Lex Corp collapsed overnight because of the death of its president. The instigator of all this was Rorschach. He was lying on Diana’s lap.

“In this life, only food and lap pillows can are worth living for.” Rorschach sighed. The soft and delicate skin touch made Rorschach feel like he was in the clouds.

Diana held a book in one hand and placed the other hand on Rorschach’s head. Two slender fingers were gently pressing on Rorschach’s temples.

“Rorschach, I want to go back to Paradise Island recently.”

Regarding Diana’s words, Rorschach replied without thinking, “Okay”.

“I want you to accompany me to meet my mother and my people.” Diana added.


Rorschach opened his eyes and looked at Diana’s face, “Are you taking me to meet your parents?”

“Yeah, we have been in a relationship for so long. I have always wanted to tell my mother but never found a suitable opportunity. I plan to deal with the recent batch of cultural relics in the museum, and after that, I will take a long vacation. Let’s go there together and think of Paradise Island as a vacation.”

Although Diana spoke in a casual tone, Rorschach could tell from her heartbeat and adrenaline that Diana was very nervous when she said this. She seems worried when accompanying him to meet her mother.

Rorschach stretched out his hand and stroked Diana’s face, “Okay, but we must not go empty-handed. We must prepare some gifts for them.”

“Prepare some gifts? Oh yes, that would be great.” Amazon stroked Rorschach’s hair and said thoughtfully.

“Diana, you’re basically a goddess of war. Why don’t you bring some weapons and equipment to your mother, like thousands of AK47s, hundreds of Tomahawk missiles, tanks, and armed helicopters.”

After Rorschach finished speaking, Diana pinched his waist angrily.

“How can I just give modern weapons to someone like them?”

“During the First World War, Paradise Island was invaded. You were in a bit of trouble when facing those kinds of weapons. If they armed themselves with modern weapons and equipment, let alone the army, even the United Nations may not be able to break their defenses.”

“Even if you are right, my mother is very stubborn. No way that she’ll accept it.” Diana shook her head.

“Well, when the time comes, we can make a nano suit for your mother.”

Rorschach continued to worry about giving gifts. He likes to wear good-looking clothes. The nano suit and cloak under with nanotech are going to be amazing.

They will probably agree to get a nano suit that can be activated at any time because no matter what style or color, the nano suit can suit its appearance to everyone’s taste.

Diana felt that the gift was very suitable, but she said sheepishly, “Rorschach, isn’t it going to be expensive?”

“Yes, now the Arc Reactor of the STAR Labs supplies the energy of several cities. My money can now be pretty similar to Bruce’s. I’ll make some sets of nano suits later.” Rorschach waved his hand.

Rorschach’s cell phone vibrated suddenly. He reached out his pocket and took out the ultra-small screen version of the mobile phone. When he checked the caller ID, it was Barry.

She glanced at his phone screen and asked curiously, “Why is the text on your phone in Kryptonian?”

“I am from Krypton. Is it not okay to use Kryptonian characters?” Rorschach asked rhetorically.

Although, he was more worried that she’ll find out about Rachel, Harley, and Pamela. So, he directly adjusted the characters to Kryptonian characters so that he could avoid that kind of trouble.

Just as Rorschach was praising his wit, Diana suddenly added another sentence, “Flash superhero, the Kryptonian text should refer to the new superhero in Central City, The Flash, right? Something wrong with him?”

Rorschach’s smile froze immediately, and he looked at Diana with an awkward smile on the corner of his mouth, “Wait, you can understand Kryptonian characters?”

“Of course, I learned it, especially for you. It’s a little difficult and a little harder than an ancient language. I’ve learned it after a few days.” Diana looked at Rorschach proudly.

Rorschach was dumbfounded that Diana could actually understand Kryptonian characters.

Fortunately, he has never flirted with Rachel in front of Diana. If that really happens, then that’ll be a really big problem.

“You’re amazing.”

Rorschach touched Diana’s head. It seems that he still needs to prepare two mobile phones just in case. Both mobile phones should be kept inside his cloak.


Barry held the phone in one hand, and he was scratching his head. He waited for a moment and felt like having experienced the longest seventeen seconds of his life.

Finally, at the very last moment, Rorschach pressed the answer button.

“Hey, Mr. Rorschach. Did you hear from Sisko that we should contact Batman and The Dark Knight because Green Arrow was kidnapped? I have searched all over Star City, but I can’t find him. I feel that we need the help of other superheroes.”

Green Arrow kidnapped?

It is estimated that Cisco asked Barry for help because Cisco and Barry’s relationship is good, while his with Rorschach are not the best.

As for who kidnapped Green Arrow, Rorschach still has no way to deduce who is behind the scenes based on that piece of information. Green Arrow has a few enemies, such as Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Damian Darhk, etc.

Rorschach’s voice came from the phone, “Where are you now?”

Barry replied, “I’m in Star City. I have searched for the seventh time but haven’t found Green Arrow everywhere.”

“Go back to the lab and wait.”

After finishing speaking, Rorschach hung up the phone. Barry glanced at his phone. He is surprised that Rorschach knows about Green Arrow. Because according to Cisco, Rorschach knows most superheroes in the world.

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