Kriel cast his eyes on the black-robed wizard and was slightly relieved that he didn’t make a warning gesture.

“Marshall, do you remember me?” Kriel asked a question.

However, Marshall just looked at him and nodded, “Of course, Kriel.”

The black-robed wizard stood still, and after the conversation between the two, he slowly said, “The Imperius Curse is lifted. Marshall, did Grindelwald cast any other magic on you?”

Marshall turned pale. She closed her eyes, thought for a while, and said, “At least it’s not in my memory, but I’m not sure. After all, he is Grindelwald. You can use your methods to check me.”

Hearing this, Kriel signaled to the members under him. They waved their wand, cast several spells in succession, and nodded to him. Kriel was relieved and asked his men to untie the rope, and Marshall fell to the ground suddenly.

“Welcome back, ma’am. Though the welcoming ceremony may not take place until later.”

Marshall clutched her left leg due to the split. She shook her head, “It is the greatest luck to be able to come back alive.”

“Do you know what to do with the ring on Onassis?”

Marshall turned his head slightly and saw Onassis.

“Using alchemy, the corpse should wither automatically, and the puppet will activate the trap spell on the ring.”

She clenched her fists unconsciously and continued after a while, “Except for the Water, everything you did was within Grindelwald’s expectations.”

Kriel’s chest rose and fell rapidly.

Marshall continued, “During the time when Onassis and I were captured, Grindelwald didn’t walk away from us. I still remember he stood in front of me, smiling and putting the rings on both of us.”

“He said that you two ‘traitors’ will be found sooner or later. At that time, whoever’s Imperius Curse will be untied first. The other will give them another thing. You will be found. The moment they take off your ring, it must be interesting for two people to turn into dust together.”

The more she talked, the paler Marshall’s face became. She was no longer shaking from the pain but could not stop the fear in her heart.

“His means, thoughts, and ruthlessness were unreservedly displayed in front of me.” Marshall showed a smile.

“Calm down,” Kriel said.

However, Marshall has completely fallen into the horror of hindsight. Her pupils, her hair, and her whole body were trembling uncontrollably.

“Give her Draught of the Living Dead. Let her calm down first.” Creel quickly ordered.

When the potion was poured down Marshall’s throat, she finally calmed down and fell into a deep sleep. The black-robed wizard watched all this quietly until Marshall fell asleep completely.

“Take her back first, prepare a soul-cleaning and nourishing potion, and the therapist must always be on standby. Grindelwald is scary. She also killed her companion with her own hands. Marshall is likely to have fallen into a nightmare.” He raised his head to look at Kriel. His face was still invisible under the hood.

“We need the information she brought back now, so heal her by all means.”

Kriel nodded, “I believe she can recover soon.”

“Take your people away. I will stay here. I have sent a message just now, and the ring on Onassis’ body will be soon taken care of.” The black-robed wizard said.

Kriel took one look at him, gave him a final nod, and Apparated away with Marshall.

A messy mountain forest became empty again. Only the black-robed wizard standing there quietly was left. He stood quietly for a while, then slowly walked to Onassis’ side. He took out a golden-red nameplate from his pocket, and the black-robed wizard stroked it.

Rosa Onassis’s name is engraved on the top of the nameplate. The hand touching the nameplate turned pearly white.

With the touch, Onassis’ words gradually became blurred, the handwriting twisted, and finally turned into Mopsus.

“My great-grandson, Rosa Mopsos. Descendant of the great Seer Mopsus,” he murmured, “You will be remembered forever for the sacrifice of your life for our great cause.”

He touched the ring on Onassis’ body, and the moment the ring was taken off, Onassis’ body began to blacken rapidly, just like what Marshall had encountered before.

Soon, Onassis’ body was completely reduced to dust.

The black-robed wizard just shook his robe lightly, shaking the last bit of his great-grandson’s existence into the forest.

“What an exquisite magic.” Looking at the ring, his tone filled with fascination, “Grindelwald, how did you do it? This amazing magical creation, such a powerful spell, can be stored easily.”

He chanted a few obscure spells in a low voice, and the ring slowly sank into his palm. Without any sound, he disappeared in place.


“Hey, man! Give me that file!”

“”Hundred Years of Interview” I can’t imagine what kind of interest readers will have with this kind of title and this kind of content! Rethink the title of the column for me.”

“How many times have I said that? No tidying spells are allowed in the office! Where did my interview draft go?!”

“What we need is to dig deep! What? Not allowed?! Give me the list, and tomorrow I will go to Paris to find someone to interview!”

An office is filled with more than a dozen wizards, heavy folders are piled up in every corner of the desk, and the wall facing the door is covered with various black and white photos.

From time to time, paper airplanes fly in from the outside and land on a certain desk. The owner of the desk will frantically untie the paper airplane and glance at it in a hurry after quarreling with his colleagues.

Since that news was published, it’s been a busy scene in the studio of the Merlin Weekly Newsletter.

“Chief, it’s the Guards!” someone shouted.

The middle-aged man wearing a short vest and smoking a pipe raised his head impatiently.

“How many times have I said that unless the Guards are willing to accept our exclusive interview and guarantee the authenticity of the words, we will not accept any contact with them? I won’t do it unless they cast me an Imperius Curse.

“No, chief!” The staff member who came to report was excited, “It’s that anonymous person again! There are photos of the Guards!”

“What? Bring it to me!” The chief didn’t even care about dropping the pipe and snatched the envelope.

There is only one photo.

The chief, who has dealt with Aurors, the general public, and even prisoners of Azkaban, recognized this at a glance. It was the Killing Curse. But this is not the point. The main point is that man.

Although he shaved off his beard, he could still clearly see that person’s face. It was Rosa Onassis, a key figure in the report, that caused a sensation in the wizarding world in the previous news.

A colleague also came up to look at the photo, and he exclaimed and pointed to the side of the photo, “That’s the uniform of the Guards!”

“Murdered to be silenced…” the chief murmured.

The newspaper office fell silent for the first time. Then, a tsunami of excited discussions broke through the ceiling.

“Big news! It’s big news!”

“This is enough to prove that the Guards have things in their hearts. They want to silence the person involved in this matter.”

“It’s so cruel. They should all be our own people.”

The chief stopped the discussions with a wave of his hand. He picked up the pipe and deeply breathed, sinking his cheeks into it. He coughed and exhaled a cloud of smoke, then slapped the table hard.

“All of you work overtime now. We are not a weekly magazine now, but a daily magazine. It’s not dark tomorrow morning, and tonight, I want the entire wizarding world to know the news!”

At this time, the subordinate worried, “Are we completely on the opposite side of the Guards?”

The chief sneered, “After that report last time, we have become enemies with the Guards. Besides, what is the most important thing for us to do news? Report the truth!”

He touched his chin again, “Besides, this is obviously a photo of the scene of the hunt. Who could have taken this? Could it be Grindelwald? Heh, the contradictions within the Guards are even greater than I expected. I don’t expect them to have a traitor.”

After finishing speaking, he waved his hand, “Come on now, move!”


“Murdered to silence and turn against each other? Why did the Guards raise their wands at their colleagues?”

In the Hogwarts Great Hall, the students who waited until the dinner started gathered. They spread out the urgently delivered “Merlin’s Weekly Newsletter” on the table.

“Oh my god, it’s really a Killing Curse.” Daisy covered her mouth in surprise.

“The Guards are really ruthless. It was their idea to make people fake their deaths. Now that they were exposed, they actually want to kill their companions to silence them.” Harry also exclaimed.

“The deliberate murder has become a fact. We would like to ask the Guards on behalf of all wizards.”

“In order to cover up the truth, such a terrible method was used. Should such an act be done by an official organization ‘aiming to protect the rights and interests of wizards’?”

“As for the Grindelwald incident, has the true face of the Dark Lord been revealed? With all due respect, we did not see any terrible deeds of Grindelwald. Instead, we saw the Unforgivable Curse in the hands of the Guards. I think this already proves the point itself.”

“The report is brought to you by all the colleagues of “Merlin Weekly Newsletter.” Sean said the last line of the report.

“The situation has reversed…” he murmured.

On the side, Daisy glanced at Onassis in the photo again and quickly looked away, “It’s scary. But can this prove that the whole thing is actually the Guards doing? Like they were conspiring against Professor Grindelwald?”

Fred rushed to reply, “The conspiracy is inevitable, but I just don’t know what the real purpose of the Guards is.”

“To rule the world?” Seeing that everyone else was looking at him, George shrugged. “There’s no way they’re just doing it for fun.”

Hermione frowned and looked at the newspaper, which was obviously hastily printed, and said in a low voice, “The source of this photo is a bit strange. This is obviously a live photo, and the person who can secretly take the photo must be there. Why didn’t the Guards notice it?”

Sean nodded, “As far as I know, the cameras that can take pictures of events are very noisy. Flashes and smoke are basically unavoidable. How could they be taken on the spot?”


“How could it be photographed on the spot?! Tell me! How did this come out?” A newspaper was slammed into Kriel’s face at the Guards’ headquarters.

Looking at his furious boss, Kriel gritted his teeth tightly. The newspaper slipped, and he saw the photo on the cover. That was indeed the scene where the Killing Curse hit Onassis.

But he couldn’t figure it out. He was at the scene, although that’s how it happened, but where was the photo taken?

The Guards were always on the periphery, and all the people present were his men. Marshall was under his watch the whole time. With such a big camera, such smoke and flashes should be heard, and he couldn’t figure out how this photo was taken.

“I’m asking you!” The boss shouted sharply.

Kriel quickly bowed his head, “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t know…”

The man pacing back and forth behind the desk suddenly took a deep breath and slammed something on the desk.

“Everyone who went out of the team will go to the confinement room for me, and I will ask them one by one!”

“Yes, sir.” Kriel quickly replied.

When Kriel left the office, the middle-aged man who was furious suddenly became calm. Behind him, a black-robed wizard stepped out of the shadows.

“It is indeed troublesome,” said the black-robed wizard.

The middle-aged man glanced at him, “Grindelwald has never been easy to deal with. Has Marshall recovered?”

“She is back to normal.”

“Okay,” the man narrowed his eyes, “Let her stay in the general ward, and at the same time, give back her wand. Don’t leave any Guards, just the therapists and nurses.”

The black-robed wizard floated up, “I will monitor her myself.”

“Very well.”

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