Passing through the black market trading area, Jerry leaned on crutches and walked to other areas that he had not set foot in last time. However, he turned around but didn’t see any stalls selling magical animals or eggs. It seemed that this black market did not provide this service.

Jerry didn’t give up. Since Quirrell was able to buy dragon eggs to trap Hagrid, it meant that there were definitely some sales of prohibited magical animals in the black market, but he couldn’t find a way.

With a thought in his heart, Jerry walked slowly to a slightly remote stall in the corner, pointed at the unshaven middle-aged stall owner, and quietly released the Imperius Curse.

“Do you know where illegal magical animals are sold on the black market?”

“You need to go to Heaton to buy magical animals.” The happiness on the face of the middle-aged stall owner under the Imperius Curse.

“Who’s Heaton?” Jerry continued.

“Heaton, that wizard standing at the top of the stairs… Hearing the stall owner’s explanation, he probably figured out what was going on.

It turns out that the black market for magical animals is not here. But in a hidden place in the suburbs of Paris. After all, many magical animals are quite large and very aggressive, and it will be very troublesome if something goes wrong.

The Ministry of Magic may turn a blind eye to contraband, but it will never allow dangerous magical animals to appear on Place Cachée. Therefore, if you want to go there, you must either know the location or go to the wizard named Heaton at the door.

After releasing the control of the Imperius Curse, Jerry used Obliviate to erase the memory of the stall owner just now and then walked towards the wizard named Heaton at the stairs.

“I want to buy some magical animals and wonder if you can take me there.” Jerry didn’t use the Imperius Curse this time but took out a bag of shining Galleons.

The stall owner just said that as long as he shows enough money, this wizard named Heaton will not care about Jerry’s identity and will take him there directly.

Sure enough, although the wizard had some doubts about when Jerry entered the black market below, after seeing hundreds of Galleons, he immediately smiled and led Jerry to the compartment behind the bar.

“Sir, hold this bottle. It will take you where you want to go.”

Jerry glanced at the wine bottle and knew that it must be a Portkey to somewhere. So he reached out and held it without hesitation. The space distorted for a while, and his body was instantly sucked into the wine bottle and disappeared.

When he landed again, he was no longer in the bar on Plache Cachée, but appeared in a big tent. This big tent should be the same as his suitcase, expanded by the Extension Charm, and it is as big as five or six football fields.

Inside, you can see many kinds of magical animals that are locked up, as well as wizards who wear hoods back and forth and hide their identities.

“Diricawl, a rare bird species that is about to become extinct, the highest price wins!”

“Trolls, the cubs of the mountain trolls. If trained well, they will be good troll security guards!”

“A small Acromantula. You will have an inexhaustible supply of venom when you grow up!”

The entire tent was filled with shouts of wizards, one after another. Seeing this, Jerry didn’t waste any time, and began to search carefully in the tent.

Unfortunately, after he visited half of the tents, he couldn’t find any suitable magical animals. Most of the magical animals he has seen so far are of XX or XXX level, and there are very few magical animals of XXXX level, let alone XXXXX level.

With his current strength, the number of magical animals that can be contracted is limited. Of course, he must choose the magical animal that is more helpful to him. It was like a Diricawl bird; it was cute and fluffy but completely useless to him.

Like giant monsters, their strength is good, but their brains are not good, and the price/performance ratio is extremely low. If the number of them increases in the future, he can go to some forests where giant monsters gather and catch some later on his own.

As for the Acromantula, it’s quite good. Its IQ is no lower than a human, and its venom is also very valuable.

However, there are many things in the Forbidden Forest, so why should he spend so much money to buy them here? Why not go to the Forbidden Forest to get them?

Others, such as Nogtail, Ashwinder, Crup, etc., are either useless or the price/performance ratio is too low to be worth buying. It wasn’t until he wandered to the innermost part of the tent that he finally found what he wanted.

That should be the largest magical animal sales place in the entire tent, and its booth alone occupies one-tenth of the area of the tent. Unlike other stalls where one or two wizards are selling, more than 20 wizards are selling in this booth, like a big team.

Moreover, the level of magical animals sold inside is obviously not at the same level as other stalls.

A Hippocampus in a large water tank, A Runespoor, A Yeti, etc., are all extremely safe and aggressive magical animals.

However, these were not what Jerry valued most. What he valued most were the four house elves.

House elves, magical creatures in the wizarding world, and the most loyal servants of wizards. Although they seem to be very weak, in fact, every house elf has a good magical ability.

They are proficient in elf magic. Although they don’t have any powerful attack magic, they are extremely good at housework, invisibility, and teleportation magic, and can even perform Apparation.

Jerry’s biggest weakness is Haas, Aisha, and Belle can be counted as half of them. But if everyone gave them a house elf by their side, then his only weakness could be said to make up for most of it.

House elves can be invisible. Even if they follow Haas and others, they will not be found. When encountering special enemies, they can be easily dealt with elf magic. If they encounter really weak enemies, they can also directly lead them to escape with Apparation.

However, when Jerry asked the price, he was a little dumbfounded. The price of a house elf was as high as 10,000 Galleons. All his current savings combined were not enough to buy a house elf.

No wonder only some wizarding families with ancient traditions will have house elves. It turned out that not all families could afford a house-elf at all.

In the wizarding world, the income of a wizard is only a few dozen Galleons a month, and a better job, like an Auror in the Ministry of Magic, is only more than a hundred Galleons a month.

Wizards may have to work for ten or twenty years without food or drink before they can earn 10,000 gold galleons.

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