“Sealing magic is a very advanced magic, and there are many classifications. But there are mainly two types: Soul Sealing and Artifact Sealing. Soul sealing is to seal the opponent’s soul directly in one’s body and suppress the opponent with spirit, will, and magic power.”

“The advantage is that it can be used directly without any preparation. The disadvantage is that if the opponent’s strength is stronger than your own, it will be backlashed and seize control of the body. During sealing, you will no longer be able to use magic.”

“Veronica is an example, so Jerry, you have to remember. Don’t use the soul seal on the enemy unless it is absolutely necessary.” In Dave’s underground laboratory, Balthazar is teaching Jerry about sealing magic.

“I understand.” Jerry nodded quickly when he heard Balthazar’s warning.

He’s not the kind of person who likes to stuff other people’s souls into his own body.

Upon seeing this, Balthazar continued to explain, “The second is the safer and more reliable seal using artifacts. But to perform this kind of seal, you need to prepare the artifacts in advance and engrave the sealing magic circle on the artifacts.”

“The magic circle can absorb the magic power of the outside world so that the sealed wizard cannot break through the seal, thus achieving the effect of long-term sealing.”

“If the sealed wizard is too powerful, then double or triple sealing of the magic circle can be used to seal other magicians as a source of power to strengthen the deepest seal. But to do this, one must have a strong understanding of the magic.” Having said that, Balthazar paused for a moment with a somewhat smug look on his face.

The matryoshka doll used the three magic circles, using Horvath, Sun Lok, and the little nun as the source of sealing power to contain Morgana for thousands of years.

“It seems that the most important thing about this sealing magic is the artifacts and sealing magic array prepared in advance.” After hearing Balthazar’s explanation, Jerry finally found the point of the sealing magic that he hadn’t figured out.

“If you don’t want to use the Soul Sealing without preparation. Then as a last resort, you can also use your body to temporarily be the sealing circle and seal it in a temporary vessel together with the sealed person. Just like when I met Dave, in order to stop Horvath, I was sealed with him in a temporary vase.” Balthazar continued to explain.

In this way, through Balthazar’s detailed explanation, the sealing magic slowly unraveled in front of Jerry’s eyes. Learning is like this. No matter how smart you are, you will fall into misunderstandings when there is no one to guide you.

With the guidance of an experienced teacher, you can quickly grasp the key points and make rapid progress in learning. Under the guidance of Balthazar, Jerry quickly figured out the principle and key points of sealing magic, and he had already understood it almost before leaving this world.

It is estimated that it will take time to study after going back. It will take at most one or two months to master it successfully. In Jerry’s view, Sealing Magic is the magic of sealing the enemy by gathering powerful energy through a special magic circle.

This magic circle can gather energy from the outside world, and it can also gather magic power in the wizard’s body. If the accumulated energy is much higher than the energy in the body of the person to be sealed, the seal is successful. Otherwise, the seal will either fail or it will explode within a short period of time.

Moreover, the casting of sealing magic also has strict conditions, and the sealed person must be weak or not resisting. Otherwise, it will be difficult to succeed.

Morgana could be sealed back then because Merlin had destroyed Morgana’s body, and Morgana’s soul was temporarily suppressed in Veronica’s body. The reason for being able to seal Horvath, Sun Lok, and the little nun was because Balthazar defeated them back then.

This sealing magic cannot be used as combat magic. It is only suitable for those enemies who cannot be killed or do not want to be killed.

For example, Voldemort.

“Jerry, are you leaving again?” At the door of the underground laboratory in New York, Dave looked at Jerry sadly.

Jerry smiled, “I still have some things to deal with in the UK. I will come back to see you when I have time.”

However, after leaving this time, he may not come back for a while. He has basically learned most of the magic in this world. Maybe coming back just to catch up with Dave and Balthazar.

Both of them are wizards who can live forever. In the future, they will naturally have time to catch up on the old days. When he doesn’t need to rush to improve his strength, he will naturally have a lot of time. For the time being, his time will be used in more useful places.

“Dave, Jerry is right. After a while, Veronica and I will leave New York to travel around the world. In the future, you must study magic by yourself.” At this time Balthazar came over with Veronica.

After solving Morgana and rescuing his lover Veronica, the millennium mission and heart knot were finally untied. Next, he will take Veronica, who has been sealed for thousands of years, to take a good look at this brand-new world.

So the two have decided to stay for another week, and when they fully adapt to the life of modern people, they will go on a trip around the world.

“Wow, really?” Hearing Balthazar and Veronica’s travel plans, Jerry couldn’t help showing envy.

Traveling around the world was what he most wanted to do in his previous life.

Many people want to travel around the world with the person they like, go to every different country in the world, meet different people, experience different customs, see different scenery, and taste local snacks.

Unfortunately, the pressure of life makes most ordinary people spend their entire lives buying a house, repaying mortgages, raising children, and supporting their parents. Or even worse, when you get old, you don’t even have any money, and you still have to be rejected by your children.

Fortunately, Jerry has practiced meditation, so he will surely be able to live forever in the future and have enough time to travel around the world. Even travel around the universe, and travel around various worlds.

But what he needs to do now is to have enough strength to face the dangers he will encounter when traveling around the universe and various worlds in the future.

After bidding farewell to Dave and Balthazar, Jerry rode a broomstick, found an empty alley, and pressed the button to return to the main world on the strange panel.

After closing and opening his eyes, he returned to the room in the main world.


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