Skyler’s laboratory resides within the suitcase space, originally dedicated to Mr. Scamander’s research on magical animals. However, Skyler’s approach differs significantly; he doesn’t share the sentiment of a magical animal enthusiast or conservationist.

In his perspective, whether magical animals or plants, they’re fundamentally akin to spells, transfiguration, defense, and black magic – tools.

Silver Paw is the exception to this view, representing the kindness within Skyler’s heart and the innocence sealed by his past.

Expanding the laboratory with an Invisible Stretch Charm, Skyler transformed it from the size of a Slytherin common room to at least ten times larger, rivaling the Hogwarts Great Hall. Contrary to the original size, the lab is now brightly lit with white LED lighting, as Skyler prefers it over the flame-created light from torches.

Skyler enlisted the aid of the Greengrass family to gather “Glow Bugs” from across Europe. Subsequently, the Hohenheim family provided alchemy containers engraved with sealing techniques. These containers suspended the glow bugs mid-air, a concept inspired by Newt Scamander’s suitcase pets in the Fantastic Beasts movie.

Skyler’s illuminator surpasses Muggle LED lighting, ensuring eternal brilliance. The sealed life of the glow bugs within prevents aging or death, allowing them to emit light perpetually and contribute everlasting radiance.

Within the laboratory, alongside an operational table for dissections and a long table for various experiments, cylindrical transparent crystal containers are strategically placed. These containers hold Luna’s creations – never-before-seen creatures or monsters, each awaiting exploration.

Luna’s already large and luminous eyes widened further, akin to a Muggle entering Diagon Alley for the first time, everything appearing incredibly novel.

“Ah, what is that?” she exclaimed, pointing to a dark black plant in a container, resembling a devil’s net but with vines adorned by small red spots resembling blood.

“This is the man-eating vine, a variant of the devil’s net. It delights in feeding on human flesh and blood. Actively wrapping and strangling its prey with the vines, it secretes a special mucus to digest the corpse,” Skyler explained with a faint smile. Cultivating this man-eating vine is no easy task; it took months of nourishment with human blood to evolve. Skyler expressed gratitude to Hector Fowley for his selfless contribution of flesh and blood, achieved through an ancient ritual magic, costing Fowley a leg, making him a truly remarkable individual.

“Ah, this isn’t the Inferius, is it?” Luna questioned, pointing at a short humanoid creature in another cylindrical container. Resembling a dwarf, it appeared ten times uglier, a hybrid of a humanoid and a dwarf, with pig-like features. Luna, untroubled by black magic, viewed it as merely a tool, believing the human heart to be the most terrifying.

“My dear Luna,” Skyler smiled, “Have you ever seen such an ugly Inferius?”

“Well, actually, a certain heavy-handed wizard and a pig monster made some, uh, adult behaviors, resulting in offspring.”

“Ah!” Luna covered her mouth in disbelief, blinking her large eyes, “How could there be such a person? How disgusting!”

“Is it?” Skyler replied lightly. “When I learned about this, I was quite surprised.”

Skyler didn’t lie; he was genuinely surprised at the depths to which humans would go for survival.

After Hector Fowley sacrificed his other leg for groundbreaking research, Lucida Slughorn, witnessing it all, collapsed. To evade a similar fate, to survive, she resolutely chose to be with the pig monster. At that moment, Skyler was genuinely shocked.

“I named this creature the Cursed Demon. They are inherently evil, containing a powerful curse. If released into the community, it will bring disaster within a hundred miles,” Skyler added with a solemn face. “So we must be extremely careful not to let it escape this laboratory.”

“Okay, Luna, come here,” Skyler waved to Luna, and they approached the breeding tank where blood-sucking flying flies were cultivated.

“Ah!” Luna exclaimed again, not due to its ugliness, scariness, or disgust factor this time but because – this thing, this new species, she understood it!

“This is the kind of fly that has been thought to be long extinct!” Luna’s face was full of surprise. “Where did you find this fly, Skyler?”

“I have my own way,” Skyler raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

Luna pressed her face against the transparent surface of the breeding tank, observing every move of the long lost fly.

Turning her head, her beautiful face flushed with excitement, she said in a dreamy tone: “I must tell my father about this…”

She suddenly became quiet, her misty eyes fixed on Skyler. With a calm demeanor, she spoke, “Dad has been trying for many years, but he has never been able to prove the existence of these flies. I think it will not be easy even for you to find this thing, right?”

“Uh…” Skyler could only nod dully. He looked at Luna’s unusually serious expression and wanted to make a joke, but suddenly, he seemed to be hit by a tongue expansion spell and couldn’t say anything.

Seriously speaking, it is indeed not easy to create a harassing fly. Think about it: how much blood did Skyler and Salff lose to cultivate this thing? They have to take blood supplements every day to recover. Do you think it is hard or not?

Luna bit her lower lip (surprise! This action happened again) and quickly ran to Skyler, kissing him on the lips like a dragonfly.

What happened?

“Luna, I…” Skyler hesitated.

Luna smiled at Skyler, tilted her head, and showed a mischievous smile. She said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just thanking you for everything you’ve done for me.”

Ah. ?” Skyler raised his eyebrows in surprise, then smiled. “I don’t know, when did we start expressing gratitude in this way?”

“Well… it seems that I am a bit behind the times. No, you still have to go to Morag and ask…” Skyler said as if talking to himself.

“Come on,” Luna had a faint smile on her face, an inexplicable light flashed in her eyes, and her voice was no longer trance-like, “You don’t need to ask Morag; I can tell you the answer right now.”

The two looked at each other without saying a word.

The atmosphere fell into an eerie silence, as if even the surrounding air had stopped flowing.

“I can thank you one more time…” Luna’s voice sounded softly, and Skyler suddenly noticed that he had ignored it, but Luna’s voice was actually very nice.

Skyler no longer remembers what happened in the middle. He only knows that two soft pieces suddenly blocked his lips, and a pair of arms hugged his neck tightly. This time, the two of them never separated again.

… minutes later.

Luna lowered her head slightly and fiddled with her golden hair unconsciously. Skyler coughed lightly to ease the awkward atmosphere. In fact, he had never regarded Luna as his target.

This girl Luna has a very special place in his heart. She represents Skyler’s own yearning and a dream that he cannot realize in this life.

She is a free elf and an unfettered soul; while Skyler is burdened with the missions of his family, Meredith, Serpentis Vigil Club, etc., he can only move forward hard and never dare to slack off.

Skyler liked Luna, but he never wanted to get her or possess her. What he wants to do more is to become Luna’s good friend and protect her rare innocence.

What he didn’t know was that at this moment, in a family secret room called Scamander in distant London, a strange-shaped bird egg suddenly cracked open, and a green bird with a crooked beak fluttered its wings with some sparse feathers, flying away.

Observers witnessing this rushed to the head of the family’s office as quickly as possible, reporting this long-unseen abnormal phenomenon to Herman Scamander, the contemporary head of the Scamander family.

Half an hour later, the summoning order for the most senior members of the Scamander family was officially issued. All important members of the Scamander family must gather to discuss major issues that affect the entire family.

Accompanied by Skyler, Luna carefully controlled the flies. Although Luna looked carefree, Skyler did not dare to treat her lightly. He stayed close to Luna and observed her performance in the art of controlling insects.

As the person who created this species, no one knows the power of these flies better than him, and no one is more alert than him to the serious consequences of harassing flies out of control.

These blood-sucking flies have a penchant for human blood and exhibit extreme aggression. Their bites induce mental confusion, emotional irritability, and loss of reason. Excessive bites could lead to insanity. In case of any issues with Luna’s insect-manipulating skills, Skyler must swiftly eliminate them before they become uncontrollable.

Fortunately, Luna’s feared mishap didn’t occur. After her blood power awakened, she displayed an extraordinary affinity for these small creatures. Moving her fingers in the air and uttering a mysterious language akin to the buzzing sound of insects, Luna commanded the harassing flies like a disciplined army.

They formed various formations in mid-air – trident for attack, half-moon for defense, and long snake for assault. While reminiscent of ancient war formations seen in the Muggle world, Luna’s displays were unpredictable and showcased 33 different formations.

After watching the 33 different formations demonstrated by the harassing flies, Skyler felt that he had seen enough, and decided it was time to put them away.

He took out a very small pendant box from his arms and placed it in his open palm. Although this pendant box looks small, its appearance is very exquisitely handmade.

Not only does it have lifelike carvings, it is also inlaid with several precious gems. It is more than enough to be used as a pendant jewelry for a beautiful lady. Skyler whispered, “The insects comes out of the box”, and the lid of the pendant box suddenly opened. At Skyler’s signal, Luna directed all the flies to fly into a very small pendant box. After the last fly also flew into the box, Skyler whispered “All insects return to the box”, and the box suddenly closed with a loud bang. Skyler walked up to Luna, and under the gaze of Luna who blushed like an apple, he carefully put his hand through Luna’s snow-white jade neck and helped her put on the necklace hanging the pendant box.

“I customized this box specially for you, and it will be yours from now on,” Skyler smiled gently, “I gave it a name, let’s call it – Pandora’s Box.”


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