It’s clear that Captain America has no experience dealing with reporters who can be so difficult. Norman Osborn quickly intervened to save the situation and, with a few amusing words, got the crowd laughs.

The reporter did not make things more difficult for Captain America in the ensuing interview session; instead, she changed the subject to the rumors circulating about the hero and Agent Carter. Captain America’s interview is about to come to an end.

The second superhero emerged to Norman’s applause. The Osborn Group building’s exterior wall is where this superhero entered. He fired a spider silk as he entered the building, shoot the silk around, and eventually landed in front of the stage.

“Hi everyone, I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Spider-Man did not remove his mask. He conducted the interview while hiding his identity by donning a spider mask. The majority of the audience and reporter questions for Spider-Man were on his age, actual identity, and whether or not he has a girlfriend.

Rorschach acknowledged that Spider-Man is a legitimate and law-abiding law enforcement activity in this universe by getting a special police permit certificate for Spider-Man by getting around the high-level New York police.

Because of this, Queens frequently witnesses the cooperation of the police, citizens, and heroes in the fight against crime. Major media reporters have grilled each other with inquiries. There are traps in some questions that appear random, yet they could reveal Spider-Man-related facts.

Spider-Man’s mouth nearly burst. Fortunately, the shrewd Norman Osborn handled matters and stopped those shrewd reporters from getting away with it.

Tony Stark, the Iron Man, debuted immediately after Spider-Man.

Tony Stark has consistently been a regular user of news outlets. He instinctively knows how to handle these reporters. He gave a wonderful interview, but Tony Stark used it as a platform for his own talk show and added that Stark Industries will closely work with the Osborn Group.

Iron Man will specifically join the superhero team under the Osborn Group as a consultant as a form of cooperation, and the Osborn Group will also welcome Tony Stark and the research team from Stark Industries to decipher alien technology jointly and share the research findings.

As soon as the news broke, journalists scrambled to write pieces, and those who were eating also hooked on the topic.

All of the interview subjects in the first part of the session were well-known superheroes, but no one knew anything about Thor, Jane Foster, or “Superman” Rorschach when they appeared.

The discussion with Thor serves as a reminder to everyone that the mythological realm of Asgard is real. People are not as astonished by the arrival of the mythical Asgard as they once were because of their prior experience with the Chitauri army assault.

In addition to the fact that female admirers are clamoring to give birth to an earth hybrid kid for the renowned Thor, who is also attractive and muscular, strong, and handsome,

The Female Thor, also known as Jane Foster, came onto the stage.

According to the script created for her by the Osborne Group, Jane Foster described a scientific researcher with a rough life who unintentionally becomes involved in a crime that could put Asgard and her family in danger when confronted with questions from reporters about her identity and the source of her abilities. In the plot for world peace.

The heroic earth scientist Jane Foster used her resourcefulness to get Thor’s Hammer fame, the tale of saving Asgard and the World, when Thor was plotted against by bad powers and lost his divine might, sensing that the earth and Asgard were about to be destroyed by evil forces.

“It turns out there was such a powerful and brave woman who stepped forward and saved the world and Asgard at a time we weren’t aware of!”

“Heroes are those who stand in the light! I adore it.”

“I don’t know if this Female Thor has a partner, she is too sleazy. I’m hoping the Female Thor will become more enthusiastic once she chooses her other half!”

The interview’s mood reached a peak as Jane Foster’s fame skyrocketed. The anticipation of seeing the final superhero had everyone looking intently behind the scenes.

“Next, let’s call Mr. Rorschach, whom internet users have dubbed “Superman,” the loudest round of applause.” Loudly shouting over the microphone, Norman Osborn hyped it.

In addition to the Internet being flooded with screens scrolling one after another, there was deafening applause during the event.

Rorschach defeated the Chitauri army’s supplementary reinforcements on his own during the Chitauri War, even destroying the alien mothership’s energy shield with a single blow, and capturing an entire fortress-class space carrier.

It should have been mentioned that the senior American officials were prepared to drop nuclear weapons when the space ship arrived. The public first noticed the difference between earthly technology and extraterrestrial civilization with the arrival of the Chitauri mothership.

But just as everyone was preparing to begin killing, the alien mothership changed the course of the war all by itself. Helping others to prevent collapse by turning the tide.

The fighting prowess and dominance of Rorschach in this conflict are very reminiscent of Superman in DC comics. Thermal vision, an indestructible steel body, and supersonic flying ability. Superhuman talent, really.

Rorschach emerged from the shadows and appeared in front of everyone to the cheers of the audience. He gave the audience in the auditorium a friendly wave and salute.

Rorschach said, “Hello, everyone. It’s good to meet you all.”

He gave a brief introduction of himself before it was the reporter from the New York Times’ chance to ask questions. He hurried to the front as soon as possible and enquired, “Mr. Rorschach, you have skills that are strikingly comparable to those of Superman in comic books. How would you explain that?”

Obviously, everyone’s main concern is this issue. Since the Chitauri War, Rorschach’s true identity has been revealed online.

A young man entered New York Science and Technology High School as a science teacher after earning his degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He made new discoveries a year earlier, elevating him to the position of the second-largest shareholder in Stark Industries. The group’s research and development work on numerous significant projects has gained recognition in the scientific world.

But a few days ago, a scientific genius demonstrated utterly terrible power. Even some people believe Rorschach is from Krypton. All of Rorschach’s scientific accomplishments can be explained if he is a Kryptonian.

When asked, Rorschach would undoubtedly deny having a Kryptonian bloodline. Kryptonians only exist in comic books in the Marvel universe, and Rorschach is never allowed to reveal the superpowers he acquired from them.

“First of all, I’m a big fan of Superman.” Rorschach uttered something while grinning.

He said, showing the little nuclear fusion reactor on his chest, “In actuality, this nuclear fusion reactor and the armor I’m wearing provide all of my strength. The only distinction between my armor and Iron Man’s is that mine was custom-made for me by the All-Father, King Odin.”

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Published On: March 15, 2023

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