“How is it? Have you got it?” At this time, another stall owner next to the stall owner asked curiously with envy.

“No, not long after that kid left the tent, he disapparated and left. We didn’t catch up to him.” The stall owner thought of Jerry’s explanation and waved his hands quickly.

The stall owner obviously didn’t believe it, “If you succeed, you will succeed, and you are still hiding it. Everyone is not stupid. If it weren’t for the rules and you let me take the lead, I would go over and do the job quickly. That boy has at least a few thousand Galleons in his pocket.”

According to the rules in the black market, you can’t do it in the area. If you want to do it, you can only go outside the area; whoever follows out first, others can’t grab it. However, this is just a rule that everyone agreed. Those wizards who come to buy things are not included in these rules.

The stall owner didn’t explain much after hearing the words. He just said that he was going to rest at home for a few days and would not come to set up a stall for the time being. In fact, there was no way to set up a stall. The Galleons and smuggled magical animals in his pocket were all taken away by that small boy.

On the other side, Jerry also rode a Thestral and returned to the Place Cachée.

He asked those four wizards to do things very simply, not to admit that they had met him when they returned.  However, this kind of thing is hard to say because he can’t guarantee that the four wizards will definitely do as he said after they go back.

But what’s the loss?

At most, the wizard inside knew that he was quite strong, and the brave ones would continue to be fooled. He did this to make this situation last for a few more days.

What if the four wizards tell the people behind the black market about his situation? Then it depends on what the people behind the black market say. It’s fine if they didn’t care about it much. He will be very happy if they plan to get rid of Jerry.

Because it means that he will have a large sum of Galleons in his account.

The next night, Jerry came to the forest where the black market tent was located again. Only this time, he released the twelve robot soldiers ahead of time and cast Disillusionment Charms on them.

At this time, the twelve robot soldiers had changed from when they fought Morgana before. Except for the big wings on the back, their right hand has turned into a sword.

Before leaving, Jerry asked Balthazar to help him transform with Transmutation Magic.

Dave also helped a little. He made the robot’s right hand retain the electric shock function while being transformed by magic. Therefore, the swords in the right hands of these robots are not only sharp in battle but also electrified.

“Go to the sky, and wait for my orders.” Although Jerry feels confident about his current strength, taking out the black market is not difficult.

But if a wizard in the black market can compete with him, or is stronger than him, then the twelve invisible robot soldiers in the sky can give him great help. If robot soldiers attacked them with machine guns and other weapons before releasing the Protego Charm in time, deflecting them would probably not be easy.

However, if it’s really a head-on confrontation, the wizards have placed a defensive spell in advance. The robot soldiers’ chances of winning are estimated to be much smaller.

Pulling back the curtain of the black market tent, Jerry showed an innocent smile again and walked in with a bag of Galleons. The moment they saw Jerry, the eyes of several wizards setting up stalls lit up. It turns out that yesterday’s men didn’t lie. They really didn’t catch this little sheep.

“Is the Anti-Apparition spell arranged? That kid is coming!” A wizard asked three other wizards not far from the black market tent.

“Okay, as long as we lure that kid over for a while, he will never escape. However, that kid is really so rich. It’s worth the joint efforts of the two of us to deal with him.” One of the wizards had a puzzled expression on his face.

The first wizard smiled and said, “It’s okay. That kid is definitely rich. Just now, he bought a house elf for 10,000 Galleons and didn’t even bat an eye. We estimate that at least tens of thousands of his family’s money is in his bag.”

“So much! Wouldn’t it be more distressing to split half of it?”

If the boy has 50,000 Gold Galleons, then he will only get 25,000.

The first wizard was also speechless, but he still explained, “Don’t underestimate that kid. He may not be as complicated as he appears to be able to bring so many Galleons to the black market. Both Arte and I felt that there was something strange about Benny yesterday. So, as soon as that kid steps into the range of the Anti-Apparition spell, don’t be soft and kill him directly.”

Arte is another stall owner who cooperated with him. Benny is the stall owner who said yesterday that he failed to catch up with the boy, and he is the stall owner next to Benny.

“Yes, boss. He seems to have come out.”

The other three wizards responded in unison. After seeing the young man walking out of the tent, he scattered and hid in several places.

“Young boy, our stall is just ahead, and we have a very rare dragon egg!”

At the entrance of the tent, a thin wizard with a smile on his face led Jerry to walk toward the direction where the Anti-Apparition spell was arranged.

“Really? Then hurry up. If there are really dragon eggs, I’m willing to pay fifty thousand Galleons.” Jerry urged with a face full of expectation.

After Jerry entered the black market tent this time, he didn’t just look at things but did not buy them like yesterday. That would be too fake. Therefore, he used yesterday’s money and his own savings to make enough money to buy a house elf.

It’s just that during the purchase process, he acted casually. As if spending 10,000 Galleons was like nothing to him.

Sure enough, as soon as he threw the house elf he bought into the suitcase, a wizard approached him and asked him if he was interested in dragon eggs.

When Jerry heard this, he was overjoyed immediately. He looked very interested and happily left the tent with the wizard and his two subordinates.

“The fish has already taken the bait, and it’s time to close the rod immediately.”

The four wizards who were ambushing and the three wizards who brought Jerry over saw Jerry stepping into the range of the Anti-Apparition spell, and they thought at the same time.

At this time, Jerry had the same thoughts as theirs.

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