woman.

Diana has lived in human society since World War I, and this museum of human history is Diana’s property.

In the plot of BvS, Diana frequently goes to large banquets held by Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor by virtue of her status as a high-class lady.

“Well, I can help you get a legal ID. In addition, if you have no other place to go, you can temporarily live in this museum.” Diana said.

Rorschach was very moved and then refused, “Diana, I just need you to help me get a legal identity. The future crisis is coming. Before that, I must gather all the teammates who can resist the future crisis.”

“Teammates?” Diana remembered that Rorschach had told her that in the future, they would have a group of trustworthy and reliable teammates.

“That’s right, among them are my brothers, Superman or Kal-El, The Flash or Barry Allen, Batman or Bruce Wayne. We will form the Justice League to protect the world together.” Rorschach casually listed several members of the Justice League.

“Justice League.” Diana recited it silently, and a heart of justice burst forth spontaneously.

Diana, a chivalrous and courageous person eager for justice, just chanting this name makes her happy in her heart, and she can’t wait to shoulder the heavy mission of eradicating evil and helping justice.

“Then let me follow you to find our future teammates.” Diana said excitedly.

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Published On: May 23, 2023

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