“Advance!” The robot increased its speed once more as it activated the flame thrusters under its feet and behind it.

No . 1 at this time, with steel wings, can move through the air with the same speed and agility as Tony’s Iron Man armor. But Iron Man’s armor has more advanced weapons and features.

Iron Man’s defensive strength should be several grades higher. After all, the materials used still differ significantly. However, this is not an issue. Later on, Jerry can figure out how to utilize magic to reinforce them gradually or track down great materials and install them.

This robot soldier, who was initially only used as an assistant, might actually turn out to be of great assistance to him in the future if things continue in this manner.

Balthazar gave a happy nod as he observed the robot soldier’s current flying state. From that point onward, he likewise utilized Transmutation Magic to add wings to the next eleven robot warriors. Balthazar’s magical power is beyond comprehension as a high-level wizard, and he effortlessly adds steel wings to the twelve robot soldiers.

“What is that? Robot Angel?” After class, Dave hurried over, astonished to see the twelve winged robot soldiers soaring in the sky.

“What an odd combination of wings and robots.” He immediately thought of the name “Robot Angel”.

“Dave, you’ve arrived. Using Transmutation Magic, Teacher has altered the robot soldiers to enable them to fly with greater flexibility and speed.” Jerry recounted everything that had transpired to him as he observed Dave arrive.

“It’s amazing. This is really a combination of magic and science.”

Balthazar called Dave to engage in some attack practice as soon as he had completed his examination of them. Dave’s body’s magic power can still play a significant role in the battle, despite the fact that he is not as strong as Merlin. But Dave is unrivaled, at least in terms of the longevity of magic output.

It would be best to wait until Dave mastered the true meaning of magic to the level of Merlin so that Dave could easily handle Morgana on his own. But that would require basically years and years, and Balthazar couldn’t wait for that long.

The current attack strategy is to use him as the main distractor, weaken Morgana’s magic ability with the super electric shock device of the twelve robots, and then attack with Jerry and Dave’s help.

The three are currently working together to practice, so Morgana doesn’t have time to react when she shows up.

Morgana’s magic has a lot of power. If a spell of hers hits them, they might be truly injured right away, so the coordination between the three and the robot is vital. As a result, the day when the three were supposed to kill Morgana and save Veronica was finally planned out.

It was the last day of Jerry staying in this world. Additionally, it was also the day Balthazar planned to end Morgana’s life.

Balthazar carefully placed Morgana’s matryoshka doll, which had sealed her, on a deserted wasteland in the farthest suburbs of New York, alongside two jars.

Jerry, who was at ease, and Dave, who was nervous, were standing on either side of him.

They saw that Balthazar, who was wearing a magic ring, waved his hand at the matryoshka doll. The matryoshka doll’s outermost layer bounced off right away, and a lot of magic insects flew out before condensing into a familiar figure.

It was Horvath.

Before Horvath’s body was put into the jar, Balthazar recited a spell and waved his hand once more, projecting a strong fixing sorcery. Horvath’s body was sealed again due to Balthazar’s magic, dispersing into many insects.

The most important thing right now is dealing with Morgana, not killing Horvath. Balthazar will have to seal Morgana once more if the plan doesn’t work. Horvath is still useful as an additional seal.

After re-sealing Horvath, Balthazar kept on opening the second-to-last layer of seal, delivered one more wizard inside, and promptly seal it into another container.

“Get ready because I’m going to break the last seal.” After taking care of the containers that sealed Horvath and the little nun wizard, Balthazar took a gander at the last doll with a grave articulation and reminded Jerry and Dave.

He started to chant the spell to break the final seal after Jerry, Dave, and everyone else posed and nodded.

Clearly, the final seal was much more complicated than the other two. Before pointing at the doll, Balthazar chanted a spell for a full thirty seconds.

With a thud, the final nesting doll layer gave way, releasing a dark power that was unparalleled in strength. The power was strong to such an extent that it had dense into a thick state like mud.

After that, all of the energy suddenly vanished, and it was replaced by a tall, stunning woman dressed in medieval garb.


Balthazar was taken aback the moment he saw the woman. He had been thinking about her all day and night for a thousand years.

“Finally, I’m free from these damn thing.” The first time the tall, thin woman came out, she looked up at the sky and laughed wildly, her expression evil.

“That’s Morgana, not Veronica!” Jerry quickly yelled at Balthazar with an Amplifying Charm after noticing that he was still in a daze.

Balthazar immediately responded, knowing it was not the right time to be in a daze when he heard, “Execute the plan!”

“Merlin has already passed away, Balthazar. You idiots still intend to kill me?” Morgana, who was in Veronica’s body, turned her head to look at Balthazar with a very contemptuous expression on her face.

“Hurry up, one, two, three, four, five, and six!” Jerry yelled instructions at Morgana’s position.

Jerry gave the order, and twelve metal arms suddenly extended from where Morgana was on the ground, turned up the power to its maximum, and began to shock her.

Since Morgana involves Veronica’s body, the initial step to kill Morgana and save Veronica is to figure out how to kill Morgana’s spirit from Veronica’s body.

Because Morgana is clearly doesn’t want to leave the body.

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Published On: May 20, 2023

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