Pietro is still completely perplexed despite having listened to what Thor had to say. He even forgot to chew the potato chips that were in his mouth, so he mumbled, “What…what happened? Where is Rorschach?”

It would appear that no matter the issue or the enemy’s power, Rorschach will effortlessly resolve it as long as he holds the commands. Concerning the possibility that not even Rorschach can deal with it, It sounded absurd.

The image of Rorschach is deeply ingrained in people’s minds. Pietro is still under the impression that Rorschach will unquestionably take action to resolve the problem, despite the fact that Thor has repeatedly emphasized the issue.

“The Necrosword may take over Rorschach. I saw The Soul Stone. Perhaps Rorschach will soon escape the Sword’s hold. Go ahead and gather everyone before that.” Thor made a brief order to Pietro.

These words strike Pietro, who blindly worships Rorschach, like a lightning bolt. Pietro even questioned in his heart for a moment whether Thor was making fun of him, but when he saw Thor’s worried eyes, he was clear that this was not a joke.

“Okay…Okay, Wanda ought to be in the space, I will reach her now…”

“Contact all superheroes and all armed forces!”

Pietro quickly nodded, indicating that he was aware, and then transformed into silver lightning and vanished in front of everyone as Thor once more reiterated the seriousness of the issue.

Zeus and Ares took a gander at one another, “I will return to Olympus while you gather the Kamar Taj, Ares mages.”

Additionally, Thor and Hela stated that they intended to return to their territory and gather their forces.


Wanda is fighting the Symbiotes’ invasion from the front lines of the Three Great Empires—a sudden increase in the number of Symbiotes outside the galaxy.

The pressure on all fronts doubled for a while. Wanda took out the “Rorschach caller” and pressed it hard as she observed the army of Symbiotes rushing across the plains and mountains.

However, Rorschach remained absent despite waiting for some time. Wanda got in touch with Riverie right away.

“Riverie, where is Rorschach now? The Skrull Empire needs fortifications. The Symbiotes have grown multiple times simultaneously. Against Symbiotes, the tools at our disposal are completely inadequate. Send me more weapons to fight the Symbiotes, or let Rorschach come over right away!”

Wanda repeatedly yelled at the communicator as if she wanted to express her inner discontent. She has been fighting continuously for several days.

“Wanda, I was about to get in touch with you. According to the most recent information sent back from the earth, Rorschach was under the control of the Necrosword and had vanished.”

“Wanda, could you at any point get through the hindrances of the world, enter the solar dimension and bring Rorschach out?” Even though Riverie’s voice sounded like a cold electronic synthesized voice, Wanda could hear a hint of anxiety in it.

“I… ” She had always been overly dependent on Rorschach, just like Pietro.

Wanda quickly lost her balance when she heard that Rorschach had an accident.

Wanda is one of the stars and the well-known Scarlet Witch. “Riverie, can you locate the space coordinates of the solar dimension? I can break through it and enter the solar dimension as long as you can find it.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the information transmission technology to cross the space barrier, and I can’t locate the coordinates of the solar dimension,” Riverie said in a moment of silence.

“Then… is there any other way?” Wanda’s mind was hazy, and for a while, she was lost.

“Wanda, I believe that Rorschach will return safely. However, prior to that, you will be fully accountable for the defense of the universe as the current highest authority before Rorschach returns.”

“Galaxy satellites It has been detected that a large number of Symbiotes have crossed the galaxy’s border. Please immediately return to Knowhere and take charge of the situation as a whole.”

Wanda took a deep breath, raised her fair hands, and wiped her face after Riverie’s words. From the weak little girl next door to the world’s ruler, Wanda’s eyes changed dramatically in a split second.

She did nothing but raise her wrist and opened a portal. Wanda returned to Knowhere via the portal.

Pietro quickly reported the crisis caused by the Symbiotes’ invasion of the galaxy to the superheroes. The S.W.O.R.D. director Norman Osborn, the S.H.I.E.L.D. director Sitwell, and numerous other high-ranking officials immediately assembled the army and superheroes on the planet.

Steve Rogers, the current president and superhero, addressed the public.

“My fellow humans and alien friends, a powerful force is currently invading the universe, attempting to enslave every free will and conquer every planet. However, We will not submit to this; our superheroes and military forces will stand at the forefront against the invasion, fighting for the ideals and freedom of all human beings…”

Steve Rogers’ speech skills improved dramatically after he became president. He not only calmed the people’s panic with a few words, but he also inspired everyone to fight. However, he didn’t say that Rorschach had gone.

If that news is spread out, it might cause incredible frenzy and unrest among individuals.

People cheered as spaceships carrying superheroes, armies, and Terminator robots slowly took off from the sky. They were about to enter the space to fight. In this expedition, almost all superheroes and military forces were sent. They also left behind the necessary defensive forces.


In Boston.

Putting on a nano spider suit, Peter Parker at long last tracked down Eddie Brock in a side of the city.

“Hey, Eddie, our spaceship is currently awaiting you. You won’t be able to catch up with the spaceship if you don’t hurry up and follow me. Don’t you want to fight aliens in the universe?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to go. It’s because Venom refuses to go.” Eddie Brock, who was hiding in the corner, said with a constipated expression.

“Why? Come out and speak, Venom.” Peter yelled at Eddie Brock’s body.

Venom slowly popped his head out from behind Eddie after hearing Peter calling himself, his eyes filled with horror.

“Venom, follow me.”

“No, I won’t be leaving. He is here.”

“Who is here?” Peter and Eddie asked at the same time.

“The God of all Symbiotes, the most terrifying existence in this universe.” Venom said as he looked at the two of them and trembled.


Like a shooting star, a huge black planet is moving forward.

A big throne was formed by a multitude of liquids that looked like cobwebs in the center of this black planet. A short man with shoulder-length silver-white hair was seated on the throne. He was wearing black liquids all over his body and had pale skin. A red flying dragon logo is emblazoned on the chest of the black armor.

That is Knull, the God of Symbiotes.

The Knowhere Fleet, commanded by the Star Destroyer, the coalition forces of the three empires, as well as the coalition forces of gods and superheroes from the Nine Realms, are positioned in front of this black Symbiote planet.

“The Symbiote planet Klyntar has been locked, and the Knowhere Fleet’s main guns have all been charged. Do you want to use the main gun?”

On the Star Destroyer’s deck, Wanda listened to the voice of the fleet commander.

“All the main guns of the Supreme Fleet have been fully charged…”

“All the main guns of the Skrull fleet have been fully charged…”

She coldly ordered, as her gaze fell on the planet approaching before her, “Fire!”

The Star Destroyer of the Knowhere Fleet’s main gun fired a huge beam of light the next instant, illuminating the night sky instantly before crashing into the planet like a rainbow piercing the sun.

Like an energy rain in space, a flood of identical light beams from the surrounding fleets erupted immediately after, but they all converged on the same target.

On the planet Klyntar.

Knull, who was seated on the throne, gave the sky a fierce smile as he looked up.

“It’s simply just a bunch of bugs making a useless effort. We can’t be stopped. We can’t be stopped by anyone, not even the gods, Celestials, or Rorschach and his minions.”

Knull slowly stood up as he spoke, opened his hands, and the area around him became a mass of liquid that became entangled in his right hand. A long sword appeared in Knull’s hand as he slowly pulled out his right hand.

The Necrosword is now attempting to consume Rorschach’s power, so this is not the All Black Necrosword. After the Necrosword swallowed Rorschach, Knull realized that Rorschach’s soul will was extremely powerful.

It still takes some time to erase Rorschach’s soul will, even if Knull uses the Soul Stone to destroy his soul.

When Rorschach’s soul will is destroyed and Necrosword consumed Rorschach’s spirit and power, then, at that point, The Necrosword will be strong in the future, and Knull’s power will likewise improve.

Knull couldn’t help but feel ecstatic just thinking about it. He jumped up, grabbed the sword, and dashed out of Klyntar.

Knull opened his mouth and slashed at the starship attacks, facing the volley of numerous attacks.

Numerous starship guns congregated. Despite the fact that Knull’s sword’s movement made it appear so small in comparison, This sword appears to be tearing apart the entire universe and the night sky.

The starship’s main gun appeared to have come across an impassable moat. The second Knull swung his sword. All the attacks were stopped by him.

Knull cut through attacks with a single swing, just as he did to the Celestials’ heads with a single blow, as countless explosions shook the space.

Energy shock waves resembling blossoming flowers were seen everywhere people looked at the screen. Everyone seemed to be hearing a deafening explosion in their minds, despite the fact that there was clearly no sound coming from space.

“We killed those Symbiotes by blowing them up!” Rocket Raccoon seemed to enjoy watching these kinds of fireworks, particularly those that were launched by the gun, which made him feel even more excited.

Wanda disregarded Rocket Raccoon, and her eyes were fixed on the screen of the screen. Riverie saw a black spot appear in the main gun explosion’s energy shock wave for a split second before it sped across space and toward Knowhere.

“It’s Knull.”

“A high-intensity life energy response was detected, and it is expected to arrive within thirty seconds within a range of the Knowhere Fleet’s defense line.” Now that Wanda knows everything there is to know about the Symbiotes, she knows that the one who attacked the Knowhere Fleet.

“I’ll go up against Knull with the superheroes and gods of the first echelon, and the other armies keep attacking the planet!” She waved her hands, opened the portal to space, and led the fight against Knull.

Quickly a while later, the mages of Kamar Taj likewise utilized the portal to transport the superheroes and the gods to Wanda’s side.

Powerful superheroes who have gone through a lot of training are the ones who can fight Knull. Examples include Tony Stark, who made his armor by combining the armor of the gods with nanotechnology, Captain Marvel, Jane Foster, Peter Parker, the Fantastic Four, and others.

The majority of the gods in the Nine Realms joined on their side. With her hands folded together, Wanda led the charge toward Knull with scarlet energy particles covering her entire body.

A scarlet net of red thunderbolts appeared to move in Knull’s direction from Wanda’s hands.

“Minor ploys.” Knull simply swung his sword and slashed after opening his mouth and revealing a row of fangs.

With energy blazes blazing all around her body, Captain Marvel moved to Knull, raised her clenched hand, and crushed Knull’s body as if Knull could be broken up with one blow.

However, Knull’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty expression. He grabbed Captain Marvel’s as he raised his palm.

Despite being so thin, her arm shot out with unimaginable force. The fist of Captain Marvel was just held in his hand, unable to move at all.

“Your power is very intriguing; it appears to have something to do with the Space Stone.”

Knull slashed down with the sword in his right hand as he saw Captain Marvel with burning eyes. Despite her best efforts, Captain Marvel’s right fist was caught by the opponent, preventing her from attempting a backward dodge. Accepting the sword’s assault with force.

After breaking through her energy defense, the sword cut into Captain Marvel’s arm. The sword was able to absorb the blood completely.

The Necrosword can assimilate the blood of the gods and consistently absorb its power. This red sword is not the Necrosword, but it shares some characteristics with it.

Captain Marvel’s only sensation was that her body’s power was wildly leaking out, and even the supernova energy around her was dimming a little.

Knull’s body was pelted with a hail of thunderbolts from Thor, Zeus, and other gods, leaving a scorched mark on the armor that covered him.

Tony Stark increased the strength of his armor to its fullest when the Symbiote on Knull’s body suffered a serious injury. He struck Knull on the arm, prompting Captain Marvel to retreat quickly.

Star fleets like the Knowhere Fleet also launched a fierce attack on the planet, and superheroes like Peter, Thor, the Fantastic Four, and others joined in the fight. The battle situation immediately descended into chaos.

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