After lunch without lamb chops, Sean and Hermione walked towards the castle’s second floor together. Hermione’s footsteps became lighter as they passed the library.

“It’s great that the classroom of ancient runes is so close to the entrance of the library.” She said happily.

Knowing his talents, he would perform really badly in this class and could only rely on Hermione. A lot of time and energy has been invested, but Sean has not understood the most basic “Introduction to Ancient Runes” until now.

However, runes are the key to mastering ancient magic, so studying hard without any help feels bad.

Hermione glanced at Sean, “It is difficult to get started with ancient runes, and all magic subjects have their own peculiarities. Maybe ancient runes are that difficult to learn by yourself? Professor Babbling’s teaching is very high, and you may be able to master it after listening to it.”

Sean smiled and put away his bitter face. He knew that Hermione was comforting himself. It took only two months for Hermione to finish the same “Introduction to Ancient Runes” book.

At present, he can only hope that Professor Babbling can give him some inspiration for this subject.

Walking to the end of the corridor, they came to the classroom of ancient runes. The curtains in the room were closed tightly, but it was still bright. There were invisible light sources on the four walls and the ceiling, which made Sean’s eyes dizzy.

In the corner of the wall and on both sides of the blackboard are bookshelves that reach the ceiling, and there are many ancient books and materials with worn covers or even no covers. This classroom is normal to the point it’s almost like the one that Sean used in his previous school.

“Seeing this at Hogwarts, there is a strange sense of familiarity.” Hermione sighed.

Sean nodded in agreement, and the two sat in the middle seat in the middle row, which was probably the most suitable seat for listening to lectures.

Professor Babbling walked in during class time. She is a witch who looks quite young but has an old-fashioned temperament. It is said that this professor is very old but used ancient magic to keep herself young. This is the reason many girls took this class.

Professor Babbling walked to the desk, and she spoke very fast, “Welcome. Ancient runes are a profound but boring subject. Your choice may be right or wrong, it all depends on how much knowledge you can absorb from me. I allow you to ask questions within ten minutes after the end of each class. Come to me every Wednesday and every Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. I am in the office on the far east side of the corridor on the sixth floor.”

After finishing her opening remarks in one breath, Professor Babbling pushed her black-rimmed glasses and glanced around the crowd expressionlessly.

“Do you all understand?”

“Understood.” Many students were still digesting her opening remarks, and they answered one after another.

Behind Sean, there were two Hufflepuff girls talking in a low voice, “Professor Babbling seems to be similar to Professor McGonagall?”

“No, I heard from others that Professor Babbling is not strict at all, and she talks a lot. But she has a sense of discipline about time, and I heard that she always focuses on reviewing the runes in her mind. So there is often no expression on his face.”

The whispered discussion between the two did not attract the attention of Professor Babbling. She walked to the podium and put down the textbook, “Can someone tell me the source of ancient runes and the current learning way?”

Hermione immediately raised her hand.

“House, your name, and your answer.”

“Hermione Granger, from Ravenclaw, Professor,” Hermione stood up quickly, “Ancient runes are a set of alphabets that originated fifteen hundred years ago, and some special symbols were found to have a wonderful connection with magic power. With the development of wizards, the symbols gradually developed into alphabets, and the alphabets of different eras were collectively called ancient runes and runes, which are now also called Ancient Runes.”

Hermione took a breath and continued, “These symbols are considered to contain mysterious factors, and each letter is a pictogram with deep meaning. Of course, due to various historical factors, runes are now in a state of half-lost. We are now learning this mainly to study the manuscripts of ancient runes in order to obtain some information about ancient wizards. At the same time, the field of alchemy also depends on Runes, but, as far as I know, the ancient magic that modern wizards can cast through ancient runes is very rare.”

Professor Babbling stretched out her hand to signal Hermione to sit down, “Very well, Miss Granger, five points for Ravenclaw.”

“Miss Granger is correct. This is the common understanding of ancient runes in mainstream academic circles. It is also destined that your course is mainly theoretical, not practical.”

Many girls made regretful voices. They originally thought Professor Baburin’s youthfulness came from an ancient magic they had never heard of.

Professor Babbling ignored these voices. She just opened a book quietly and said at a very fast speed, “I understand the thoughts of your students. You want to be gorgeous, powerful, and learn more magic.”

She pulled out a smile, “The reality is that the ancient magic you can think of really exists.”

The students widened their eyes in surprise.

“But that requires very in-depth research. I look forward to your future studies discovering mysterious areas that I have never discovered. I will be proud of you.”

“But now, please turn to the book’s third page.”

Sean flipped through the book and saw the epigraph on this page.

Professor Babbling looked at the book, “Before formally studying, I hope you can understand the key rules of the runes.”

“Runes are regular texts, and their learning, use, and even research must follow the rules. This rule means the fixed flow of magic symbols, and the different effects of ancient magic come from the combination and arrangement of different symbols.”

“Does anyone know why ancient runes are associated with alchemy?”

No one in the classroom raised a hand, and even Hermione was a little unsure.

Sean raised his hand.

“Name, House, and answer.”

“Sean Wallup, Ravenclaw, Professor,” Sean hesitated a little but still gave his answer, “Both have one thing in common, that is equivalent exchange.”

“Correct, Mr. Wallup. Five points for Ravenclaw.” Professor Babbling nodded expressionlessly and motioned Sean to sit down.

She continued, “Equivalent exchange is the characteristic of ancient runes, or ancient magic using ancient runes. We all know that magic is a miracle, but unlike modern spells, there is no limit when using ancient magic.”

“Affecting the power of ancient magic is the arrangement and combination of symbols and the output of magic power. If your magic power is large enough, it can create a strong effect. I know you have some questions. If there is no upper limit, this is a very important thing for magic. So why is it considered as half-lost by many people?”

Everyone nodded.

“On the one hand, the evolution of characters has caused a gap in information, and on the other hand, it is because there is no upper limit.”

“In history, countless wizards have emptied their magic power when using this unstable power. The output of magic power in ancient magic is very difficult to measure. Evacuating the magic power often means serious injury or even death.”

“The wand that can increase the power of the spell and calm the instability of the spell appeared. On the basis of the wand, a safer spell, that is the modern spell that we are learning to use now, began to develop, and the ancient magic had started to decline.”

“This is why Hogwarts only allows me to give theoretical classes.”

“Rules and equivalent exchange. These are the two key points I want you to remember when you study ancient runes.”

After Professor Babbling finished speaking, she cast her eyes on the book before everyone digested it.

“Now, let’s start with the sounds and meanings of the alphabet.”

Sean subconsciously looked at the alphabet, and then that familiar feeling of dizziness surged up again.

Although Professor Babbling speaks fast and is used to cramming a lot of information into words, he has to say that her knowledge is expansive enough. Just one sentence clarifies many learning points of ancient runes for students.

Teaching them ancient runes such as initials, transliteration, phonetic symbols, and meanings. She does it fast and accurate. This put a lot of pressure on Sean to study. He stared at the symbols with a headache and tried his best to concentrate.

But it’s still the same as before. It’s obviously just the meaning of a magic rune, and it doesn’t even involve the use of any magic power. Sean looked away from the alphabet with a headache, and he looked around at the people around him.

Under the sound of Professor Babbling’s fast lecture, Hermione also frowned, but looking at the quill and mumbling lips, she knew that she was quickly digesting Professor Babbling’s teaching content.

Sean slightly raised his head and looked at the other students. Each of them was different, but without exception, their faces had a sense of urgency. But this also proved that no matter how they absorbed, they were still trying to digest the teaching content.

No one else had headaches and dizziness like Sean.

Professor Babbling has been teaching at a fast pace. Except for occasionally asking everyone to stop and correct the pronunciation of a certain letter, she didn’t pay attention to the situation in class at all. She didn’t notice Sean’s bewilderment and loss.

However, this professor, who has taught at Hogwarts for many years, has rich teaching experience, which makes Sean, who wants to learn but can’t learn, extremely uncomfortable. The second half of the lesson on ancient runes became a painful ordeal.

“I will check your mastery of the alphabet in the next class. If you have listened carefully in the class just now, or even just listened to half of the class,” Professor Bablin paused and continued, “Then you should at least master the accurate pronunciation of more than ten letters and the specific explanation of a single pictograph.”

“Progress checks won’t affect your class grades unless you blow up my classroom. I’ll give everyone enough class grades to pass, but my final exams are tough. By the way, you will pass if you get a P on the exam. Knowing most of the students I taught always get D or T.”

The exam is divided into six grades, O (Outstanding), E (Exceed Expectations), A (Acceptable), and then there are three grades of failure. P (Poor), D (Dreadful), T (Troll), and as for why it’s called Troll, it’s because their intellect is low.

Professor Babbling closed the book, “That’s it, class is over. If you have any questions, come to me, you have ten minutes.”

Hermione immediately took Sean’s hand. She just saw Sean’s struggle in the second half of the class, just like when the two of them were learning runes by themselves. Squeezing away two female students who wanted to ask about the ancient magic of maintaining appearance, Hermione pulled Sean to the front of Professor Babbling.

She looked expressionless and looked at the two calmly, “What’s the problem, Miss Granger, Mr. Wallop?”

“Sean…” Hermione pushed Sean.

Sean took a step forward, his temple still aching, “Professor, I want to know, is it not normal to feel dizzy and have a headache when learning runes?”

Professor Babbling glanced at him blankly, then nodded, “Yes, it’s not normal.”

Sean suddenly raised his head in surprise, “Then, is there any way to improve it?”

“Go to Madam Pomfrey and prescribe a refreshing potion?”

“Dizziness and headaches when you use your brain excessively are often caused by a cold, fever, and lack of energy. If you don’t have a cold, then I suggest you go to the infirmary for a comprehensive examination.” Professor Babbling said calmly.

“Ah, you misunderstood the professor. I’m not sick or weak. I’m just not in good shape when I’m learning runes.”

Professor Babbling interrupted Sean, her eyes hidden under the glasses were as calm as water, “That can only prove that there is a problem with your learning attitude.”

Before Sean could speak, Hermione argued for him, “No, Professor, Sean means it.”

“No one will have a headache when learning the basics of runes. If you are not sick, it proves that you are not serious enough.” Professor Babbling ignored Hermione and said to Sean.

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