Rorschach fled desperately, flying through various multiverses. TOAA showed an impatient look on his face, but he didn’t dare to destroy the surrounding universe recklessly. After all, the multiverse and the abyss are two completely opposite existences.

It only destroys a small number of universes, and basically it will not have much impact. But if too many multiverses are destroyed, the power of the abyss will be enhanced invisibly, and it is very likely to cause an imbalance between the power of the multiverse and the abyss.

Once this happens, The First Firmament will not sit idly by. After all, the multiverse can only be regarded as a fragment of The First Firmament, and the destruction of the universe is equivalent to destroying the fragments of The First Firmament.

In order to avoid angering First Firmament, TOAA could only chase after Rorschach, flying through the gaps in the multiverse.

Except for the universes destroyed by TOAA at the beginning, he gradually restrained himself a lot later. Unless his shots inevitably affected the surrounding universes in the process of chasing Rorschach, he would not easily destroy a big universe. This greatly limits the speed at which TOAA can catch up.

Just like that, Rorschach was hunted down by TOAA, crossing countless cosmic spaces. Rorschach didn’t know how long he had escaped, and he tried to hide in a certain universe, but he was still chased by TOAA.

Over time, Rorschach tried his best to avoid the universe with high-level civilizations, and urgently needed to escape to the depths of the universe.


Rorschach’s Universe, Earth.

After Knull left the Symbiote army and left the universe, the army led by the Knowhere Fleet launched the most violent attack on Klyntar.

Especially not long after, the Quill suddenly entered the battlefield, and the top forces in the universe gathered together. It took only a few days to completely wipe out all the Symbiotes on the entire Klyntar. There is only Venom as last Symbiote left.

After the war ended. Quill told Wanda and others about Rorschach.

“Rorschach pretended to be controlled by the Necrosword in order to seize the opportunity to seize the control of the Necrosword. Of course, this was with my help. Without my help, it would be impossible for Rorschach to successfully capture a part of the Necrosword.”

Quill is the last person to see Rorschach, so he is surrounded by everyone, listening to Quill’s story what he has seen and heard in the solar dimension.

“At the critical moment when we seized the Necrosword, guess what? Knull shattered the space and descended into the solar dimension.”

Quill suddenly changed the subject, and with an indomitable momentum, he said impassionedly, “In order to let Rorschach concentrate on seizing the control of the Necrosword, I took the initiative to fight Knull.”

When Wanda heard that her veins were bulging, and her hands were wrapped in scarlet particles, as if she would crush Quill.

Thor put his Stormbreaker on Quill’s neck, “Do you think we haven’t fought against Knull? I can beat you by myself, and Knull can beat us all by himself.”

Quill hesitated instantly, “Okay, okay, I exaggerated a little bit. It was Rorschach and Knull who fought for a long time.”

“What about the Necrosword?” Gamora asked, she had never faced Knull’s strength directly, and she believed Quill’s words at first, but when she found out that Quill was bragging, she was extremely disappointed.

“Half of the Necrosword was taken by Knull. I didn’t help at all, Knull was too powerful, he slapped me away…” Quill told the truth helplessly.

Hela slapped his face, “Hurry up and tell me if Lord Rorschach beaten that guy named Knull to death.”

Everyone looked expectantly at Quill. He hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “I don’t know, Knull saw that he was defeated by Rorschach, so he broke through the space and escaped. Rorschach chased him and left the dimension.”

“What happened next?” the crowd asked again.

Quill shook his head, “I don’t know what happened afterwards. Rorschach released me out of the solar dimension before leaving. Knull is not Rorschach’s opponent. Maybe he will come back soon.”

“Yes, Rorschach has never let us down, and he will definitely be back soon.” Thor also agreed.

“Of course, he will return soon. Before Rorschach returns, all the damage caused by the Symbiotes will be repaired, and the Earth, the Nine Realms, and other civilizations in the universe will establish new defenses as soon as possible. We must learn from this lesson to prevent a powerful enemy from invading.”

Wanda’s concluding speech, after this war, Wanda has become the core speaker of the major civilizations in the universe today. Following Wanda’s order, everyone immediately discussed the plan to rebuild their homes.

Wanda, in order to keep herself busy, sits directly in Knowhere, while coordinating the construction and development of major civilizations in the universe, while waiting for Rorschach’s return.

Five years has passed.

During these five years, Wanda’s longing for Rorschach has never ceased for a moment. She often dreams that Rorschach has returned, and she lives in seclusion on the earth with her, living an ordinary life. She also gave birth to two boys.

But every time when Wanda woke up, Wanda realized that she was alone, and an extremely strong sense of loneliness invaded Wanda’s heart.


Kamar Taj.

Seeing Wanda in a red dress arrive at Kamar Taj, Wong led a group of mages from Karma Taj to welcome Wanda.

“Wanda, I wonder if why you have come to Kamar Taj. What business do you have?”

Wanda smiled at Wang and said, “I want to go into Kamar Taj’s library to find magic knowledge related to the multiverse.”

“The magic of the multiverse… Sorry, Wanda, the knowledge of magic related to the multiverse is forbidden, and only the Sorcerer Supreme is eligible to access it.” Wang replied staidly.

“You mean, I’m not qualified?” Wanda looked at Wong coldly with a stiff expression.

Ares felt that the atmosphere was not good, stepped forward, “Hey, I asked you to go through the multiverse to find the whereabouts of him, but you are able to do so. You can’t even travel through the multiverse with your magic.”

“I’ll give you another three years, no, I’ll give you five years, five years! I’ll give you another five years, can you travel across the multiverse?” Ares poked Wong’s chest with his finger.

Wong wanted to say yes, but he hesitated for a moment, and finally turned into a deflated ball. Even the Ancient One needs to take advantage of the opportunity of Dormammu’s power to do so. How can it be so easy to travel through the multiverse?

After trying to understand this point, Wong looked at Wanda again, “Wanda, if you want to check the magic knowledge of the multiverse, please follow me.”

After speaking, Wong led Wanda towards Kamar Taj’s library.


Going back in time to a few years ago.

Multiverse space.

Rorschach was still running from TOAA.

Until one day, he broke through a cosmic space barrier, and the other end of the space barrier was no longer an endless multiverse, but arrived in a special space. What caught Rorschach’s eyes was a wall.

A huge golden wall stretching between the sky and the earth, which seems to have no end. If you look carefully, you will find that there are many superpowers with terrifying aura hanging on this golden wall. Even, a superpower above the multiverse level.

“It’s the Source Wall.” After seeing this wall, Rorschach immediately connected with the Source Wall of the DC universe.

He even saw an extremely familiar existence on the golden wall.

“Holy… Yuga Khan, the father of Darkseid, one of the gods in the DC universe. The only terrifying existence that came down from the Source Wall, but because he was obsessed with the mystery of the wall, and… yeah.”

In the setting of DC, whether it is Darkseid or this Yuga Khan, there is only one body. Those in other parallel universes can only be regarded as clones.

For example, the power of Darkseid only reaches the level of a single universe. But Darkseid’s body is an existence that has reached the level of the multiverse.

In the comic Darkseid War, Darkseid fights against the Anti-Monitor. Its flames of war burned to countless universes.

Even if he is as strong as Dakseid, he has to turn around and run away when he sees him.  It was such a powerful existence, Rorschach witnessed Yuga Khan hanging on the wall of origin.

“Unfortunately, I can’t take a picture right now.”

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed through Rorschach’s mind, and he suddenly remembered that there was a pursuer behind him. There was another sound of the space barrier bursting, and a huge palm grabbed Rorschach in his hand.

“Finally, I finally got you. What is that?”

After TOAA caught Rorschach, his huge body also passed through this space barrier and appeared in the special space where the Source Wall is located.

Obviously, this is TOAA from the Marvel Universe, and he has never seen the Source Wall in the DC universe before. Taking advantage of the moment when TOAA was shocked and confused. Rorschach’s power exploded, and with all his strength, he pushed TOAA towards the Source Wall.

Rorschach exploded with all his strength, and when he couldn’t catch it, TOAA became unsteady, and leaned towards the Source Wall.

“What are you doing?”

After realizing that something was wrong, TOAA squeezed Rorschach in his hand, and his huge body wanted to return to the previous universe. However, the stronger the strength and the larger the volume, the greater the gravitational force of the Source Wall.

Suddenly, TOAA found that his body was flying towards the Source Wall uncontrollably. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t escape the gravity of the Source Wall.

In his palm. Rorschach drew out the Necrosword, and frantically slashed at the finger of TOAA.

“Break me! I don’t want to be hung on the Source Wall, let go of me!”

Rorschach’s Necrosword cut through the fingers of TOAA, greedily sucking the blood of TOAA, and continued to grow, repairing the part that was previously melted by the beam.

However, even TOAA would not let go of him. Rorschach and TOAA hung on the Source Wall together.

Seeing that the space cracks in front of them are gradually repairing, and the universe has returned to the previous situation. Rorschach and TOAA are hanging on the Source Wall at the same time, and the two are struggling crazily, trying to get off the wall.

But no matter how hard they try, they cannot regain their freedom. After all, not everyone can break free from the shackles of the Source Wall like Yuga Khan.

“I really want to feel the power of the Source Wall.” He could vaguely feel a divine power from the Source Wall.

“By the way, the Source Wall is the source of all the power of DC’s gods. Am I considered a new god?”

Rorschach thought for a while, “I should be between a new god and an old god. I will not only be hung on the Source Wall, but also be able to establish a divine power link with the Source Wall.”

“But will there be a problem absorbing the divine power of the Source Wall?”

Rorschach fell into deep thought, and TOAA beside him was cursing, as if he was blaming Rorschach for hanging him on the Source Wall.

“You were the one who wanted to kill me first, okay? Why should I push you off the Source Wall? Shut up, wait until I get down from the Source Wall, and I’ll be the first to kill you.” After cursing back, Rorschach ignored TOAA.

Not long after, Rorschach’s God of Destruction power was absorbing the new divine power of the Source Wall, when he suddenly noticed a crack on the wall not far from him.

Rorschach knows something about the Source Wall, which seems to be related to Perpetua, the creator of the DC multiverse. But no matter what, Rorschach tried to infiltrate the power of destruction into that crack.

“The God of Destruction can actually enter the Source Wall.” Rorschach was pleasantly surprised to find that his divine power can penetrate into the Source Wall, which is the DC Universe.

If your power is defined as a ‘new god’ by the Source Wall, you can indeed let yourself enter the DC universe. As soon as he thought of this, Rorschach was frantically planning how to make good use of this point in his mind.

“It’s not a problem to always hang on the wall like this, but if you want to get down from the Source Wall. You must either find the Black Lantern Ring or the White Lantern Ring.”

Maybe one day, when Rorschach’s absorbs enough powerful power, he can help his Kryptonian bloodline to be promoted to the Golden Superman level. But before that, Rorschach planned to use his current power and blood to create a clone and sneak into the DC universe.

After the decision, Rorschach cut out part of his blood, and then wrapped the power of the God of Destruction around the Necrosword, and then let the Necrosword carry a drop of Rorschach’s blood, and moved it to the gap in the Source Wall little by little.

Slowly through this crack, seeping into the interior of the Source Wall.

Inside the Source Wall, there is a multiverse belonging to the DC universe.

Rorschach’s drop of blood penetrated the Source Wall, and was carried by the Necrosword to a nearby universe. At the same time, it absorbed divine power to transform that drop of blood into a clone exactly like Rorschach.

The main body of Rorschach on the Source Wall closed his eyes, and projected his consciousness onto the avatar through the link.

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