Rorschach didn’t run into the female music teacher from yesterday on the walk back to the office. He had a small sense of sympathy, but he didn’t care. Rorschach has class this afternoon, therefore, he needs to fulfill the day’s task as soon as possible.

“Hey, Mr. Rorschach, did you know Tony Stark was present at today’s Senate military meeting? The military reportedly asked Tony Stark to turn over the Iron Man’s suit technology.”

“But Tony Stark resisted handing over the Iron Man’s suit technology and asserted that other nations would not make any advancements in the Iron Man suit for at least five to ten years.”

When Rorschach returned to his desk, the male teacher from the same office ran over and yelled enthusiastically. The court session began promptly at nine o’clock this morning, and Tony Stark had the highest levels of the Senate, and the military destroyed in less than 30 minutes.

This teacher is an ardent admirer of Iron Man. In fact, the majority of people will idolize, or more accurately, enviously admire, Iron Man. The fact that he is also a superhero is more significant than the fact that he is sitting on a ton of wealth and has a ton of fancy vehicles and women.

Even though Rorschach hasn’t been following the news much lately, the news doesn’t surprise him.

This is Iron Man 2’s plot, isn’t it?

The military summoned the president of Hammer Industries, its top weaponry supplier, and demanded Tony Stark turn up the technology for the iron suit, claiming that foreign nations were developing it quickly and that advancements had been made. Iron Man was forced to turn over the Iron Suit’s technology on the grounds that it endangered global peace.

Then Tony Stark used a phone to hack the hearing’s TV and broadcast classified material about Hammer Industries’ failure to research the iron suit.

After the conference, Tony Stark remarked, “I am your secret weapon, and I can uphold world peace alone. Within five to ten years, other nations won’t make any advancements in this iron suit technology. This time period could be increased to twenty years if Hammer Industries were in charge of it.”

Rorschach was suddenly urged to consider what would happen if he traded the Mark 4 armor’s design and sold it while the male teacher described what transpired at the meeting in full detail. In the next five to ten years, no one will achieve any breakthroughs while wearing the Iron Man costume, according to Tony Stark.

As a result, someone created the same steel outfit within a short period of time. The Arc reactor and micro power system present the steel suit with its greatest technical challenge. Iron suits cannot be mass-produced as long as these two technologies are not mastered.

The steel suit’s mass production could likely generate a lot of mission points that impede global advancement. After thinking about it, Rorschach concluded that selling the design blueprints directly would not yield many benefits and that he would have to take part in the mass manufacturing of the steel suit.

Only Hammer Industries and the Osborn Group, in addition to Stark Industries, still possess the resources and industrial network necessary to mass-produce iron suits.

It goes without saying that Hammer Industries had a major role in the Iron Man 2 plot, mass-producing a large number of automated iron suit armies and outclassing other military businesses with its power and wealth.

Regarding the Osborn Group, it is true that it is a military business. However, the focus at the time was on researching super soldier serum, thus the Osborn Group relied on the study of pharmaceuticals for physical enhancement to secure significant financial assistance from the military. The project slowly ran out of patience.

This is only a reduction blow for the two initiatives of the Osborn Group’s physical enhancement potion and individual aircraft when combined with the creation of the Iron Patriot.

“Should I directly interchange new elements and sell them to him due to blood toxicity caused by palladium element poisoning, which erodes his health?”

As soon as Rorschach had a concept, he walked into the system mall to take a look.

Arc Reactor for Iron Man costs 40,000 points, while the scientific study information and production techniques for the new elements may be purchased separately for only 8,000 points.

“Tony’s primary concern right now is the speed at which palladium poisoning will spread due to his continued use of the arc reactor. To resolve his issue, I only need to swap out for this new, more effective, and cleaner element.”

“According to the main plot, Tony Stark’s life is currently in danger due to palladium poisoning, but he will eventually conduct research into this new element, so the sooner I redeem the new element, the greater the disruption to this world will be; otherwise, Tony will have independently created this new element by that point, making further exchanges pointless.”

Rorschach made a choice, then spent 8,000 mission points in the system mall to purchase scientific research data and production techniques for new materials.

Rorschach’s brain absorbed all of the new element’s knowledge in a single instant. Rorschach turned on the computer and started writing a study report on this new element after dismissing his colleagues who wanted to chat about Iron Man further in a friendly manner.

Osborn Group.

The Osborn Group’s board of directors and military representatives arrived to tour the projects for the development of individual battle suits and potions for physical enhancement.

“General, we have solved the problems of parallel gliding and gravity balance, and the individual aircraft can be put into production.” said the person in charge of scientific research introduced to the military representative.

While listening, some military personnel grinned dismissively and said, “Are you serious? You’ve finally found a solution to the issue of individual aircraft, but Tony Stark has already traveled the globe while donning an iron suit?”

With a disgruntled look on his face, a second lieutenant general demanded, “Tell me about your physical enhancement drug.”

“The mice’s physical strength has improved by eight times after being given the physical enchancement drug for them to inhale. Next week, we’ll start on the human testing!” Excitedly, Norman Osborn said.

“Do they have any negative effects?” The lieutenant general persisted in his inquiry.

Norman Osborn’s wanted to say “no.” but he chose to be honest, “A few mice have exhibited a proclivity to violence and are aggressive,”

When they heard this, numerous military officials made strange faces and said, “You will make creatures like the Hulk!”

The military has been doing open and covert research into super-soldier serums and physical enhancement drugs for a long time, but the findings have not been very promising. The military appears to have a plan to temporarily set aside this waste of money and achieve no positive effects with the appearance of Iron Man.

The military may have run out of patience. Norman Osborn suddenly remarked, “That was merely an accident, I assure you. Our research went quite well. The physical enhancement drug is in perfect working order and is about to begin human trials. Please trust me when I say that our research will undoubtedly be much more impactful than theirs.”

Several military leaders expressed skepticism about Norman Osborn’s assertions.

In the end, the General sternly added, “Norman, I must see the experiment’s findings immediately. If your human experiment is unsuccessful within two weeks, we will withdraw all of our money and transfer it to someone else.”

In his heart, Norman Osborn was fully aware of who the General was alluding to. It must be Hammer Industries, the main vendor of the modern military. It will undoubtedly be a terrible blow to the Osborn Group once the military withdraws its funding, as it has invested all of its resources in these two projects.

“Just wait for my excellent news. The physical enhancement potion will succeed, I assure you.” Norman Osborn vowed.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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