For ordinary wizards, house elves don’t play that much role. Many things that house elves can do can be done by themselves with magic. For example, it’s like ordinary people’s lifetime savings may be used to buy a house, get married, or raise their children. But they will never hire a nanny to cook and clean for themselves.

Only the truly rich and aristocrats would spend ordinary people’s life savings on hiring a nanny to clean their villas and prepare three meals a day for themselves. Therefore, only those wizards who are really rich and powerful will have one house elf.

Looking at it this way, Hogwarts has at least a hundred house elves. How rich can the Founder of Hogwarts it be?

“It seems that I have to find a way to make money.”

Looking at the four house elves and the ferocious magical animals kept in various big cages over there, Jerry couldn’t help sighing. If he were given some time, the salary of his Quidditch players, plus a few rounds of wandering in the Forbidden Forest, it would not be too difficult to make 40,000 Galleons.

But the wizard who was in charge of selling house elves just now told him that rare products like house elves are not always available.

There are four now because a once famous wizard family in France is now down and out, so they sold all the house elves in the family.

Although Jerry felt that this might be a sales strategy of the salesman, the house elf was what he needed now, so he had to raise money quickly. Now he needs to buy at least three house elves for Aisha, Haas, and Belle.

Although Aisha and Belle are together all the time, in a few months, Aisha will be graduating from elementary school. They will definitely be separated by then, so he needs to prepare at least 30,000 Galleons.

But how can you quickly get Gold Galleons? Thirty thousand is not a small amount.

Jerry, who couldn’t afford anything, looked at the four house elves and a group of magical animals reluctantly and returned to the big tent’s door. However, he didn’t use the Portkey at the door to return to the bar but went straight out of the tent, rode a Thestral, and flew back by himself.

There are five or six football field-sized tents, which are no different from ordinary camping tents in appearance, and its location is very remote, in the outskirts of the forest, far away from the center of Paris.

In the hotel room, Jerry began to think about accumulating 30,000 Galleons quickly. The first thing he thought of was the formal method.

For example, by buying basic herbs to make potions and sell them. His level of potion-making is good, and with the blessing of “Refreshing”, he can almost achieve a 100% success rate.

However, he did a rough calculation, and if he wanted to earn 30,000 Galleons in this way, even if he kept working day and night, he couldn’t finish it before the start of school.

Then he wondered whether to go back to Hogwarts, catch some Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest, and exchange their venom for money.

But this is not safe, and it is very inconvenient. Because as long as he is in the UK, he will be monitored by the Ministry of Magic because of the Trace. He can only use the robots to deal with the Acromantula.

In that case, he was worried about being discovered by Dumbledore at Hogwarts.

Moreover, even if the venom of the Acromantula was valuable and could be sold more. It is estimated that the market would be saturated, and with 30,000 gold Galleons, the amount of venom of the Acromantula needed would definitely be quite a lot.

So, after much deliberation, he decided to use some method to get money quickly and was not very compliant. Of course, it’s not directly stealing or going into a tent to rob Galleons.

The next day, late at night,

After planning everything, Jerry came to the tent selling magical animals again, but this time he flew over on a Thestral instead of using the Portkey from the bar.

Putting away the Thestral, Jerry cast a spell and again turned into a fourteen or fifteen-year-old boy.

“Wow, is this a black market transaction? It’s an eye-opener for the first time!” The moment he walked into the tent, Jerry said this.

“What kind of dog is this?”

“This is a Crup. It is now extinct in the wizarding world. The one I have here is the last one. If you want it, it only costs 500 Galleons.” He is wearing a pitch-black wizard robe, covering his face. The boss, with a slightly gloomy voice, laughed.

But Jerry’s next answer almost made his jaw drop in shock. “It’s only five hundred Galleons, so cheap. I thought it would cost several thousand gold coins.” Jerry took out a bag, hugged it from inside, and immediately pulled out a large handful of Galleons, which attracted all the wizards passing by to look over.

The young wizard closest to Jerry saw that Jerry really seemed to be planning to spend five hundred Hogwarts to buy a Crup and was about to sound a reminder but was hurriedly pulled over by his companion.

“Don’t be too fussy, don’t forget the rules in the black market!’

The black market naturally has rules. The wizard reminded Jerry at this time that he would not only offend this wizard who set up a stall but also offends all the wizards who set up a stall in the entire tent.

But at this time, Jerry was about to hand the five hundred gold coins he had taken out to the owner. But he seemed to think of something suddenly and put his hands back into the bag again.

“Sorry, I forgot people at home don’t let me keep a dog. I’d better look at other things.” After speaking, Jerry walked over to other stalls.

The stall owner saw him fleeing from his stall, so he was unwilling to give up and quickly shouted at Jerry to bargain. But at this time, Jerry waved to him very politely and then walked to other stalls.

In this way, Jerry used the same method again, walked around the booths in other directions, and then walked out of the tent. A foolish young wizard with a huge sum of money because he heard some rumors, sneaked into the black market to hang out, and then left the black market alone with a huge sum of money.

Making himself easy to be a target for some wizards to be in his tail.

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Published On: May 23, 2023

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