Thor and Corvus had already engaged in dozens of rounds of combat in just a few breaths. Despite Corvus’ extensive battle background, Thor’s combat power attribute is superior. Corvus was defeated in two or three hits because to the Stormbreaker’s increased battle power.

“For Asgard!”

Thor had a strong desire to fight. The brilliant strength of thunder erupted from his eyes as he chased triumph. The Stormbreaker sliced at Corvus’ head as the thunder built around him, moving at the thunder’s speed.

Corvus could have blocked the blow with the Blade in his hand, but he raised his hand in the air, but hesitated for a moment. It was just this moment of hesitation that the Stormbreaker swung to his neck.

Thor’s axe slashed Corvus’ head off, leaving a trail of blood all over the place.


Thor instantly calmed when he realized that he had executed the enemy general. He applauded for himself when raising the Stormbreaker. When he gets back to Asgard, he even knows how to boast to his pals about his impressive kill total from today.

The Terminator’s electronic camera faithfully captured the image of Thor beheading the opposing general. A giant Osborne Group logo was printed on it after being magnified and closely examined by the expert team of the Osborn Group, and it was then shared on the Internet.

Initially, the presence of the Chitauri mothership still caused fear among the populace, but morale was raised by the spectacle in which Thor beheaded the adversary general. At the same time, a great number of people cheered.

Thor’s name continued to echo throughout the land after this conflict. However, the majority of the Chitauri mothership has already entered the wormhole at this time.

The two space carrier’s underside wings resembled wings. Rows of hatches on the enormous wings were opened, allowing the tightly pressed warriors to spread out once more and numerous mechanical Leviathans as well.

Everyone’s mood was like a roller coaster, and when they witnessed this scenario, the morale they had worked so hard to build up instantly fell to the valley floor. Thor was drawn to the Chitauri army that was swarming out of the sky like locusts.

He was unaware that the dead Corvus had been revived once again, or that the storm battle axe’s severed head had eventually found its way back to his neck.

Corvus’ eyes were cold, and he seized the opportunity to stab Thor’s back with his blade as he turned to face the sky. All of the audience could see this scene on the network platform’s screen.

To get Thor, who was drawn to the Chitauri mothership in the sky, to notice that there was a sneak attack behind him, a great number of people anxiously scratched their heads and yelled in front of the screen.

However, Thor’s focus was only on the Chitauri mothership at the time. He even reactivated his summoning of thunder with the intention of charging the Chitauri mothership.


Thor was ready to be struck in the back by Corvus’ blade. However, just as the knife’s tip was about to touch Thor’s back, a large hand shot out from nowhere and seized Corvus’ blade.


When he turned around, he spotted a young black man behind him with the same incredibly uninterested eyes, dressed in a black Uru metal fighting suit and cloak. Naturally, this young man is Rorschach who has returned to the struggle.

Since Rorschach was aware of Corvus’ capacity for resurrection, he saw the scene in which Thor rose from the dead after beheading the foe, and in reality, he had already materialized just now.

The resurrection of Corvus has already transcended the boundaries of current science and falls under the purview of magical abilities.

“I shall be the one to kill you,” Rorschach made a casual remark before punching Corvus in the body.

Corvus experienced an unending sense of oppression even after experiencing Rorschach’s punch. He wasn’t even given the opportunity to fight. Corvus’ body exploded as Rorschach repeatedly pummeled him.

Thor didn’t see any movement behind him until this point, whirling around in time to see Rorschach retract his fist and the rest of Corvus’ lower torso.

“What happened to him? why did he…”

“He belongs to the Thanos’ Black Order group. No matter what kind of injury he sustains, he will survive as long as this weapon is undamaged.”

Thor was explained by Rorschach. Rorschach picked up his glaive and used his remaining time before being revived to thoroughly inspect the glaive’s structure with his vision.

Although it appears to be made of Uru metal, something else has apparently been added. Rorschach wants to mimic a group. If he can successfully build it, he will be able to produce an army of the undead. However, now is not the time to research this.

Two blazing light rays burst out of Rorschach’s reddened eyes and settled on the glaive. Here, the tremendous temperature instantly melted the weapon into a pool of molten iron.

“Arghh!” A sound appeared to emanate from the depths.

With the aid of his heat vision, Rorschach melted the glaive, which naturally destroyed the soul of Corvus that had been bound to it.

“Thor, you did a good job. The rest is up to me.”

Rorschach gazed up at the Chitauri mothership that was ready to completely enter the ground instead of the dead Corvus.

The thunder once more encircled Thor’s torso as he raised the corner of his mouth. Provocatively glancing at Rorschach, he remarked, “You cannot enjoy yourself without my help. Why not hold a contest to determine who can kill the most?”

Thor caught Rorschach’s eye, and he questioned, “Are you sure you want to compete?”

“Of course, why not increase the wager? I want that woman to come back with me to Asgard if I win.” Thor pointed to Jane Foster flying in the sky.

“What if you lose?” Rorschach directly questioned Thor rather than getting any information about why he intended to bring Jane Foster to Asgard.

“If I loseā€¦”

Thor clearly gave this subject some significant thinking before slapping his head and declaring, “If I lose, I will let my father find the king of the dwarves and make a weapon for you.”

Thor shook the Stormbreaker in his palm as he spoke. He appears to want to demonstrate that this is a weapon fit for a king. It is visible to Rorschach. When Thor’s weapon is enhanced, he’s intrigued by it.

“Okay, let’s compete!”

“Let’s get started!”

Thor roared before the words were finished and took the initiative to charge the tightly clustered Chitauri army in the skies. Thor can take the initiative because Rorschach is still standing where he is. Two parallel hot light rays suddenly formed in the sky as Thor prepared to charge into the newly appeared Chitauri army alone.

For a brief moment, the two parallel beams were accurately tracing the bodies of each Chitauri soldier and mechanical Leviathan, like luminous butterflies flitting amid the flowers. The constantly raucous sky abruptly dropped into an odd calm.

The Chitauri army disintegrated into dust before anyone could respond, being packed close together like locusts. The two red light beams vanished as if they had never existed. Rorschach was still standing, his eyes were bloodshot, and everything he had seen had vanished.

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Published On: March 12, 2023

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