“Jerry, what is going on?” Dumbledore wanted to hug Ariana, but he just passed through her body. He immediately understood that this was just his sister’s soul.

Jerry smiled, “I followed Death to Hell and brought them back, but now they’re only in their soul state. If they want to be resurrected, they need to have a new body. Give me a minute.”

After saying that, Jerry took the souls into the ring world. A moment later, when Lily, James, and Ariana reappeared in the room, they all had their own bodies and were resurrected to the way they were when they died.

This shocked Dumbledore and Greenwald again. Before, he was shocked by Jerry’s strength. Now, he is shocked that Jerry can resurrect the dead so easily. He is almost no different from a god.

“Jerry, I didn’t expect you to be able to do this. But thank you very much. I don’t even know how to repay you for your help this time.” Dumbledore hugged his sister with tears in his eyes and expressed his gratitude to Jerry.

The death of his sister has been a scar that cannot be healed for so many years, and he feels regretful every time he thinks about it.

“You’re welcome. You also helped me a lot when I was learning magic, and it means nothing to me.”

After speaking, Jerry stretched out his hand and drew a portal, “I’ll come see you again when I have time. Now I’m about to bring Mr. James and Ms. Lily to Harry. I think he will be very surprised.”

Jerry led the Potters through the portal and reappeared in front of the door of 12 Grimmauld Place.

Jerry reached out and pressed the doorbell. A moment later, with Mrs. Black cursing, Harry opened the door.

“Are you about to go outside?” Jerry asked, Looking at Harry, holding Floo Powder in one hand and a broomstick in the other.

“Hey, Jerry, you came just in time. I was just going to go to the Burrow to play Quidditch with Ron and the others. Would you like to come? We can also get Hermione.”

“No, I’m here to return your invisibility cloak and help you grant the wish you made in the morning.” Jerry smiled, put the invisibility cloak on Harry’s shoulders, and took two steps back.

“My wish?” Harry looked confused. He didn’t understand what Jerry meant.

“Harry, I miss you so much.” Lily, who had been unable to bear it for a long time, rushed out from the side and hugged Harry while James stepped forward and hugged the two of them.

Suddenly, he saw Lily and James appear and hug him. Harry was so shocked that he dropped all the floo powder and broomstick in his hands to the ground.

How does it feel to have your parents, who have been dead for more than ten years, suddenly come back to life and appear in front of you?

Joy, excitement, happiness, disbelief, and other emotions instantly flooded his heart. He never expected that Jerry would grant him the wish he casually mentioned before.

He was so afraid that this was just a dream or a joke played by Jerry using magic. At the same time, flames suddenly burst out from the fireplace in the living room, and a figure walked out of it.

“Harry, do you remember where you put the document I brought back yesterday?” Sirius walked out of the fireplace and shouted. But he heard noises from the door, thought something had happened, and ran over quickly.

When he saw James and Lily holding Harry, his eyes suddenly widened, “Merlin’s beard, Am I dreaming?”

“After you collected the three items, you summoned Death, had a friendly chat with him, and, with Death’s help, got back my parents?”

Harry listened to Jerry’s revised story with a look of disbelief on his face. He didn’t expect Jerry to call Death.

“That’s about it. I cast a special magic, and now no one except a few people will remember your parents’ death. So they can live a normal life without worrying about some problems after they appear later.”

Jerry nodded and explained. A worldwide powerful forgetfulness charm was used. Except for a few people in this world, no one else will remember the fact that James and Lily were killed by Voldemort more than ten years ago.

After saying goodbye to Harry and his family, Jerry does not return to Diagon Alley; instead, he uses magic to reach the edge of this world. Since the Creator of this world is not here, he doesn’t have to worry about many things anymore.

At the edge of the solar system, Jerry touched the invisible barrier in front with a hint of understanding on his face. He had been thinking before that the Harry Potter world was not like the Fairy Tail world. There is science here, and there are concepts such as the universe, the sun, the planet, etc.

But it is obvious that the Creator of this world is not that powerful and can create a complete universe; otherwise, it would not have been what Death had said before.

He had some guesses in his mind. She did create the earth, the planet, the sun, the nine planets, etc., but she has no ability to create the entire universe. As for the boundaries of the solar system, as long as the laws are set, even if humans develop technology that can explore the universe, they will be distorted by the laws here.

Breaking through the boundaries of the solar system, Jerry’s figure appeared directly in the Hell world. There is no Milky Way outside the solar system, and there are no other planets or lives. There is only the second world created by the Creator of this world.

“It’s really tricky.”

Confirming that everything was similar to what he had guessed, Jerry opened it without further delay. With his strength, he directly broke through the barrier between the two worlds and came to the Dark Land outside.

Throwing out the ring in his hand, a huge black hole appeared and swallowed up the two worlds. With Jerry’s current strength, it would be impossible to devour such a complete world with the Creator supervising it.

But now that the Creator is not here at all, or even probably dead, the world did not actively resist Jerry’s pull, and the whole process went smoothly.


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