When the outside world was in darkness, in the solar dimension, Rorschach was still wrapped in the Necrosword, and there was no movement at all. Suddenly, a figure floated from the corner of the solar dimension and appeared in front of the Necrosword.

“Who is that?”

This person is none other than Peter Quill, who was imprisoned in the solar dimension by Rorschach before to learn how to control Ego’s energy.

In fact, after this period of training, Quill can almost control the powerful life energy proficiently. Rorschach has been busy dealing with the Symbiotes recently and does not have time to check on Quill’s training progress.

Quill is not in a hurry to go out now. He intends to stay in the solar dimension for a while longer, and when everyone has almost forgotten all about his work, he will consider going out to find Gamora to get back together.

Quill looked up and down at the large black substance in front of him, “According to my years of experience in the galaxy, this should be a meteorite…”

Quill raised his hand, knocked on the outer shell of the Necrosword, and made a crisp metal trembling sound. He nodded smugly, “It’s still a metal meteorite. Rorschach threw this thing into the solar dimension. It’s probably quite valuable.”

Thinking this thing might be valuable, Quill’s first reaction was to steal it. Rorschach regards the solar dimension as a storage space, which is indeed a huge treasure house, but the place where the treasures are stored is divided separately, and it is impossible for Quill to find it.

Quill was about to leave when suddenly, a strange thought forced its way into his brain. He stared uncontrollably at the black iron lump in front of him, his hands trembling slightly, trying to touch it

“What’s wrong with my hand? Why do I want to touch this thing?”

Quill pressed his hands on the black substance uncontrollably. But the strange thing is that the black substance that was as hard as iron just now suddenly became soft, like a puddle of liquid black jelly.

Quill’s hands were caught in the black liquid. He endured nausea and fear. A moment later, Quill’s right hand touched an object that was a little bigger than a pigeon egg. The moment he touched this object, Quill’s soul seemed to be shocked by electricity, and his whole body seemed to be going to heaven on the spot.

“What the hell is this?!”

Quill cursed. His hands held the gem-shaped object. He grabbed the gem with his bare hands, and a terrifying force erupted from Quill’s palm as if to tear his body apart open. The pain in the body is bearable, but what really makes Quill feel unbearable is the tearing feeling from the soul.

However, even though Quill was in great pain, he still subconsciously told him to hold on to the gem and pull it out with all his strength.

As Quill pulled the gem-like object, the mass of black liquid in front of him seemed to come alive, turning into dozens of black tentacles wrapped around Quill’s arm. Not only preventing Quill from pulling the stone but even swallowing Quill into this mass of black liquid together.

“No… I don’t want to be eaten by you monster…” At this moment, Quill thought of Gamora. Energy exploded from his body, his eyes burst into bright blue light, and he tried his best to fight against these black tentacles.

The next second, another strange hand stretched out from the mass of black liquid, scaring Quill back a step, almost peeing out. But that strange hand didn’t intend to attack Quill. Instead, it grabbed a handful of black liquid substance and tore it with all its strength.

Seeing this scene, he understood that this thing might be sealing someone, and he pondered for a second whether he should help or not.

Quill thought, what if the seal inside was an evil person? But his body is not under his control at all, or to be more precise, Quill’s consciousness seems to be controlled by someone, and his hands actually go up to help him tear off the black liquid substance.

“Rorschach! What the hell did you throw here?” Quill raised his head and yelled at the sky.

In his opinion, Rorschach should have thrown this thing in. As for who was sealed inside, Quill didn’t think about Rorschach at all.

When Rorschach and Gorr were fighting before, although the solar dimension coincided with the real world, the solar dimension is so vast. The scale is already beyond the entire solar system because there are tens of thousands of suns in it.

So the part where the solar dimension overlaps with the real world is smaller than a needle thrown in the ocean, and Quill may not be aware of what happened in that small area.

“Shut up!” Rorschach’s voice came from the liquid.

Quill was startled with fright and looked at the black liquid in front of him in a daze.

With the tearing of that hand, Rorschach’s face appeared in front of Quill’s eyes. In an instant, Quill’s eyes flashed with various emotions of shock, surprise, bewilderment, and gloating.

Before Quill asked why Rorschach appeared here, he only heard his voice, “What are you doing? Continue to grab the Soul Stone from me!”

“Soul Stone?”

Quill finally understood why he felt a tearing pain in the depths of his soul. It turned out that it was all because of the Soul Stone.

Quill was full of doubts, but it seemed that this was not the time to ask this. He immediately exploded with energy, pulling the Soul Stone into the black liquid substance with all his might. Rorschach’s upper body has broken free from the shackles of the Necrosword.

There was a smile on his face, five Infinity Stones appeared on his right hand, and a wave of energy began to invade the Necrosword along with Rorschach’s right hand.


Knull killed superheroes and gods with his sword.

Even the coalition that gathered the strongest fighters from the Nine Realms and the Three Great Empires of the universe is still unable to defeat Knull. Knull has not yet recovered to his peak strength at this moment, and the Necrosword is not in his hands right now.

If the Necrosword is in hand, even if it is the face of a really strong god, Knull will swing the sword once, killing them like chopping melons and vegetables.

But when Knull unilaterally ravaged many superheroes and gods, at this moment, Knull suddenly felt the tingling deep in his soul. Something happened to the Necrosword. Knull suddenly froze in place, Wanda seized the opportunity, and the chaos magic turned into a long whip, trapping Knull’s body.

Thor and Zeus left and right, the Stormbreaker, and the golden lightning carried the momentum of thunder and attacked Knull’s head.

“Get out!”

Knull roared, and the red symbiote sword in his hand slashed down heavily. This blow was so powerful that even the sword seemed unable to withstand this terrifying force and gradually fell apart and turned into nothing during the process of cutting it down.

The space erupted with tremors, and this sword cut the space with a crack. Accompanied by the shattering of the space crack, a pitch-black shock wave centered on Knull and spread out in all directions like destruction.

“Defend with all your strength!”

“All starships maximize their energy shields and prepare for impact!”

In an instant, the communication channel was full of voices.  All the starships gave up their attack and maximized their energy shields.

Thor and Zeus were hit by the shock wave first, and both of them spurted a big mouthful of blood, and their bodies flew upside down like a kite with a broken string. Wanda was exhausted, and the chaotic magic gushed out, forming a huge scarlet protective shield covering all superheroes and gods.

This shockwave swept across, but it was like a strong wind passing through, sweeping everything.

The superheroes and the gods were staggered by this energy impact, vomiting blood in severe cases. All the energy shields of the Star Fleet were destroyed as if they were scattered in the starry sky after being washed away by the strong shockwaves.

The hearts of the superheroes and gods on the starship were beating wildly, and everyone’s eyes fell in the middle of the battlefield. They felt like being surrounded by a dark aura all over their body.

For a while, a feeling called despair spread in everyone’s heart.

Wanda stood up with difficulty, protected some seriously injured superheroes with chaos magic, sent them back to the ship, then waved her hands down and flew in front of Knull with the help of magic. She wants to use her own power to stop the Symbiote God.

However, at this moment, he didn’t even look at Wanda. His eyes pierced through the space as if he was looking for something.

The next second, Knull stretched out his hands and forcibly tore open a rift in the space in front of him, then got in without saying a word and disappeared in front of everyone.

The space rift recovered in an instant.

Wanda froze. All the superheroes present, the gods, and the soldiers on the starship were also stunned.

He actually left the battlefield.

A name unconsciously emerged in their minds.


Rorschach must have done something to lure him away.

“Everyone, attack Klyntar and destroy all Symbiotes!” Wanda stood at the forefront of the battlefield, raised her arms, and the voice was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears present through the chaos magic.

The momentum of the coalition army rose instantly, and everyone seemed to have been injected with adrenaline and crazily attacked Klyntar Planet.

Countless beams of energy blasted brilliant fireworks into the space. Superheroes and gods led the star fleet and collided with the black tide-like Symbiotes.


Solar Dimension.

Using the power of the Infinity Stones, Rorschach intends to turn against the enemy and completely erase Knull’s soul on the Necrosword, thereby seizing control of the Necrosword.

However, Knull felt that the Necrosword was getting out of his control, so he immediately broke the space barrier and descended on Rorschach’s solar dimension.

“How dare you steal my Black Death Sword?” After Knull descended to the solar dimension, he first saw Rorschach and Quill, who was grabbing the Necrosword.

Without waiting for any reaction from the two of them, Knull stepped out, and his figure appeared beside Quill in an instant. His sharp claws hit Quill, and he tore Quill’s body apart with just one blow.

Quill was hit hard in an instant, and his body flew upside down uncontrollably.

Fortunately, Quill has absorbed a large amount of Ego’s life energy. Even if he is seriously injured, he will not die immediately. The life energy in his body gushes out and he quickly recovers from his injuries.

After defeating Quill, Knull began to fight with Rorschach for control of the Necrosword.

Because the time was too short, Rorschach only occupied half of the control of the Necrosword. If given another ten minutes, he could completely erase Knull’s soul traces on the Necrosword and use the Necrosword for himself.

However, Knull appearance forcibly terminated Rorschach’s plan.

Feeling that he was losing control of the Necrosword little by little, Rorschach made a decisive decision and forcibly split the Necrosword in two. The black liquid substance was divided into two parts by Rorschach, Rorschach took about one-third of it, and Knull took the remaining two-thirds.

Rorschach and Knull were separated by hundreds of meters, standing face to face.

The liquid substance that was divided into two groups squirmed one after another like a living thing. Attached to the arms of their respective masters and turned into long black swords.

Rorschach’s eyes fell on the black long sword in Knull’s hand, and he clicked his tongue with some regret, “If only you could give me a little more time.”

For this reason, Rorschach even used the acceleration function of the Time Stone, but for the existence of the level of the Necrosword, the influence of the Time Stone on it is very limited.

Knull was furious when he heard Rorschach’s words, “Is this what you planned long ago?”

Knull has been laying out the layout from the beginning in order to let the Necrosword swallow Rorschach’s power and soul.

Rorschach smiled, “From the very beginning, I guessed that you would definitely deal with me, but I didn’t know how you would do it. I thought that you had awakened, but you didn’t take back the sword from the hands of Gorr. After that, I have guessed it.”

Rorschach transferred the five Infinity Stones to the Necrosword in his hand and continued, “The moment the Necrosword devoured me, I used the Time and Soul Stone to prevent the Necrosword from eroding my soul. I sent psychic energy to Quill, asking him to come and help me seize the Necrosword.”

Knull took the Soul Stone from Thanos to prevent Rorschach from becoming too strong to defeat after collecting all six Infinity Stones. Rorschach also intends to take away the Necrosword. Knull, who lost the Necrosword, is like a tiger whose fangs have been pulled out.

“I underestimated you. I had no choice but to kill you to erase the mistakes I made.” The best way to solve a problem is to kill the person who caused it.

Knull took a step forward as he spoke and teleported to Rorschach at an extremely fast speed. The Necrosword in his hand turned into black lightning, and he slashed out.

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Published On: May 16, 2023

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