Rorschach asks Nebula whether she wants to kill Thanos. Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight walked up to Thanos without waiting for Nebula to respond.

“I won’t let you hurt him!” Ebony Maw lifted his hands, and an undetectable supernatural power detonated, making the whole deck shake.

Rorschach didn’t take it seriously and only used the force field to resist the telekinetic force’s impact. In a flash, he teleported to the front of Ebony Maw and extended his hand to grab his throat. In the original plot, Ebony Maw was powerful enough to capture even Doctor Strange. However, in the comics, this supposedly loyal servant has actually betrayed Thanos multiple times.

Rorschach would never hold back for someone like that. Proxima Midnight hurriedly made a move as soon as Rorschach grabbed Ebony Maw’s throat. She could only clench her fists and rush forward to fight Rorschach because his spear had already broken.

However, Proxima punched Rorschach’s body with only a clang and a sharp pain from the tip of her fist simultaneously. She broke her wrist. It appeared as the steel plate held the punch she had just delivered instead of Rorschach.

Proxima took a few steps back while clutching her hand in pain as she felt the intense pain.

With one hand on Ebony Maw’s throat, Rorschach smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it will be your turn soon, and you will soon be reunited with your lover in the world of the dead.”

He broke his neck, but he didn’t die right away. Rorschach’s eyes were red, and two hot beams immediately consumed Ebony Maw.

Rorschach smiled as he turned to look at Proxima after dealing with Ebony Maw.

“You are more terrifying than those Symbiotes outside! What kind of monster are you?” Proxima retreated slowly as her body began to shake.

She would not be treated lightly by Rorschach simply because she was a woman. The two intensity beam fell, and Proxima was burnt up in the midst of shouts.

Nebula approached Thanos with a knife in her hand at this point. Thanos murmured for help. The Titans have a lot of strength. However long the head isn’t slashed off, regardless of how serious the excess wounds are, there is an opportunity for him to live.

Nebula has no intention of saving her father.

“Thanos, you tortured me and made me a machine. Have you ever considered that one day I will kill you?” Nebula asked, viciously staring at Thanos.

“Nebula, in my heart, I love you and Gamora…”

“Bullshit. Despite your love for Gamora, you never really loved me!” Nebula interrupted Thanos as she spoke. She pulled hard after tightly clenching the dagger and slashing Thanos in the neck.

Nebula killed him. She chuckled fiercely from the get-go, and afterward, the giggling debilitated a tad, transforming into crying.

Rorschach made no effort to interrupt. A leader must be able to moderately allow subordinates to express their feelings when they are overwhelmed.

Nebula’s animosity toward Thanos is more about being envious of the fact that Thanos loves Gamora more than she does, and not necessarily for abusing Nebula or turning her body into a machine.

Rorschach only received hundreds of thousands of reward points after Nebula killed Thanos.

Despite the fact that he is a member of the ultimate boss in the original Avengers plot, Thanos lacks the Infinity Stones and has normal strength. Without the help of the Infinity Stone, Thanos cannot defeat Odin and The Ancient One with this level of strength.

Additionally, the Infinity Stones are the setting for the events that impact the original plot most. Gathering them will remunerate him 6 million focuses. The primary factor that alters the plot points is this.

Thanos received a thermal vision cremation from Rorschach.

When Nebula said she wanted to keep Thanos’ head as a memento, Rorschach asked, “Why keep Thanos’ head? Would you like to bury it in the ground, or would you like to get up around evening time and use it as a urinal?”

Under Rorschach’s enticing allurement, Nebula at last surrendered, keeping Thanos’ head. Subsequent to assisting Thanos with being incinerated, Rorschach requested everybody to leave Sanctuary II.

“Riverie, activate the Star Destroyer’s main gun and immediately fire a blast at Sanctuary II. Everybody get away from the ship.” Gamora and Drax got a brief explanation from Rorschach.

Drax felt a sudden surge of vengeance when he learned that Thanos had passed away. Gamora thought she would be overjoyed to learn that Thanos had passed away, but she suddenly shed tears in the corners of her eyes for no apparent reason.

Rorschach and Nebula quickly left with Rorschach, and Gamora and Drax also quickly left.

Numerous Terminator robots were also infected with the Symbiotes during the conflict. Drax and Gamora had time to retreat when a large number of Terminator robots were left to intercept the Symbiotes.

Riverie took control of the Star Destroyer’s main gun, at which point she fired a thick energy ray at Sanctuary II.

Even in the immense universe, the energy beams of the main weapon of the Star Destroyer are still very big, as though a shooting star hit Sanctuary II.

A brilliant light erupted from the interior of Sanctuary II after a brief moment of silence. In a split second, the fire consumed Sanctuary II in its entirety and then burst into flames, blooming in the universe like a stunning firework.

They revert to nothingness after the fireworks bloom. Rorschach closed his eyes and looked around Sanctuary II’s explosion zone to ensure no more Symbiotes existed.

Symbiotes cannot survive high-temperature burning or an explosion because they are already vulnerable to flames.

“Knull took the stone away. System, now the difficulty of collecting infinite gems increases. Isn’t it time to raise the task reward?”

Rorschach spoke loudly to his System. However, the System does not respond at all. Thanos’ task ended with the destruction of Sanctuary II.

Rorschach realizes that this matter is nowhere near finished, and he will confront a more troublesome rival than Thanos, the God of Symbiotes.

“We must create an anti-Symbiote Iron Legion and a batch of anti-Symbiote armor as soon as possible…”

Riverie received a distress signal from the three universe-spanning empires on the Star Destroyer’s bridge.

“A Symbiote invading force has confronted the Kree Empire Fleet. Please help!”

“The Skrull Empire Fleet encountered a Symbiote invasion.”

“The Shi’ar Empire Fleet encountered another Symbiote invasion!”

Nearly simultaneously, the coalition forces of the three empires issued a distress signal. The Collector replied quickly. Presently there are hints of Symbiotes showing up all around the universe.

“Riverie, immediately dispatch all Terminator robots to assist the three empires’ coalition forces. The living legion should try to avoid directly confronting the Symbiote to avoid becoming parasitized. The Terminator army ought to have first priority over all rescue efforts.”

The Symbiotes invaded so quickly that Rorschach had no idea how to prepare them. Rorschach opened the portal and returned to Knowhere right after giving Riverie the rescue order.

Rorschach must construct the Anti-Symbiote Iron Legion and armor as soon as possible.

In the wake of showing up in Knowhere, The Collector was all the while turning on the computer to hold a gathering with individuals from other civilizations from different planets. Tony, who was dating a model from the earth, was brought by Rorschach. By opening a portal, and pulling him straight to the laboratory.

“Where is this place? Wait… Rorschach? For what reason did you abruptly send me here?” Tony glanced around vacantly.

Because Rorschach didn’t have time to talk to him, he just said, “Tony, do you remember when Venom parasitized Peter?” You researched the Anti-Venom, right?”

Rorschach doesn’t have time to start a new study, so he wants to use Tony’s findings directly. Naturally, his technology will not be wasted.

“Yes, I have studied it, but the particular effect cannot be confirmed. Vecause Venom prevented me from testing it.”

Tony straightened his posture, looked at Rorschach’s serious expression, and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Venom’s God made an appearance. This universe is being invaded by an army of Symbiotes led by Knull, the God of Symbiotes.” Rorschach spoke clearly.

“Help me open a portal leading to the basement of my house, where my Anti-Venom Armor and all research materials are.” Tony said as soon as he heard this.

“Alright.” Rorschach opened the portal that connected the void to Tony’s basement.

Tony went through the entry, got back to the cellar, and gathered a bunch of white steel suits. “This set of armor is equipped with high-temperature and sonic weapons. The installation of a Symbiote monitoring system on the armor is the most significant aspect. But don’t worry, this set of battle armor can withstand extremely high temperatures.”

“The internal heat dissipation system will collect high temperatures from recharging the weapons. This Armor will automatically heat up and burn. It also prevents the wearer will not be impacted by extreme heat. Otherwise, it can scorch the user inside and kill the symbiote at a high temperature at the same time. However, there is currently no actual combat information for this armor.”

“I just need you to guarantee that this armor won’t burn the wearer into charcoal, and I can take care of the rest for the time being.” Rorschach said as he was pleased with Tony’s Anti-Venom armor.

“Obviously, I have tried this, and I can bet my name as Iron Man as an assurance.” Tony spoke with confidence.

Rorschach had no more doubts after Tony said that.

“I need your help. A short time later, Riverie will change over every one of the innovations of the Anti-Venom Armor into credits.”

Rorschach took over Tony’s design drawing for the Anti-Venom Armor and all of the test data as he spoke. He then passed it to Riverie’s database, where Riverie integrated and calculated it, and immediately went into production.

“You think I care? Please, I’m a superhero as well. Together, let’s save the world!” He appears eager to fight as he dons his Anti-Venom armor.

But naturally, Rorschach would not permit this researcher to join the battle at the front lines.

“Tony, for the time being, you remain in the laboratory in Knowhere. You will gain a lot of actual combat data after your Anti-Venom Armor is officially used in battle. You must keep updating your armor until we win this battle before completely eliminating Knull.” Rorschach held down Tony’s fretful heart and advised him to go on back to the research center.

He opened a new portal.

Upon seeing the scene, Tony opened the armor’s mask and asked, “What are you doing then, Rorschach? Remember that you are also a scientist, and you must stay and study with me.”

“No, I’ll save the world.” He replied.

Rorschach ignored Tony as he finished speaking and sped through the portal to the cosmic starry sky, the Kree Empire’s front line, and the Symbiote battlefield.

As Riverie took over Knowhere, the industrialized sequential construction system was running rapidly. Each Anti-Venom armor was quickly assembled on the assembly line before being transported to the transport ship and then to the soldiers on the front line using the transport ship.

Additionally, the Anti-Symbite Terminator robot was quickly manufactured.

To speed up the creation, many high-level civilization planets, for example, the Earth and Hala have joined the development of Anti-Symbiote weapons.

The battle’s situation immediately changed when the first batch of Anti-Symbiote Armor and Terminator Legion arrived on the scene.

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Published On: May 14, 2023

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