Rorschach was busy working on the paper on the new element for the following week.

Peter Parker visited Rorschach during that time when he was idle. At first, he wanted to thank Rorschach for saving Uncle Ben, but then he wanted to know how the spider launcher on the sidelines worked.

Naturally, Peter did not say outright that he wanted to create the spider silk launcher; instead, he broke it down into smaller pieces and stated, “I have a friend.” He is currently running into some technical issues when exploring a related topic.

A typical “friend” that appeared out of nowhere. Rorschach went right to the system mall and exchanged the pertinent technology because he hadn’t examined Spider-Man’s technology.

Spider silk and spider launchers are not cutting-edge technologies. Peter can do the research on his own, but it won’t take long to create. As a result, similar technologies are not expensive.

“The spider silk may be sprayed at a range of roughly 300 meters with this spider launcher. Although the spider silk is as strong as steel wire, it will spontaneously dissolve after two hours in the air. Use a specific protease dissolving agent or dissolving acid to hasten the dissolving process.”

Peter was instantly scared on the spot when Rorschach gave him the design for the spider silk launcher in a serious manner.

“I don’t know why you handed me this, Mr. Rorschach.” Peter still intended to carry on acting foolish, intending to simply play around like this.

Rorschach gave Peter a quick look. “In light of the recent technical inquiries you have made, I believe your acquaintance should require this item, and I would want to make a small recommendation for that friend.”

Rorschach observed, looking at the red rash on Peter’s face, “Spandex can be used for the uniform. The uniform made of spandex will be more breathable because of the recent increase in heat, preventing you from developing a rash after wearing it for an extended period of time.”

The look on Peter’s face changed, and he spoke in fright, “Mr. Rorschach, are you aware? You won’t tell me, Uncle Ben, will you?”

Rorschach grinned as he noticed Little Peter’s anxious expression “It doesn’t matter if you enroll in my class, to start. It is preferable to arrive on time and depart early for other teachers’ classes. Second, you can call me for assistance if you run into issues that you are unable to resolve on your own. Finally, you must always take steps to keep yourself safe. Can you, Spider-Man, guarantee me these three things?”

“When did you learn that I am Spider-Man, Mr. Rorschach? But wait, the day before yesterday, someone assisted me in taking out a couple of armed men. You must be that person, Mr. Rorschach!”

Peter Parker was overjoyed and asked, “Mr. Rorschach, so you are also a superhero?!” to Rorschach with adoring eyes.


Rorschach grinned; he had just passed by, and the system had also sent a task. Took care of thodr guys with ease. Rorschach gradually identified a pattern; it appears that the system’s functions are closely tied to his desires.

The algorithm would assign similar jobs more frequently the more he desired to seem heroic.

“I’ll be a superhero, if you insist that I am,” says Rorschach modestly.

“Wow, cool! What is your code name, Teacher Rorschach? Can we work together to create a team for when we face challenging situations in the future? In addition, I still don’t fully comprehend a lot of things. Can I ask you again later? What do you think about calling our squad if the two of us decide to form one? Guardians… No, it should be called The Amazing…. Wait, this name is too old.”

He immediately started chatting nonstop and acting sociable, feeling as though he had found someone else like him in Peter Parker. “Do whatever you want, I have no issue with you being a friendly neighbor Spider-Man, but you have to get an A+ in every subject,” Rorschach said with a finger flick over his forehead.

“My equipment for watching the police wanted channel is in the basement, so no worries, Mr. Rorschach. The house will be cleaned recently by Uncle Ben. I am concerned that he will discover my tools. Can I first set up the equipment in your place? Alternately, we might locate our base of operations here—it serves as the Justice League’s watchtower!”

Rorschach gave Peter an expectant look as he continued to linger in front of him.

When little Peter was about to give up, Rorschach couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Of course, besides, I’ve been looking into a new element lately. You are welcome to assist me if you have nothing else to do. I’ll speak with you. You may rely on your uncle’s word that this is true.”

“Nice! You are such a cool teacher, Mr. Rorschach! We’ll work together going forward.” Peter was ecstatic.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully completing the “Spider-Man’s Mentor”  task. The host transforms into Spider-Man Peter Parker’s most admired person and receives 20,000 task points.]

In Rorschach’s head, the system prompt could be heard. The second assignment that stood out to me after assisting Spider-Man in his battle against criminals a few days ago is this one.

Rorschach has earned more than 15,000 mission points after deducting the thousands of points used to exchange Spider Technology and the mission rewards.

Rorschach only wants to say to the system in the hopes of getting more mission points: Being able to act like a hero in front of Peter Parker and gain mission points is such a fantastic thing.

After a while, Peter will utilize his free time on the weekends and after school to study new elements with Rorschach. Tony Stark created new elements in the Iron Man 2 storyline using a tiny particle collider, a prismatic accelerator, and a supercomputer.

Some specialized tools are required. If you are unable to purchase it, Rorschach will gladly exchange it for points. For instance, points are required to redeem the little particle collider.

Iron Man Tony Stark can produce new elements independently in the main storyline, but Rorschach has the entire technology and equipment, and with Peter’s assistance, after a period of cooperation, there is no suspense. They were able to distinguish it.

After the particle collision on this particular day came to a conclusion, a brand-new element with a triangle shape and a white light source materialized in front of Rorschach and Peter. This is the fresh, effective, secure, and steady part of the same model that Tony developed in Iron Man 2 using the remainder of the video that his father Howard had left behind.

The world’s energy sector will undergo a major change as a result of the appearance of this new element.

“Unbelievable, Mr. Rorschach, you invented a new element, you’ll receive the Nobel Prize, and you’ll surpass all other scientists in the world right now.”

Rorschach had created a new element, and when Peter saw it, he was ecstatic and incoherent, but Rorschach was much more composed since he understood how unimportant a new element was in the Marvel Universe.

“Peter, we both worked on creating it.” Rorschach smiled as he spoke.

Rorschach and Peter Parker both signed a manuscript on the new element that was delivered to the journal of Natural Science three days later.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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