Saturday. Rorschach’s villa.

Peter Parker was improving his spandex spider suit when someone sent a few letters from outside.

“It’s The Natural Science Magazine, Mr. Rorschach.”

Peter gave the magazine to Rorschach, who read it before getting ready to go home. A distant automobile engine roared at that precise moment. When Rorschach and Peter turned to look, they noticed a black Mercedes-Benz delivery truck sprinting in their direction before drawing a stunning arc in front of Rorschach’s villa and coming to a solid stop at the door.

A large man then exited the driver’s seat as the door opened. The man pulled a photo and a message out of his pocket as soon as he stepped out of the automobile. He took a quick look at the home number, Rorschach, and Peter Parker, who were waiting at the door.

“This is it. You are Mr. Rorschach, right? Let me introduce myself. My name is Happy. I am currently working for Stark Industries, and I am Tony Stark’s personal assistant.”

While speaking, the big man Happy stretched out his hand, smiling and wanting to shake hands with Rorschach, while the Peter next to him was still in a shocked state.

However, Rorschach stood where he was, without any intention of shaking hands with him, “Sorry, I’m not used to shaking hands with strangers. What can I do for you? Mr. Tony Stark’s personal assistant?”

“Oh, it’s like this. The new elements you produced have piqued Mr. Stark’s interest. In order to discuss the new elements with you in person, Mr. Stark would like to extend the invitation.” Happy removed his hand, but he smiled politely while feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Tony Stark wants to collaborate with you, Mr. Rorschach. This is just… so cool!”

When Peter first heard the name Iron Man, he became quite enthusiastic. He’s always wanted to take an internship at Stark Industries and look for ways to get in touch with Tony Stark.

After all, Tony Stark from Iron Man is unquestionably a superhero in the eyes of this high school vigilante.

“Sorry, I have serious research to undertake recently,” Rorschach shrugged indifferently. “If Mr. Tony Stark wants to meet me, please let him come to me in person.”

After making his speech, Rorschach seized Peter and shut the villa door. Happy was a little disoriented outside the door. Had my boss been rejected?

Inside the door, Peter was filled with uncertainty. “Why did you decline Tony Stark’s invitation, Mr. Rorschach? Since he is Iron Man and we are superheroes, perhaps we might ask Mr. Tony to join our group?”

Peter’s conversation was silently listened to by Rorschach. He admits to having some envy for Peter’s simplicity. Tony Stark might actually be a superhero, but not just now. The Tony of today is little more than a haughty playboy.

“He won’t join us, at least not yet.” Rorschach rubbed Peter’s hair and said with a smile.

After being rejected by Rorschach, Happy did not leave immediately but called his boss Tony Stark.

New York, Stark Tower.

Tony is looking through the document Rorschach wrote about new elements. Tony needs to utilize the Ark Reactor to stop the bomb pieces from entering his heart because he was accidentally struck in the chest by shell fragments while being kidnapped by terrorists a year ago.

He is being dragged step by step into the depths of death, though, by the exceedingly toxic palladium material he is now employing in the ark reactor. He cannot survive if he does not utilize the Arc reactor since the bomb fragments will penetrate his heart.

Unless Tony discovers a more effective and pure energy source before the blood palladium concentration hits 100%, he will perish nevertheless. Tony Stark has tried every periodic table element to find a replacement for palladium, but he has been unable to do so.

Tony Stark’s spirit was on the verge of giving out as the amount of palladium in his blood kept increasing due to the agony of gradually dying. He kept this a secret from Pepper Potts as well.

Tony plans to transfer control of Stark Industries to Pepper Potts if the palladium poisoning issue is not fixed.

In the original storyline, Tony had stopped receiving therapy at this point and had fled to Morocco to compete in a racing event. He was living his last life when he was attacked with a whip on the racetrack.

In this universe, Tony’s life’s course was altered by Rorschach’s paper on novel elements. He declined the opportunity to compete in a race in Morocco and instead focused on laboratory research for Rorschach’s thesis.

“Maybe this is what I’m looking for,” He said. Tony was instantly in a pleasant mood after reading Rorschach’s new element theory, erasing his prior decadent appearance.

Tony’s phone rang at this point, and it was Happy. “Have you picked up that Mr. Rorschach yet, Happy? When will it be finished?” As soon as Tony answered the phone, he asked eagerly.

Soon, Happy’s voice could be heard on the other line. “Tony, pay attention, Mr. Rorschach appears to be struggling a bit to leave today. He stated you may go see him in person if you wanted to.”

Tony was silent for a moment after Happy’s words. The request from Rorschach to meet him in person made Tony, who had always been proud, feel a little uneasy.

“Well, scientists in general, tend to have strange tempers.” Tony figured it out for himself because the new component was necessary for his life’s safety. He can only let go of his self-worth in this situation.

“Happy, give me a few minutes; I’ll be right there.”

Tony spoke into the phone, promptly hung up, got to his feet, turned, and moved toward the Mark 4 steel suit behind him.

A crimson figure flew right from Stark Industries to the sky above Rorschach Villa in Queens a short while later after leaving Stark Tower and traveling faster than the speed of sound.

“Look, it’s Iron Man!”

When nearby pedestrians spotted the figure in the sky, they were compelled to pause and have a look. Many folks pulled out their smartphones and snapped photos of the sky.

After all, Tony Stark from Iron Man is currently a big topic. Ordinary folks would undoubtedly receive many likes from friends if they could capture a few close-up shots and share them on their personal social media sites.

After carefully controlling the iron suit’s descent, Tony ultimately arrived at a typical superhero landing location close to Rorschach’s gate.

“You’re here, Tony.” He was greeted by Happy, who moved forward.

Tony Stark’s rebellious face was visible when the steel suit’s mask was opened. “I’m here in person. Happy, ring the doorbell,” he added as he stepped forward.


Happy hurried to the gate and rang the bell after hearing Tony’s words.

Ding dong…

When the villa’s doorbell rang sharply, Peter could make out a face crammed onto the access control video phone. Tony Stark was seen behind that face, dressed in a

“Do you want me to open the door for Tony Stark, Mr. Rorschach? Oh my god. Should I go ahead and push the door’s button alone, or should I go help him out?” Peter regarded Rorschach with anticipation.

Tony Stark is a man from another world to this high school student from a modest background.

“Don’t worry, let him wait a little bit longer,” Rorschach said with a relaxed smile.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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