“Firewall hacked, data intrusion in progress, intrusion complete.”

The Riverie artificial intelligence successfully seized command of the Chitauri mothership in a matter of seconds. The Chitauri mothership immediately bowed to Rorschach’s commands.


“I am here.”

“Scientists on Earth will receive this spacecraft for their research. No matter how much the change they do, I want you to be able to have full control of this carrier. Can you manage it?”

However, it is said that Rorschach will conduct technical research on this space carrier more quickly than all of the scientists on Earth put together. But Rorschach was not required to.

Although patriarchs have never changed the world’s order alone, he wants to. It’s more about giving scientists and soldiers on earth a platform to utilize all of the light and heat that is rightfully theirs.

“Naturally, given the earth’s current technological state, it will take at least three years for research to touch this mothership’s core technology, and it will take five years to disassemble the mothership’s fundamental structure. Controlling the ship will take at least 20 to 30 years.” Riverie retorted while in charge of the mother ship’s audio system.

“Twenty to thirty years…”

“Riverie, what you counted should have been regular scientists on Earth, and you didn’t include some actual geniuses,” Rorschach grinned as he shook his head.

It goes without saying that the Osborn Group’s present scientific research team is the true genius of this world. Tony Stark, Dr. Pym, and Princess Shuri of Wakanda are also present.

Peter Parker is actually considered as having a high level of intelligence. If he can dedicate himself to scientific inquiry, his accomplishments will unquestionably be on par with those of the scientists described above. Peter Parker, however, has no desire to pursue a career in science.

Spider-Man seems to have a reputation for being underprivileged throughout the whole Marvel world. After graduating from a prominent university, Peter Parker did not work for any publicly traded companies. Instead, he started working as a newspaper reporter and started capturing images every day. For a little sum of money, he offered several photos of himself acting like Spider-Man.

Rorschach disregarded them and turned to face the earthen army that had ceased hostilities. Those low-level Chitauri soldiers appeared to have lost their souls after losing control of the Chitauri mothership because they all stood still.

“Riverie, order all Chitauri soldiers to shoot each other and commit suicide.”

Those Chitauri soldiers are not something Rorschach wants to preserve. It’s incredibly awful, this hybrid of biological and mechanical components. The same-functioning Terminator robot is far more menacing-looking. Strength and weakness may be determined in a split second, but whether or not some army is good for public exposure can take a lifetime.

Rorschach considered it unseemly if a big army entered the universe carrying a squad of corrupt Chitauri soldiers. Rorschach couldn’t risk ruining his name.

After Rorschach gave the order, Riverie quickly took control of the Chitauri mothership’s control system and ordered all of the Chitauri soldiers to commit suicide.

All of the Chitauri soldiers briefly raised their weapons and directed them at their fellow combatants. These enormous mechanical Leviathans started biting one another until one of them perished.

After eliminating all of the Chitauri troops. Riverie piloted the massive spaceship, made a soft landing, then steadily parked it on a wide region on the west shore not far from the mainland. Surrounding this alien mothership, the last remaining Terminator robots are openly sharing the most recent footage with the world.

All of the Earth Army soldiers present at the site let out an unusual round of applause as soon as the hatch opened and Rorschach gently emerged. Iron Man collapsed on the ground alongside him while gazing strangely at Rorschach.

“Hey, what’s up with your armor? does this armor give you your abilities?” Naturally, Tony looked into Rorschach’s past as well.

Tony Stark unconsciously sees Rorschach as a regular person, much like the United Nations officials. A common individual like him. The rich rely on technology, whereas the so-called impoverished depend on variance.

Tony believes that Rorschach is imitating his iron suit. Tony can’t figure out why Rorschach is so strong.

Jane Foster has also arrived. Jane Foster has a high EQ, but she has witnessed the power of Rorschach. Thor is still debating whether or not to approach before Rorschach continued to smile while describing his strength.

He believed that he had improved his tools and weaponry. He is undoubtedly superior to Rorschach in terms of beheading the Chitauri soldiers, at least insofar as he has the Stormbreaker and the ability to manipulate the thunder. But reality hit him in the face with brutality.

Rorschach eliminated them all. Thor hasn’t yet worked out how Rorschach was able to kill every Chitauri trooper with such accuracy.

Thor himself couldn’t help but wonder. Would Rorschach only require a few seconds if Asgard and Rorschach engaged in combat and massacred tens of thousands of Asgard’s greatest fighters?

Thor could not help but tremble as he thought about this.

As for Rorschach’s thermal vision. Thor is unaware of the powers of Kryptonians because he hasn’t read any DC comics. He simply believed it to be a power possessed by the Gods of Midgard in his mind.

Thor struggled with self-doubt as the Internet applauded. Even though “those folks” continued to raise their concerns and objections to the situation, everyone’s cheers drowned out their “wise” words.

The war is over.

Dr. Banner remotely closed the wormhole, and Sitwell ordered all S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel and the surviving Terminator robots to begin clearing the battlefield. Soldiers from all over the world embraced one another and sobbed as they celebrated the war’s end.

[Ding! earned 260,000 mission points by completing the side mission “Chitauri’s Invasion” with the host’s support and successfully assisting the earth in fending off the alien invasion race.]

Rorschach has gained 260,000 points, bringing him one step closer to his modest objective. Now that Rorschach has the Super Brain of Kryptonians, he is in power of the Osborn Group and enjoys unfathomable wealth and resources. The majority of the items are self-obtainable.

Nevertheless, the system’s existence is still helpful. System points are required by Rorschach in order to enhance the Kryptonian lineage. It will undoubtedly require a large number of points in order to eventually develop into Silver Age Superman and Thinking Superman. Points are still Rorschach’s one remaining advantage.

The war is over, but a new wave of conflict amongst the highest officials of many nations has started. This conflict is over how to handle these alien wrecks and distribute alien technology.

Rorschach didn’t care about that.

Just like other Terminator robots, whether you purchase them from Osborn Group or set up a factory on your own property. The Riverie database will be automatically accessed by all Terminator robots created.

Normally, Rorschach won’t tamper with any Terminator robots, but in an emergency, Riverie has the power to remotely take control of any Terminator robot, no matter where it is on the planet.

The biggest result of this battle is the space carrier.

Despite the battle-related debris and regardless of which nation this space carrier ultimately belongs to, Riverie artificial intelligence enters it with Rorschach in full command.

In fact, Rorschach also gave Sitwell instructions to promote the five major powers to create an alliance organization akin to a community of shared future for the planet using this alien invasion scenario by using the might of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Any civilization that has entered the enormous universe age must have an internal civilization structure that is largely uniform. There will be a single, unifying will to guide the entire planetary civilization, notwithstanding the existence of various ethnic groupings.

Obviously, such conditions do not exist in the current world. The resources and priceless life of the world will be severely depleted by conflicts of interest and wars between major countries and nations. Based on these elements, the earth of today desperately needs to unite into a stable whole.

Rorschach gave Sitwell, the current director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the current commander of HYDRA, who is skilled in brainwashing, assassination, and other harsh tactics, the vital responsibility of advancing this process.

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Published On: March 14, 2023

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