Jerry sighed, “S.H.I.E.L.D. has numerous spying technologies, so it’s smarter to be careful. By the way, if you do this every day, don’t you worry about getting fat?”

Thor and Jane went back to New York a week ago. Around then, Jerry came to see them regularly. After that, Jerry would skip class every few days to talk to Thor when he was free.

Thor complained to him when he first arrived here that it was too boring to spend every day at home. Jane didn’t have much time to go with him during the day because she had to go to classes and do research. However, now that he knows how to use the TV and games, he has changed slightly.

He no longer whines about being bored. As if he has entered a new world, he spends every day at home watching television, playing games, drinking beer, and snacking.

“I’m Thor. This thing does not affect me at all.” Thor ate a substantial bag of potato chips.

Jerry couldn’t believe his eyes. Even though Asgardians are much fitter than regular people and may have a metabolic capacity that is several times than regular people, they will also gain weight if they consume too much food, just like Volstagg.

“I think you should exercise as well. You told Odin at the time that you came to Earth not only for Jane but also because the people there need you. Odin wouldn’t be happy if he knew you look like this.”

Jerry was aware that Odin would unquestionably always pay attention to him whenever Thor was present on Earth. He might be forced to return if he stayed home every day and became lazy.

Thor also realized this, so he said as he helplessly poured down a beer bottle, “I don’t want to stay at home every day, but Jane doesn’t want me to fly outside with a hammer every day. Those reporters and curious people will flock to her whenever she says something that makes a stir. It’s very difficult.”

The authorities and S.H.I.E.L.D. may be aware of Thor’s identity, but they will not harm him. However, common people do not. The public will undoubtedly become aware of Thor’s address and relationship with Jane Foster once they learn that the mythical Thor actually appeared in public.

He will undoubtedly be seen in the dorm by a large number of reporters and citizens at that point. He controlled himself as a result. After all, Jane is just a regular person, and if they learn about his identity, she might be troubled by him.

As a result, he never left his house.

He has, however, discovered an experience that he has never had before by staying at home and watching television, playing games, snacking, and drinking beer.

Since there is no television in Asgard, his life has consisted primarily of traveling to other realms to end wars and then returning to Asgard to drink and celebrate.

“This doesn’t seem like a problem to me. You can still do it.” Jerry extended his hand in response to this and pulled a mask from the suitcase before applying it to Thor’s face.

Since he fears being found, it is sufficient to wear a mask. Can these reporters figure out his true identity if he wore something that doesn’t show his face?

In addition, Thor is different. All he needs to do is conceal his identity from the general public and reporters since both the government and S.H.I.E.L.D. are aware of his existence.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” His eyes immediately lit up.

It’s not that Thor is actually that moronic. It’s just he’s too simple. He didn’t think about masks because he had never donned one in Asgard. Although Jane may have considered it, she did not tell Thor about it.

Women and men alike prefer it when their partners cook for them and stay with them when they are not at work. Obviously, Jane likewise wanted to see Thor when she returned home from work.

The mythical prince, who will eventually become Asgard’s king, who has an exceptional physique and background. Obviously, Jane would be happy to see this consistently in her home.

“When you get bored at night, you can fight crime with me the next time. In Manhattan, Queens, I’m always fighting crime.”

Even though he now has 300,000 little red stars, he still goes out every night to fight crime for a while to make more money. After all, assuming he does not travel to other worlds, 300,000 stars would be sufficient for him to consume for more than 200 days.

“No issue. But your mask is bad, and I want to go back to Asgard to find a dwarf to make me a better mask.”

“Ah, yes. I was about to ask if you’re free to take me to Asgard. I need to ask the Queen a lot of questions about magic.” Jerry also took advantage of the opportunity to explain why he was here this time to find Thor after hearing the words.

After that, the two left for Asgard.

“Heimdall!” Thor yelled into the sky from the dormitory roof as he raised his hammer.

The figures of Thor and Jerry vanished with the rainbow as it fell from the sky.

“Sir, strange energy vacillations have been distinguished close to Culver College.”

Coulson saw the information his agents gave him in the S.H.I.E.L.D. office in New York.

“Don’t worry about them. As long as there are similar energy fluctuations in the future, record them and don’t need to report them.” He saw the satellite images of Thor and Jerry on the roof.

S.H.I.E.L.D. finally received an order saying that nothing should be done about Thor’s existence on Earth as long as they did not commit any serious crimes.

Jerry and Thor appeared once more in the Asgard Teleportation Hall.

Subsequent to expressing hi to Heimdall, he rode a broomstick while Thor swung the hammer and flew toward Asgard.

“You stay here, Jerry. After seeing Father, I’ll let the craftsman help me make my mask.” In the room of Queen Frigga, Thor and the Queen hugged and chatted momentarily before creating his mask.

Before Thor left, Frigga explained, “Thor, go to the dungeon to see your brother. I’m worried about him…”

“I will, Mother. After I see Father, I will go see him.” Despite Thor being a little mad about what he did previously, he actually cherished him in his heart. Breaking a brotherhood that has existed for more than a thousand years is difficult.

“Jerry, what about the magic book that you brought back the previous time?” Queen Frigga sat kindly next to Jerry after Thor left and began to ask about Jerry’s progress with his magic.

“I’ve finished reading the magic book I brought last time. I still don’t fully comprehend illusion, particularly the Clone Magic. I want to get some advice from you.” Jerry said with a smile.

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