Rorschach pressed the icon of the fusion reactor on his chest while responding to the reporter’s query.

The nuclear fusion reactor-centered black Uru metal fragments suddenly spread outward toward Rorschach’s body, and a black cloak also materialized behind him with the Destroyer Armor fully exposed on it. in plain view of everyone.

The audience screamed repeatedly, and the reporters snapped images once more in a panic. Tony Stark turned to the side and studied his Arc reactor and Rorschach’s images before realizing how inadequate his Mark 7 self-assembling steel suit was.

He also intended to construct an auto-expanding suit. He can live with the fact that he is weaker than Rorschach, but he must outperform him.

Rorschach ignored Tony Stark’s look and continued, “The fabled Uru metal is where this set of armor’s construction material is sourced. This metal is unbreakable and can only be melted by the planet’s core’s temperature. I have the power of the fictional character “Superman” thanks to the nuclear fusion reactor’s constant energy supply.”

The reporter kept asking, “However, you have yet to clarify how your eyes are able to produce thermal vision rays. Is this armor’s capability as well?”

“Of course, King Odin himself performed the magic that created this set of armor. Anyone who dons it will receive King Odin’s blessing and become a god like in myths and legends. This reminds me a lot of Jane Foster. She had the ability to transform into Thor and use Thor’s might once she had Thor’s Hammer in her hand.” Rorschach went on to elaborate.

Everyone agreed with the explanation provided by Rorschach using Jane Foster as an example.

The New York Times writer believed that the revelations were insufficient and kept asking, “Can anyone who dons this Destroyer armor have superhuman strength, Mr. Rorschach? Can another person wear it?”

“Only I can wear this suit of armor because it was specifically built for me.”

When Rorschach said this, he purposefully displayed a frazzled and guilty countenance, which was swiftly recorded by a quick-thinking reporter. Thor, who was sitting in the guest seat next to him, supported his chin and smiled as he observed Rorschach’s performance.

Thor merely grinned without speaking. Spider-Man and Jane Foster exchanged glances as they both seemed to have a solid grasp of Rorschach’s persona.

When you eventually tore off Rorschach’s armor after much effort, you realized that underneath the Destroyer armor was simply a helpless regular guy. You had previously believed that Rorschach’s power derived from this armor.

As a result… you will discover a shocking truth.

The longest interview was with Rorschach. The Destroyer Armor, which is supposed to have been developed by King Odin, was the only center of the audience’s attention after they realized that Rorschach’s power originated from it.

Naturally, Rorschach’s appearance on the program drew in a lot of female viewers who inquired about his companion once the interview was successfully completed.

The gap between the public and superheroes was reduced by this interview. Additionally, it enables the public to gain a deeper understanding of superheroes’ histories and experiences, enabling them to amass a significant following, just like celebrities do.

Superheroes deserve the public’s support and admiration.

Because of the pivotal conflict between the Avengers and Ultron in Sokovia, many citizens were tragically killed while taking part in this battle.

After that, a woman accused Tony Stark of killing her son by taking a picture of her son who had died in Sokovia.

Because of this mother’s accusations, Tony Stark’s heart was broken, and he agreed to the Sokovia Accords offered by the UN. This decision caused the Avengers to split, and the superhero collective ended up in a mess. No effective opposition force was established before Thanos’s final invasion.

No one wants to hear or witness that mother lose her cherished son, of course. But to condemn the behavior of superheroes on the basis of this alone would be ignorant and foolish.

Without the guidance of these collections of superheroes or other supernatural entities, at least in the Marvel Universe, Thanos would have already seized control of the earth before the Chitauri army invaded. More fatalities would occur at that time.

The simple truth is that those who accuse superheroes of murder do not understand it because they are terrified to confront the real murderer and instead choose to intimidate those who defend them.

Superheroes who put up the effort to fight for and defend the world shouldn’t go unnoticed. Instead, they should enjoy the reputation and rewards commensurate with their skills and sacrifices.

The superhero interview from today is just the start. The interview comes to a close, and Thor must depart for Asgard. Thor struggles to let go of Earthly existence.

There are numerous types of alcohol, delectable foods, and entertainment options available on earth. Additionally, there are devoted female fans—the kind who wish to have a child with them—everywhere.

“I really should leave, Rorschach. Father wants to go to Odin’s Sleep again. I shall convince him to give me permission to form an alliance between Asgard and Midgard before he goes to sleep.” Thor said to Rorschach.

Thor started considering how to handle such situations after learning that Thanos had attempted to attack the Nine Realms. It is utterly insufficient to rely on Asgard or Earth to combat such a potent cosmic tyrant. The partnership between Asgard and Earth is just the beginning.

The strength of the Nine Realms must then be combined to create an iron wall-like protection so that it can stand tall in this cosmos.

Rorschach had an idea, “The partnership with Asgard excites me as well. I’ve actually always wished to organize a scientific and technology exchange team and travel to Asgard. I’ll then continue to discuss Earth’s partnership with Asgard.”

Thor paused to think about it. Because Asgardians have always seen themselves as belonging to Asgard, they have historically been reluctant to welcome people from the mortal world.

Thor originally intended to invite Jane Foster to Asgard, but he made an exception because she was identified by Thor’s Hammer and had become a demigod. It will be quite challenging if Rorschach leads a team from a science and technology exchange over.

“I’ll make every effort to persuade my father. In the event that it fails, I will formally ascend to the throne and rule Asgard. Everything will then be simple.” said Thor.

Thor is also aware of Odin’s declining health, which could force him to abdicate in a matter of decades or even several hundred years. At that point, he will have the choice of taking the throne or not.

“Okay, I’m looking forward to when you succeed as king.”

according to Rorschach, even if Odin enters Odin’s Sleep to regain his physical vigor and divine power, Asgard will endure a series of catastrophes. He also knows when Odin’s life will come to an end.

Odin’s physical state makes it hard for him to exert overall authority. He worries that Thor, the God of Thunder, may soon be forced to carry the weight of the throne.

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Published On: March 15, 2023

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