The entire battlefield fell into silence.

Thousands of eyes were immediately drawn to Rorschach, as if someone had hit the pause button.

The Chitauri mothership, which had been violently descending on Earth, abruptly stopped in the middle of the wormhole, as if it were a car that slammed on the brakes and came to a stop.

The Chitauri commander is extremely frightened. A Chitauri Commander has feelings and experiences terror much like a common Chitauri soldier. They are terrified of both General Corvus and Thanos.

The elite troops of the Chitauri mothership that had just been unleashed likewise perished instantly after Corvus touched down on the planet, killing it in less than a few minutes.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The Chitauri chieftain yelled angrily. They made a big error in gathering data about the earth in addition to Loki betraying him. Everyone was greatly misled about the earth’s power as a result.

To rule the world, one General alone is insufficient. To seize the world, at the very least, all of the Black Order’s generals and even Lord Thanos must physically appear.

The Space Carrier changed its forward motion in response to the Chitauri leader’s retreat command. Returning to the starry sky of the cosmos, the mothership traversed the wormhole once more.

Rorschach sniffed icily upon noticing the Chitauri mothership’s want to flee, “Want to run… huh?”

After finishing his sentence, he immediately took off, his cloak fluttering behind him as his body shot straight up into the air.

From Rorschach’s appearance, which resulted in the death of their general and the massacre of the Chitauri army at a glance, to the present-day push towards the Chitauri mothership. There was a significant uproar on the network for live broadcasts.

The abrupt arrival of Rorschach caused two thoughts to simultaneously cross everyone in the audience’s minds.

“Who the hell is this person?”

“Damn, this guy is so fierce!”

Rorschach suddenly rolled on the live feed screen as he soared directly to the Chitauri mothership in the skies.

“And what is that? A bird or an airplane, which is it? Brothers, I know I’m not the only one who wonders why that individual resembles Superman from the DC comics so much.”

“Oh no, now that you’ve said it like this, it kind of sounds like it! That person, who can fly and possesses the thermal vision, was destroying the enemy with only one punch. This individual truly resembles a Superman from a comic book!”

“Really or not, Superman is merely in the comics, the ability is a little comparable.”

The video resumed on the screen, but now, rather than whether Rorschach is Superman, what most people are worried about is how Rorschach will handle the enormous alien mothership.

On the battleground’s sky. The human and super soldiers below glanced up at the sky as Rorschach sailed higher and higher.

When the Chitauri commander saw Rorschach running in their direction, he yelled, “Energy cannon, activate all energy cannons for me, and never let that guy near the mothership!”

Obeying the commander’s instructions. The space carrier’s whole arsenal was activated, and each energy gun locked in the direction of Rorschach, computed his flight path, and fired at maximum power.


The energy runners fired in unison, and countless energy cannons with long tails blasted towards Rorschach like a meteor shower. Rorschach didn’t dodge or dodge, and still flew straight forward.

It’s time to show your power to the world.



One by one, the energy cannons firing red light struck Rorschach’s torso, sending shock waves into the sky. In spite of the seeming meteor shower of energy guns, Rorschach persisted in flying forward unharmed.


Rorschach emerged in front of the spacecraft a split second later. He gently punched the spaceship as he slowly raised his fist. Rorschach wants to gauge the thickness of the Chitauri mothership’s energy shield.


The space carrier’s energy barrier was struck by this punch, and an enormous roar immediately burst forth. The energy shield sank deep inside, but recovered instantly, leaving behind circles of ripples that dispersed like water on the surface.

The commander questioned his deputy as soon as he noticed Rorschach’s punch through the light screen, “How much energy shield is remaining on the mothership,”

“97 percent, sir,” The deputy quickly answered.

The energy shield is only 3% consumed at the moment, leaving the remaining 97% intact. You must be aware that the missile attacks the earth military conducted at the mothership after the Chitauri mothership touched down on the planet account for 1% of the shield’s energy usage.

The US government’s proposed plan to unleash nuclear weapons has been temporarily halted since there are still a lot of earth fighters on the battlefield who haven’t escaped. Nuclear weapons should only ever be used as a last resort.

Up to this point, only conventional missiles, which are employed to combat the Chitauri army, have been utilized to strike the mothership. Rorschach’s punch obliterated the final 2% of the shield’s energy consumption.

Chitauri Commander unexpectedly gave out a deep sigh of relief at this point. “Okay, okay, we should have enough time to flee before the enemy blows the barrier up.”

A punch caused 2% of the energy shield to explode. Although there was still a strong sense of urgency to die, Chitauri Commander did not dare to underestimate Rorschach.

Rorschach analyzed his power and predicted how much of the opponent’s energy barrier would be consumed.

“I should be able to destroy the energy barrier with a single punch if I use it, perhaps between 74% and 80% of the time, without endangering the space carrier itself.”

Rorschach initially assessed his striking power because he still desired to seize the spaceship. Rorschach lifted his fist once more as soon as the calculation’s outcome was known.

Power up and strike!


This blow instantly broke the sound barrier and smacked the Chitauri mothership’s energy shield with the force of a catastrophe.


Rorschach’s Fist Peak became the focal point of a destructive force that instantly spread to cover the entire shield.

The energy shield cracked out of nowhere. Rorschach immediately blasted a large hole in the bridge before being alerted that the energy shield had run out, and it then appeared to melt the ice and snow along the way. The large hole started to disintegrate and eventually broke altogether.

The Chitauri Commander was still frozen. All around the planet, the image of Rorschach punching through the alien mothership’s electromagnetic shield went viral. The representatives of the united nations at the S.H.I.E.L.D. conference were silent in comparison to the Internet cheerleaders.

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Published On: March 13, 2023

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