“Are they going to destroy our yard? Mom just planted the flowers yesterday.” In the yard of a small bungalow, a little girl with glasses grabbed her father’s hand and asked in a low voice.

“They shouldn’t be? They are wizards…” The man was explaining to his daughter but also seemed to be explaining to himself.

The rain in the afternoon had just stopped, and the freshly planted flowers in the corner of the yard were still dotted with raindrops, and the water droplets swayed, vaguely reflecting the two people who seemed out of place in the yard.

After the Johnson family received those four letters, Mr. Johnson was a little unhappy at first. This kind of prank on his daughter is not a good thing. Of course, he could just let it slide and move on.

However, just as he was about to take his daughter out, meet his wife, who worked in the mall, and have dinner together, two people who claimed to be wizards came to their door.

Of course, Mr. Johnson didn’t believe it at all at first. He only thought that they were two liars, and he was even going to call the police. Mr. Johnson saw that the things in his yard seemed to come to life. The vases started to pull out their flowers, and the lawnmower he hadn’t had time to put in the garage moved. After that, the flowers were destroyed by the lawnmowers.

The two who took out their long sticks and called themselves wizards looked at them calmly.

“Mr. Jensen and Talia, do you need me to prove anything?” The short man asked in a flat voice.

“I…” Mr. Jensen swallowed, “With all due respect, I haven’t figured out the situation until now.”

“Muggles…” A person cursed secretly in a voice that others could not hear and then said, “Listen carefully. I come from the oldest and noblest magic school in the world, Durmstrang. I’m Thomas, the admissions officer for Durmstrang.”

“Your daughter, Talia Johnson, is fortunate to have awakened the talent of a wizard. What’s more, Durmstrang, who originally only recruited young wizards from pure-blood families, extended our hands to reach you.”

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the Durmstrang School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” He said he was happy, but Thomas still looked gloomy and cold, which made Mr. Jensen hold his daughter’s hand tightly.

“Oh, hello there, Mr. Thomas.” Mr. Jensen glanced at the vases and lawnmowers.

He said cautiously, “Are you saying that my daughter is going to be a wizard? Just like those letters say?”

“Yes,” Thomas said a little impatiently, “Durmstrang will teach her how to control the magic power in her body, how to skillfully use magic, and how to become a noble wizard.”

“With all due respect, sir.” Mr. Johnson said boldly, “We really don’t know much about your school.”

Thomas frowned, “What? You still think I’m a trickster like you said before?”

Mr. Johnson shuddered. He quickly pulled his daughter behind him, with a smile on his face, “No, no. It’s just that, as her father, I really want to know where my daughter will go in the future.”

Thomas became even more impatient, “I won’t stop you if you don’t want to send your daughter to Durmstrang. However, if no one teaches her magic, the magic power in her body will keep expanding, and eventually—”

He waved his wand, and the deformed objects in the yard were instantly frozen, and they exploded. Both the father and the daughter were taken aback, and Talia hid in her father’s arms and shivered.

He quietly looked out of the yard. It was obvious that there was such a big mess, but the passers-by did not respond at all. His neighbor didn’t seem to be aware of the situation.

Is he going to send his daughter to that place called Durmstrang? Are the students from this school like Thomas? Moreover, he has also read the other three of the four letters, and there are three other magic schools.

“The other three schools have already given up on your daughter.”

How did he know what he was thinking?

Thomas said coldly, “Mr. Johnson, only Durmstrang is here now. We are giving your daughter one last chance.”

“Five minutes, give me an answer within five minutes, or when your beloved daughter turns into a bomb and explodes, well, let’s just say there’s nothing I can do.” Thomas closed his eyes as if he no longer accepted other questions.

“Dad…” The girl hugged her father in fear.

“It’s okay. I won’t let anything happen to you.” Mr. Johnson looked at Thomas hesitantly as he comforted his frightened daughter.

The most important thing is that he and his wife don’t know anything about wizards. If he is telling the truth, then his precious daughter may be in danger.

“I’ve made up my mind, then please…” Before he finished speaking, footsteps came again from the yard.

Several people in different clothes appeared at the door of Johnson’s house.

A boy in the lead said in a gentle voice, “Don’t jump to conclusions, Mr. Johnson.”

Thomas’ face became stiff, and a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.

“Has Durmstrang been using magic and lies to lure freshmen now?” Sean completely ignored Adam, who was also from Durmstrang behind him. He twirled the wand in his hand and walked slowly to the wizard named Thomas.

“Durmstrang is so reckless now. Hey, Adam, don’t you care about people at your school?”

Before Adam could speak, Thomas snorted and walked towards the gate of the yard without saying a word.

Sean watched him walk to the entrance of the yard easily and said, “Won’t you help Mr. Johnson clean up the yard?”

Thomas snorted angrily. He glanced back at Sean, at Adam, and Apparated away with another wizard who hadn’t spoken.

“What an impolite guy…” Sean curled his lips and looked at Adam, “I see that you are the most polite one in Durmstrang?”

Adam didn’t look very happy. He glanced at the place where Thomas left and said in a muffled voice, “I will report to the school when I go back, and he will be punished later.”

Sean smiled and said nothing more. He waved his wand, and the debris in the yard floated up and quickly flew back to its original position, and Daniels immediately joined. After everything recovered, Sean took some time to comfort the father and daughter and explained the purpose of their coming.

“Wizards are real? But those two guys…” Jason looked at Adam in fear, “So, those two gentlemen deceived me and Talia?”

“Well, a student from a certain school of magic is prone to be like that…” Sean said with a smile.

Daniels chimed in and said, “Nurmengard would never do such a thing.”

Adam didn’t want to say a word anymore; he knew that he wouldn’t have a chance to get this freshman into Durmstrang. After a long talk, Sean used his advantages to gain another new student for Hogwarts.

“I’ll wait for you at Hogwarts, Talia.” Sean smiled and greeted the girl, who turned from fear to excitement, before walking out of the yard.

The other three were waiting for him at the entrance of the yard.

Sean pretended to take out a piece of parchment and glanced at the house number.

He muttered, “Five Mulberry Street, Talia Johnson, Hogwarts.”

“It’s been a while.” Sean put away the pen and paper with a smile on his face. “I’m noting it down. After all, fifteen new students were enrolled in one day. I have to write them down so that I won’t forget them.”

When they heard the number fifteen, the others were a bit itchy. They had already made up their minds, and in order to prevent Sean from going to the family to gain their favor in advance, they planned an action together.

Those freshmen were born in Muggle families and didn’t have the slightest understanding of the wizarding world, but this guy named Sean could always find various ways to get close to them. When they showed transfiguration in order to convince a new family member, Sean waved his wand directly and transfigured a creature outperforming the three.

Even Talia from the last family was grabbed by Sean just in time, who was about to join Durmstrang at the last moment.

Adam took a step back, “That’s all for today. Goodbye, everyone.”

After finishing speaking, he left without leaving a word. Nadia also left straight away after saying a few words.

Daniels glanced at Sean. He barely made something today. During the period, there was a family whose father was a squib. They wanted to choose Durmstrang, which was the closest to home, but after he came, that family finally gave up their idea and chose Nurmengard.

“Are you going as well?” Sean turned his head and asked with a smile.

“I should go too. Besides, Durmstrang broke the rules today, and I have to report it to the principal.”

“Oh, I almost forgot about that.”

“Goodbye then.”

Daniels also disappeared in place.

The others have left, and Sean put away that smile. Today’s situation is almost as expected. Except for one student who slipped through the net, the rest of the freshmen have chosen Hogwarts, which can be regarded as successful.

However, this last one.

Sean glanced at the space in front of the yard. This is the place where the wizard named Thomas Apparated away.

Durmstrang was expected to break the rules. The Johnson family was supposed to be the enrollment target of ​​the four schools. If he was one step late, then Talia would have no choice but to choose Durmstrang under Thomas’ lead.

Thomas and Adam are from Durmstrang, and something weird happened: they overlapped with each other.

The Johnson family should be the family that the four of them will visit tomorrow afternoon. Due to a change of plans, the rest of them unanimously moved forward the time of the visit. There should not be an admissions officer at the Johnson family at this time, and Thomas is obviously trying to cheat them out.

This is a bit strange; if the plan of cheating them way out had been discussed long ago, Adam would not have had to cooperate with the others to visit ahead of time, and they would not have run into Thomas.

Sean narrowed his eyes. Dumbledore’s previous instructions clearly indicated that there might be something wrong with Durmstrang, but now it seems that Durmstrang is off.

But it is worth noting that whether it is Adam or Thomas, they have one goal, which is to recruit as many freshmen as possible for Durmstrang.

“Karkaroff might be involved in this. Besides, I always feel that something is wrong with him.”

Sean looked back at the house number of the house again and thought about it carefully but did not come to any conclusion.

“I’ll write it down and talk with them later.” Sean thought about all this silently and took out another piece of parchment.

The information of a large number of students is recorded on it. The only thing in common is that these freshmen are all located in Durmstrang’s enrollment range.

Sean flicked the parchment and smiled.


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