Rorschach smiled and said to the Ancient One’s question, “Of course, I know a lot of things.”

He might be able to claim he doesn’t know The Ancient One. The Ancient One can use the time stone to see into the past and future, has a strong vision, and is skilled in a number of spells. How can she be so easily deceived?

After hearing Rorschach’s response, The Ancient One asked, “Who are you, and how do you know me?”

“Rorschach is my name, and I work in science. Perhaps I’m a little smarter than most folks… as for how I came to know you.”

After a brief pause, Rorschach responded, “I can see certain hazy future pictures, akin to the ability of a “prophet,” and it is this skill that helps me grasp a lot of things.”

Rorschach is aware of the Marvel Universe’s storyline, therefore he is not lying when he asserts that he possesses “prophetic” abilities.

“Prophetic powers?”

“Can you tell me about the image of the future that you saw?” The Ancient One continued to stare at Rorschach.

“I’ll soon have the Chitauri army in my hands. You will eventually pass away in a few years. You will accept a man by the name of Stephen Strange as your pupil before you pass away, and he will take over your role as the Sorcerer Supreme.”

The Ancient One seemed to accept Rorschach’s assertion after hearing it. This individual appears to be able to spy on the future.

He did not explain how an average person came to possess this talent, and Rorschach’s gift was a little outlandish. The Ancient One was considering this when his gaze landed on Rorschach’s chest and he immediately wanted to whack Rorschach’s soul out of his body to examine and study it.

But, The Ancient One abandoned this notion.

She thought back to the last conflict between King Odin and Rorschach. The quickness and explosive force of Rorschach’s punch was really horrifying.

The Ancient One asked herself, if she didn’t use the mirror dimension, it would be difficult to withstand this blow by relying on ordinary spells.

She already sees Rorschach as a powerful man who possesses a similar level of strength to her. Rorschach hasn’t yet done anything to endanger the planet, therefore it would be extremely impolite and even confrontational to secretly eavesdrop on the other party.

As a result, The Ancient One decided against spying on Rorschach’s soul, demonstrating respect for power.

The Ancient One and Rorschach both gazed up at the sky at this same time. The mothership of the Chitauri race had arrived above the wormhole and was getting ready to enter it.

“You seem to be in difficulties, do you need help, Rorschach?” The Ancient One enquired.

Her main duty is to protect the earth from the invasion of the multiverse, and she has also observed the victory of human beings in this battle through the time stone. It’s just about Rorschach, she can’t clearly observe it.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a Chitauri, and I can destroy it with a snap of my fingers.” Rorschach said, shaking his head.

After finishing his speech, Rorschach pressed the little nuclear fusion reactor on his chest, which instantly encased his entire body in the black armor. He immediately leaped to his feet and shot upward.

The Ancient One remained still as he distantly observed Rorschach turning around. This quick meeting gave her some relief.

Rorschach has no ill will toward this world, at least not from what has been seen so far. There’s no point in trying to figure out where his power comes from.


The center of the battlefield.

With Jane Foster’s assistance and Thor’s Stormbreaker, which can easily defeat the mechanical Leviathan, the two ran into the Chitauri army as if they were in no man’s land.

I’m not sure when it started, but fewer Chiaturi soldiers were coming out of the wormhole.

On the ground, innumerable shattered and enormous bodies covered the whole battle circle, including the remains of Earth soldiers who died valiantly as well as Chitauri soldiers and the ruins of Terminator robots.

From the moment they step foot on the battlefield, every soldier on Earth is prepared to give their life at any moment.

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has also arrived on the scene. Despite his complaints that the two thunder gods were taking all the attention, he joined the conflict right away.

Based on Mark 6, Iron Man’s Mark 7 iron suit has an improved defense. The new generation of Mark 7 armor is outfitted with a comprehensive weapon system as opposed to the Mark 6 armor, which only had a single weapon.

The battle armor known as Iron Man’s Mark 7 was specifically designed for this conflict when Tony learned from Loki that the Chitauri army was due to invade. The circumstances in this Chitauri annihilation war have changed with the addition of Iron Man and the assistance of the two Thors.

Looking up at the 10 mechanical Leviathans that were still in the sky. Thor’s hammer was swung by Jane Foster at the mechanical Leviathan that was closest to her.

Without pausing, Thor’s Hammer accelerated ahead, flew into the mechanical Leviathan’s center mouth, went through it, and then emerged from the creature’s tail, still flying forward.

Thor’s Hammer penetrated the mechanical Leviathan, which made no sound and dropped from the sky like a jet that had run out of fuel.

At the other end of the sky, Thor was standing. Thor’s hammer was flying in his direction, so he swung Stormbreaker he was holding at it and struck it hard to the ground.

Boom! There was a thunderous explosion.

The back of the Stormbreaker struck Thor’s Hammer like a warhammer before it abruptly twisted around and flew out, striking a mechanical Leviathan once again.

“Yes!” The few mechanical Leviathans that were still in the sky were Thor’s hit target, and he cheered for them.

The Chitauri Army was about to be destroyed when a massive black shadow suddenly materialized in the portal.

At the same time, many people below turned to gaze up. In comparison to this impossibly large alien mothership, the behemoth is minuscule, like a little earthworm.

“Whoa, what’s that?”

“Godspeed, is that the alien mothership? They’re going to start an all-out assault!”

“What? We haven’t been engaged in combat with the main alien army up until now?”

The Chitauri mothership suddenly appeared, leaving the Earth’s defenders feeling utterly helpless.

They believed that the conflict could be easily won by assembling the elite forces of the five major overlords, having two remarkable powerhouses assist them, and using a big number of Terminator robots.

But when the Chitauri mothership approached, all Earth warriors’ hearts started to tremble. Even the innumerable spectators of the fighting experienced intense fear once more.

In contrast to the original plot, Iron Man detonated a nuclear weapon and destroyed the Chitauri mothership. The Chitauri mothership, has already boosted its energy protection to full capacity and is about to enter the wormhole.

If the mothership does not use the energy shield, it will be a moving target due to its size.

Thor gripped the Stormbreaker firmly as he lay on the ground. Thor will be more ecstatic to face a greater foe because he is a warrior with bravery written in his genes. Even if he perishes in battle, he will perish before charging.

“For the glory of the northern gods.” With his Stormbreaker in hand, Thor yelled as he prepared to charge the Chitauri mothership solo.

A round ray of light then materialized in front of Thor. As the elliptical ray of light widened, Corvus—who was clutching an unmatched blade—appeared on the battlefield of earth and confronted Thor, who was prepared to charge into battle.


Thor struck at Corvus with his axe while remaining silent and being encircled by thunder. Corvus was originally aimed at Thor. He looked serious and moved quickly. At the same time, he waved the peerless blade in his hand and collided with the storm battle axe.


Corvus’ Blade has a tremendous amount of power, and suddenly a circle of energy blasts erupted. However, it is clear that the King of Asgard’s weapon, the Stormbreaker, is marginally superior.

After being split in two by Thor’s axe, Corvus’ form flew backward and for a considerable distance before landing safely.

“You are nothing more than that.”

With the advantage, Thor grinned brightly, leaped to his feet, swung the Stormbreaker in his grasp, and slashed at Corvus once again.

Corvus instantly felt greater pressure as he turned to face Thor, who was wielding his axe. Although Thor’s Hammer was undoubtedly utilized, based on their intelligence, the Stormbreaker in his palm is now even more deadly than Thor’s Hammer.

The following instant, the two sides engaged in combat once more.

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Published On: March 12, 2023

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