Deep in the universe. On the Sanctuary No. 2 Space Carrier.

In front of the Titan, the Chitauri priest bowed. This purple Titan is well-known as Thanos the Tyrant, the universe’s ruler.

“My lord, Loki was the one who turned on you. He initially exaggerated the might of the earth before conspiring with those who were already powerful to besiege and massacre our army.”

Before the priest of the Chitauri could conclude, the blue-haired Proxima Midnight yelled, “Enough, you garbage!” while brandishing a weapon like a spear.

Proxima Midnight reprimanded the Chitauri priest before turning to face the enormous creature seated above. She bowed her head and said, “My Lord, if you would, let me command an army. I want avenge him!”

Corvus Glaive’s partner, Proxima Midnight, passed away on Earth. She was heartbroken and yearned to return to Earth right away to exact revenge on him.

The Titan swung around above. He lowered his gaze and said without emotion, “The time has not come yet. Once we’ve gathered a few Infinity Stones, it won’t be too late for us to get to Earth!”


A few days after the end of the Chitauri War.

Superheroes and the Earth Allied Forces were shown in a video defeating alien invaders, and this event was relentlessly covered by numerous news outlets.

The five great overlords established the Earth Alliance to combat the extraterrestrial invaders, according to high-level officials of the major powers who spoke one after another.

The fact that the Chitauri army invasion is just the beginning is the key factor motivating the officials of other nations to come forward and affirm.

Powerful civilizations from all around the cosmos are keeping a watch on Earth. Therefore, it is undoubtedly not a sensible choice to blindly conceal the public. You can conceal it temporarily, but you can’t conceal it indefinitely.

Following a number of high-level meetings, the official made the decision to come forward in order to inform the public of the truth, while also establishing a positive image of the Earth Alliance and superheroes. In order to inspire the public and give them a reason for hope, the official decided to do this while also promoting science and preventive measures as soon as possible.

This way, when similar incidents occur in the future, the public will be able to flee in a calm manner without degenerating into uncontrollable panic and

To calm the populace, certain leaders stood up and highlighted the valor of the Earth Alliance military and the strong superheroes defending the planet. The populace gradually loses its fear of the entry of extraterrestrial civilizations.

A sense of pride in being a human on earth was instead born, despite the public attitude being shaped by the mainstream media. Let’s see if our army and superheroes will be able to knock you out, no matter what kind of monsters you are that dare to invade the world.

You may find popular quotes online, such as “You have an army, and we have superheroes,” “Brave the earth is not frightened of challenges,” and other sayings like “Anyone who offends our earth will be punished no matter how far away.”

In addition to the Earth Alliance and superheroes, the Osborn Group also grabbed the show after the conflict.

Drugs that increase physical strength, Terminator robots, and Jane Foster’s cape with the Osborn Group emblem on the back.

The stock price of Osborn Group continued to soar as a result of these forcibly inserted adverts.

In order to boost its present market worth above the dust and knock the competition off the second place by a full ten streets, Osborne Group also depended on the Terminator robot and a number of innovative projects using controllable nuclear fusion energy.

Stark Industries, owned by Tony Stark, is unsurprisingly in second place.

It’s also important to note that Tony Stark is not the sole shareholder of Stark Industries, and that Norman Osborn, a stakeholder of the Osborn Group, was once given a defective physical enhancement medicine and turned into a green goblin before being killed.

As a result of Norman Osborn’s loyalty to Rorschach, all of the Osborne Group’s shares have since been returned to him, making Rorschach the world’s richest man. This obviously does not include Wakanda, which is now concealed in Africa.

Wakanda’s technological prowess, economic prowess, and scientific prowess significantly outpace those of the earth’s era, and it is situated on a vibranium ore vein. The world is unaware of Wakanda, therefore there is no need to draw comparisons between the two.

On the fifth day following the Chitauri War’s conclusion. The superheroes that made their appearance in this conflict were invited by the media outlet under the authority of the Osborn Group.

The three people that received the greatest applause were Thor, Jane Foster, and “Superman” Rorschach. The public gave Rorschach the code name “Superman” because of how similar his abilities were to Superman from the DC Comics.

Additionally, the already well-known Tony Stark, Spider-Man, and Captain America were invited by the Osborn Group. The Osborn Group will once again garner considerable media interest as a result of these superheroes being interviewed live and responding to questions from the general people.

This live broadcast on the international network has been reserved by tens of thousands of viewers, and tickets for the interview location are even more difficult to come by. Superhero fans’ first row of seats has been sold for tens of millions of dollars, and the price is further rising.

This is the superhero economy, said Norman Osborn.

The traditional science and technology disciplines are no longer where The Osborn Group can make quick advances. It can only wait for the alien technology to be further decoded and look for fresh development chances.

If you want to accomplish more in a short amount of time, you must firmly grasp the superheroes who performed admirably in this Chitauri battle, establish a new superhero business, and grow the superhero economy.

They gained a fortune just by auctioning off the scene tickets, not to include the transmission rights of the major media, the accessories for these four superheroes, etc.

The Osborn Group Building’s press conference on the day of the interview was packed with invited media and fans. Everyone entered the area in a controlled manner, protected by a troop of super soldiers from the Osborn Group.

As the interview’s host, Norman Osborn made his entrance first and gave a quick welcome to the crowd and the news media. He instantly entered the topic after he finished his chit-chat.

“Let’s invite our first superhero to give you a story next. I grew up hearing his stories, and I think you already know who he is.”

Norman Osborn extended his hand and indicated the background. Under the spotlights, Steve Rogers emerged with a vibranium shield and donned the new Captain America outfit.

At the scene, there was jubilation and Captain America was also the target of media persons brandishing weapons. One after another, flashes flashed, and the sound of the camera shutter continued indefinitely.

The Osborn Group often releases information on Captain America in an effort to attract attention because the general public is familiar with him.

“Why didn’t you leap out of the plane after you crashed the HYDRA fighter plane into the glacier, Captain America?”

This query was put forth by a New York Times reporter. Many others have been plagued by this question at the same time. The moment this reporter posed the question, the audience fell silent. In anticipation of Captain America’s response, everyone gazed at him.

Every camera is focused on Captain America, who is seated in the guest seat. Steve gave everyone a really tranquil smile in the presence of so many reporters and the crowd present.

He answered, “There was an automatic positioning system aboard the plane at the time. To stop it from going back to the pre-set track, I had to switch it to manual mode.”

The audience abruptly comprehended what they had just heard, but the New York Times reporter wouldn’t let go, saying, “Captain, even if it’s manual control, you can fix the joystick, as long as it’s facing the glacier; otherwise, have you ever tried to bring down the plane? You just used the positioning system to direct the plane to crash into the glacier without giving it a second thought, am I correct?

The reporter barraged us with inquiries. After speaking, he handed Captain America the microphone, gave him an honest look, and then he waited for the other person to respond. Black lines may be seen all over Captain America’s face.

“Naturally, I’ve tried other things.”

“Please describe the approaches you took and the challenges you ran into.” The reporter kept inquiring.

There is no escaping the evil eyes. Normally cool-headed, Steve Rogers was a little irritated by this cunning reporter.

The audience’s response, though, was excellent. People who don’t believe it’s important to observe the thrill enjoy exploring this kind of subject with tense conflict. Regardless of the live or live broadcast platform, the crowd is quite active.

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Published On: March 14, 2023

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